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Vaccines, here’s how and where to administer it in Campania

Doubts about how to register on the platform to join the vaccination campaign, problems in joining and timing: here is a quick guide to the vaccine. Recall that in Campania membership is open to the age group ranging from 45 years and up and from Tuesday 18 May it will also be extended to the age group from 40 to 44.

The portal

To join the vaccination campaign you must register (tax code and health card required) at the web address:


in Lombardy doses to 16-year-olds, but Sicily and Calabria are behind with the elderly

Italy is breaking up on the age groups to be vaccinated. Each Region follows different strategies and we move from one announcement to another: it almost seems like an upward game to show who immunizes the youngest. It all begins with the commissioner’s circular Son: from 17 May le Regions they can leave with the forties. Hurray, does it mean that the elderly have already been protected and that we have enough doses for those born in the 1970s and 1980s? Calm. Figliuolo brings everyone back down to earth: «I’ve opened reservations for forty-year-olds, but that doesn’t mean we’ll start vaccinating them from Monday, I should have a hidden supply. The doses to cover that age group will not arrive before the end of May-beginning of June ». And Figliuolo adds: “The national focus remains on the over 80s, there are still many missing from the appeal”.

To complicate the scenario, it emerges that the vaccination plan in companies (in June) will focus, according to an Inail document, on workers in supermarkets, transport, logistics and tourism. The governor of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, promises: “We will also vaccinate tourists” (but in that region 31 per cent of 70-year-olds are on zero doses).

EU green pass and green card: two tools to save the summer of tourists and operators

Vaccines on the farm, let’s go. Orlando: “Priority to essential sectors according to the availability of doses”

Senior citizens

More generally, while we promise a dose to forty-year-olds in Italy, 25 percent of seventy-year-olds and 47 percent of sixty-year-olds have not received one. And even among the 80-year-olds, for whom the national average is at least one dose at 89 percent, in Calabria e Sicily one in four never received an injection. Meanwhile, the announcements of the Regions have gone off. Campania: today the platform will be open for members of the 45-49 age group, for the 40-44 age group just wait for Tuesday. There Lombardy he does not stand by and continues with the announcement: “On June 2 we will open vaccination to the 16-29 age group”.

The Lazio it was the first Region to overcome the Pillars of Hercules of the 1960 class reaching the fifties, it has already opened reservations for the 1968 and 1969 classes and on Monday it will reach those born in the following decade. In parallel, Lazio increases the supply of vaccines to GPs: the most conscientious, the overwhelming majority, are immunizing frail and elderly patients, but there is a margin of discretion that risks giving rise to vaccinations of twenty-year-olds and thirty years old. Lazio has formalized the request to Figliuolo for 100 thousand doses of AstraZeneca not used in other regions.

In Emilia Romagna from Monday forty-year-olds can already book, in Veneto they opened to this age group already yesterday. Formally too Sicily e Calabria from Monday they open to forty-year-olds, but these announcements, however, clash with reality: they are called those born in 1980, but still there are many elderly people who have not even received a dose. The data: Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna have already administered at least one dose to 80 percent of 70-year-olds, Lazio is 73.5 but it is the Region with the highest percentage of blacks who have completed the vaccination course in that age group ( 31.6 percent). Sicily and Calabria are open to reservations for forty-year-olds, but they have administered at least one dose to a very low percentage of seventy-year-olds, 59.2 and 63.6 percent respectively. If we then look at the sixties, the picture is more disheartening.

In Tuscany just 28 percent received at least one dose, in Umbria we are below 30 percent. For this reason there was also some critical voice in the face of Figliuolo’s go-ahead for forty-year-olds. Stefano Bonaccini, president of Emilia-Romagna: «We can also open, but we will say: sign up and then we will call you as soon as the opportunity arises. I tell the truth: before I make a healthy forty year old, I worry about those who have pathologies or those who are 60-70 years old and we have not yet done so ». Guido Bertolaso, which follows the vaccination campaign of Lombardy, he says: «Many have read General Figliuolo’s decision on openings to over 40s as a positive fact, but I don’t think it is so. Opening up to forty-year-olds would create a problem for us because we have all the agendas of May and June full, there is no more room ».

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Bertolaso’s announcement: “All Lombard vaccinated within the holidays” – Corriere della Sera

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Not wearing a mask will depend on vaccines and less transmission, says WHO

The waiver of the use of a mask should only be considered when there is a good vaccination coverage against covid-19 and a reduced transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned this Friday.

“Countries should take into account vaccine coverage and the local incidence rate [do vírus que provoca a covid-19] before deciding to withdraw these measures, “said Michael Ryan, director of WHO’s emergency program, at a press conference.

The United States announced on Thursday that it will end the mandatory use of facial masks for vaccinated people, including in some closed environments, due to the favorable evolution of the fight against the covid-19 pandemic, a change welcomed by President Joe Biden.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised their guidelines for fully vaccinated people, allowing them to stop wearing masks outdoors in crowds and in most indoor environments.

However, the use of masks in crowded closed environments, such as buses, airplanes, hospitals or prisons, is still required.

At today’s press conference, held digitally from the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Michael Ryan recalled that vaccines against covid-19 protect against the most serious disease, but there is still “no great proof of the ability to a vaccinated person infects other people “.

In view of this, countries that intend to remove the obligation to wear a mask, should only do so “taking into account the intensity of transmission in this area and, at the same time, the level of vaccination coverage”, said the WHO responsible for the programs. emergency, without specifically referring to the United States.

For epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove, who is responsible for the WHO’s response to covid-19, the decision of national authorities to waive the use of a mask must always be assessed “within the context” of each country’s epidemiology, but also on the level of vaccination achieved.

“We are not yet out of danger. There are still many uncertainties due to the variants and we must do everything possible to prevent further infections and save lives,” warned the epidemiologist.

The covid-19 pandemic caused at least 3,333,603 deaths worldwide, resulting from more than 160.3 million cases of infection, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.


Vaccines in Campania: green light for over 40 registration

Vaccines, green light for reservations for the over 40s. The Crisis Unit of the Region has announced that from tomorrow the regional platform will be open for the age group from 45 to 49 years. And from Tuesday 18 May the go-ahead for the age group ranging from 40 to 44 years.

Thus Campania welcomes the invitation of the extraordinary commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo to widen the audience of the vaccination campaign. However, it must be said that even today the governor Vincenzo De Luca has indicated the priorities in the tourist areas. And after doing it for Procida and Capri, De Luca announces that next week Ischia will also be declared “Covid free”.

But in the meantime, even forty-year-olds will be able to communicate their intention to join the prophylaxis campaign. “Starting from tomorrow, May 15, 2021 – writes the Crisis Unit in a press release – the platform for the vaccination of citizens in the 45-49 age group will be open. For the 40-44 age group, the platform will be open to starting next Tuesday, May 18th “.

There remains the problem of vaccine supplies: “I look very cautiously at the commitments that are made. I was told that another 50,000 vaccines were arriving today. Today is skipped and we are told that they will arrive on Sunday. We are working in these conditions “. De Luca said, during the usual Facebook live broadcast on Friday. Yesterday the governor also criticized Figliuolo precisely about the opening of registrations for 40-year-olds:” I hear that we open vaccinations to 40-year-olds: but the there are no vaccines. We have done things like vaccinating the islands even without respecting some insane criteria given by the national commissioner. But I remember that in Campania we have to do at least 9 million administrations and every morning I hear on the news that 3, 4, arrive 10, 50 million vaccines. I would like to say quietly, at least shut up and tell us the ones that really arrived, not the ones that should arrive “.

Next week, however, the administrations should be regular: the vaccine stocks are sufficient for the next few days and then Sunday a new shipment of 18,000 doses of Modena and 20,000 of Johnson & Johnson is expected, while on Wednesday the Pfizer shipment will arrive from a base. of 200,000 and then every week it is aggregated to a refreshment point for the initial doses removed from Campania in favor of Regions with an older average age: Wednesday, in fact, the delivery was 215,000 doses “.
All vaccination centers in the region will therefore remain open seven days a week and ASL Napoli1, which at the beginning of this week was forced to close Mostra d’Oltremare and Hangar di Capodichino for two days, has scheduled an average administration of 12,000 doses per day.


Vaccine reservation for over 40s in Lombardy from May 20th. From May 27th to 30-39 years old, from June 2 to 16-29 year olds

“We will open reservations for the 40-49 age group on May 20”. This was announced by the coordinator of the Lombard vaccination campaign, Guido Bertolaso, during a press conference to take stock of the vaccination campaign in the region. Bertolaso ​​did not hide the fact that he disagreed with the national commissioner Paolo Figliuolo: “The general gave the Regions the right to open from Monday 17 to 40 year-olds – said the former head of the Civil Protection – But this measure, as well as the Vax Day promoted by many Regions, only serves to disguise that in territories other than ours they are in difficulty to cover the holes in the agenda. Here, on the other hand, we are full of reservations: we had 500,000 50-year-olds registered for the vaccine in 24 hours. syringe ready, companies are too, but we do not have an extra vaccine and they require us to slow down our pace: we are at 85,000 doses a day when we could easily do 120-140,000. Unlike other regions that try to fill the holes, to dispose of stocks and to reach the targets set by the general by opening to everyone with the Vax-Days “.

Third wave of the coronavirus over. Lombardy sees the white zone

by Zita Dazzi

Bertolaso ​​explained that for May 20 there will be news on the new supplies of vaccines necessary to open to other personal data groups in addition to those in progress and there will be space in the agendas, currently full for reservations for over 50s. “We know – ha added – that we will be able to guarantee 40-year-olds to be vaccinated in early June. All of Lombardy will have received the first dose before going on vacation and this will mean herd immunity, tranquility, image and capacity to welcome “, added Bertolaso. It was then the vice president of Lombardy, Letizia Moratti, who explained that by July all the Lombards will have “at least the first dose” but for the recalls “it will not be possible to go to the hubs of the tourist resorts because we have verified that the logistic difficulties for managing the operation would be too big. Only workers residing outside Lombardy who we vaccinated with the first dose can get vaccinated in the other regions of origin “.

Bertolaso ​​attacks Lazio on freedom of choice of vaccines: “We are not at the showroom, we follow rules”

Vaccine reservations for over 40s in Lombardy, Fontana: “We’ll evaluate after May 20, we’ll wait for the doses”

“On May 20, bookings for over 1.2 million of the 40-49 year-olds will start, after a week, on May 27, it will be the turn of more than 940 thousand citizens between 30 and 39 years of age, while on June 2 – not we randomly chose the Republic Day – reservations will be open for 856 thousand citizens between 20 and 29 years and 350 thousand between 16 and 19 years, who will then be able to go on vacation. We are also already studying, well in advance, with the Vice President Moratti, the autumn campaign for the second vaccinations of those who have been immunized in recent months. A campaign that inevitably will have to take place in a different way than it has been done up to now. In Lombardy our people have suffered and all have open wounds, for this was understood that only by vaccinating it is possible to close this pandemic. The Lombard people have shown their great seriousness on this occasion “.

The president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana spoke of the Lombard vaccination campaign as the “largest public health operation ever carried out so far” and the coordinator Bertolaso ​​showed data and tables to tell how “only thanks to the contribution of Lombardy it is possible in Italy to reach the daily goals of administration set by General Figliuolo because many Regions are unable to keep up and are not vaccinating as they should. Here, we cannot choose the vaccine to be injected as at the dealer you can choose your favorite car and this ensures that no dose remains unused “

Vaccine in Lombardy, from Friday 2 April we start with Poste for age groups: here’s how to book

by Zita Dazzi


England prepares to anticipate second doses compared to the Indian variant

The figures released on Thursday are more than double the 520 registered by the UK Institute of Public Health (PHE) on 5 May.

The return of some economic and social restrictions in some areas of the country is not ruled out.

The Department of Health and Social Assistance (DHSC) considers that “there is still no strong evidence that the variant has a greater impact on the severity of the disease or that it is resistant to the vaccine”.

“We are monitoring the situation very carefully and we will not hesitate to take further action if necessary,” Health Secretary Matt Hancoock told the BBC.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not rule out, on Thursday, the reintroduction of regional measures. “It is a variant that causes great concern, we are concerned”.

However, Boris Johnson added that there is no evidence to indicate that the de-escalation scheduled for May 17 cannot continue.

Thursday, the UK reported 11 deaths from Covid-19 and 2284 new infections.

Between May 7 and 13, the daily average was ten deaths and 2,297 cases, which corresponds to a decrease in the number of deaths of 16 percent, but a 12.4 percent increase in the number of infections over the seven days. previous ones.

Thursday was the third day on which the weekly trend is increasing, which coincides with the number of infections with the Indian variant.

Nearly 36 million people have already received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The PHE claims that vaccines saved 11,700 lives and prevented 33,000 people from becoming seriously ill in England.

Contact testing and tracking are taking place at specific locations to prevent outbreaks from spreading.

According to DHSC, additional measures are being taken where outbreaks are detected, including sequencing the genome of cases to monitor variants, increasing community involvement and encouraging the population eligible for the vaccine.

Nick Loman, a PHE consultant, said the vaccines are working “very well”. “I personally think that there is a role in the use of vaccines to reach particularly the most affected areas”.

The cases of the Indian variant were detected in London, Bolton, Tyneside and Nottingham.

In Bolton, mobile testing units were installed and 22,000 residents were offered door-to-door PCR testing. PCR tests are the most accurate way to verify the existence of Covid-19.

A vaccination bus was also installed, with 100 nurses and public health advisers, to increase the vaccination process.

In Blackburn, Darwen and Lancashire will open more vaccination centers next week.

The tests were also reinforced in Sefton, Merseyside, after cases of the Indian variant have been confirmed in the Formby area, where anyone over the age of 16 is asked to live, work or study in the area to perform a PCR test. .


Son: “By July we plan to vaccinate 60% of the population, herd immunity in September”

“By July we want to vaccinate the 60% of the population, the goal is to obtain herd immunity by September “. A “Straight and Reverse”, the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid emergency Extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid emergency on the vaccination campaign illustrates how the vaccination campaign will continue in the coming weeks: “I hope that with a massive influx of vaccines the plan will proceed more and more quickly”.

“The goal of 500 thousand administrations per day can be increased? Now that it has been achieved – continues Figliuolo -, now we must continue to be constant, we did 460 thousand administrations on average last week. In this month we will have 17 million vaccines, I am satisfied, in June we will be able to increase with more doses available ”.

General Figliuolo also spoke about the balance of vaccines between regions: “Clearly then there will be a rebalancing because every citizen must have his dose – remembers Figliuolo -. The principle is: one head, one dose. “Finally, a joke about when the doses can begin big companies: “Over 730 have signed up for our project – he says – from June they will be able to start vaccinating their employees”.


‘I never threaten anyone’: Lisandro Rosales responds to the complaint of seven mayors

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Seven Honduran mayors who recently traveled to El Salvador to request support for anticovid vaccines, denounced in the last hours that Foreign Minister Lisandro Rosales threatened them after sharing the news of the prompt arrival of several trucks with thousands of doses.

The line of messages that they made viral on social networks begins like this: “Tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:00 am the 14 trucks with 34,000 vaccines enter the country, the seven mayors in the country en route to the El Poy customs “, one of the mayors textualized.

“I imagine that the seven mayors are going to be the first to go to receive Bukele when they want to put Conejo (island) in, but the F5 will leave them deaf,” quoted an alleged message from Chancellor Rosales.

The high official categorically denied the allegations of the councilors, while clarified Through their social networks saying that “Mayor, I never threaten anyone and especially if they do work for their communities, now present my statements that you say in social networks from my live voice because otherwise I will proceed judicially, may God save your return to your home. “

Can read: The United States supports prosecutor Óscar Chinchilla

David castro, Mayor of Cedros, Francisco Morazán, spread the apparent exchange of messages with Lisandro Rosales on social networks, while pointing out through a video that “I have proof of the messages sent by the Chancellor, which he tried to erase, but what he said he must support it and apologize publicly. It is not fair that we are awake and tired and we are receiving threats from a secretary of state. “

“Here are the messages, the hours and I can ask the Public Ministry or teleoperators to empty my cell phone like his, I don’t bother, I just tell the truth. The minister gets upset when we share information that trucks are loaded with vaccines and now threatens the mayors and the Government of El Salvador, “said the mayor.

34,000 vaccines donated

El Salvador will donate vaccines against the coronavirus to seven municipalities in Honduras, as reported last Sunday by President Nayib Bukele. The Salvadoran president pointed out that “our country will help them with vaccines against covid-19 to immunize the population most at risk in their municipalities.”

What’s more: JOH announces that it will open commercial offices with China and India for vaccines

He pointed out that “the doses that we will donate will not affect at all the rate of vaccination in El Salvador (which is at the maximum of our human capacity). The scheduled shipments of vaccines that we will receive leave us a sufficiently wide margin to donate some,” he added.

The requests made to Bukele are based on the fact that El Salvador is one of the Central American countries that has received the most vaccines for its population. The situation in Honduras is increasingly worrying because the number of deaths and infections in 2021 is higher than in 2020, according to official reports from the National Risk Management System (Sinager).

In addition, in Honduras the vaccination process is very slow, since only 1% of its 9.5 million inhabitants have been immunized. Through the Covax mechanism, promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), Honduras has begun to receive the first batches of more than 400,000 doses of AstraZeneca.

6,000 Sputnik V are added, of which the first 3,000 doses purchased from Russia have already been applied, and 2,684 of Moderna, donated in February by Israel. Covid-19, whose pandemic began to spread in March 2020 in Honduras, has left more than 5,000 dead and over 219,000 infections, according to the National Risk Management System (Sinager).