the State will sell 98% of the shares through a call for competition

(Agence Ecofin) – Following various embezzlements, Commercial Bank-Cameroon had been put under provisional administration in 2009 by Cobac, the regulator of the banking sector in the Cemac zone. The Cameroonian state, after having recapitalized and relaunched the establishment, announces its disengagement process.

It is now confirmed, the State of Cameroon will sell most of the 98% of the shares of the Commercial Bank-Cameroon (CBC) that it holds. In a press release signed on May 4, the general manager of the bank, Léandre Djummo, provides details on this operation.

From this document, we learn that “the highest state authority ”has chosen to « entrust the Bank to a strategic partner who will be recruited after an expression of interest procedure “,” to open part of the capital to national private investors by placing part of the shares on the regional market “, and “Keep a residual stake in the capital”.

For the moment, the timetable for implementing these guidelines remains unknown. “All due diligence as well as the implementation schedule will be the subject of an appropriate communication in a timely manner and in the required forms.», Was content to indicate Léandre Djummo. And to add: “The implementation of these guidelines should be accomplished in strict compliance with OHADA legislation relating to commercial companies to which the CBC falls, and after the imperative authorizations of the Central African Banking Commission (Cobac) in accordance with banking regulations. specific governing the modification of the situation of credit institutions in Central Africa ».

We also do not know how much the State will cede to the strategic partner, to national private investors or how much it will keep. But according to the newspaper EcoMatin, the state has decided to keep 17% of the shares and cede 51% to the strategic partner and 30% to nationals.

Founded in 1997, the CBC experienced difficulties linked to non-compliance with prudential ratios and the squandering of the bank’s own funds (almost non-existent in 2009, after having exceeded 11 billion FCFA in May 2008, according to an audit by the bank. Cobac). Then headed by businessman Yves Michel Fotso, the promoter’s son, this establishment was finally put under provisional administration in 2009 by Cobac, the regulator of the banking sector in the Cemac zone.

After six extensions that will have run over 7 years, the end of the provisional administration was pronounced in 2016, after a recapitalization of the bank which enabled the State, by injecting nearly 10 billion FCFA, to take control of 98% of the assets of this former private bank. After raising its equity to 23 billion FCFA in 2020, the State now wishes to withdraw from the CBC.

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What provoked clashes between Jews and Arabs in Israel :: Politics :: RBC

Clashes between Arabs and Jews are recorded in many cities. One of the centers was the city of Lod, located 15 km from Tel Aviv. Like many Israeli cities, the majority (about 70%) are Jews, and the minority are Arabs. “The police shot and killed an Arab demonstrator in Lod,” said Ahmed Tabi, leader of the Arab TAAL (Arab Movement for Renewal) party and a member of the Israeli parliament. In Lod, the police imposed a curfew; on Thursday, the entrance to the city was blocked.

According to official data as of December 31, 2020, the population of Israel numbered 9.291 million people: 6.87 million Jews (73.9% of the population) and 1.956 million Arabs (21.1%), another 456 thousand – representatives of other nationalities. In 2020, 176 thousand children were born – 73% of Jewish mothers, 23.4% of Arab mothers.

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Clashes also took place in the port city of Akko. On Tuesday, a police station was set on fire, and on Thursday several dozen police marched through the city to inspect what had happened, writes The New York Times. In the Tel Aviv suburb of Bat Yam, a large crowd of Israeli nationalists pulled a man out of a car, believing he was an Arab, and beat him until he passed out, AFP cites evidence. There were also broken windows in an ice cream shop owned by Arabs.

Than the Arab population is dissatisfied

“To understand what’s going on between Israel and the Palestinians, one must first understand the big picture. The reasons for the current aggravation can only be understood if one knows the context of the continuing occupation under which the Palestinians live, the constant denial of their rights to freedom and self-determination, and systematic humiliation. In Israel, they face unequal treatment of themselves, ”says Daniel Levy, an expert at the Valdai Discussion Club and President of the US / Middle East Project (USMEP). In his opinion, the participation of the Jewish population in the clashes, which feels that the entire force of the state machine is on their side, is especially alarming.

Erdogan announced that Israel has crossed all borders

In 2018, the Israeli parliament (there is no Constitution in the country) adopted a law “On the Jewish character of the state”, which states that the exercise of the right to national self-determination in it belongs exclusively to the Jewish people. In accordance with this law, Hebrew remained the only state language. The Arabic language, as indicated, enjoys a special status, but the procedure for its use had to be determined in a separate law.

Representatives of the UN, the US Department of State, the international human rights organizations Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, as well as Israeli human rights organizations write about the systematically pursued discriminatory policy against the Arab population of Israel in their reports. In a report published in April this year, Human Rights Watch used the definition of “apartheid”. Israeli Prime Minister’s advisor Mark Regev called the accusations baseless and false, and the organization itself has long been known for its bias.

One of the reasons for the current aggravation was the waiting for the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court on the lawsuit to evict four Palestinian families living in the Sheikh Jarrah region of East Jerusalem since 1957. The quarter is located north of the Old Town, formed in the 13th century. The Jewish organization that filed the lawsuit referred to a 1970 law, according to which Palestinians who were on the lands of the eastern part of the city until 1948, as well as during the rule of Jordan (until 1967), must return homes and lands to Jews.

In January of this year, UN human rights expert Michael Link noted that over the past few months, Israel has adopted 16 orders to evict Palestinian families, and in two cases single mothers with children were left without the right to housing. Most of the evicted Palestinians have lived in their homes for decades, many as owners. “This appears to be part of a broader plan to evict Palestinian families to clear the way for new illegal Israeli settlements,” said Link, who has served as Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories since 2016.

“We believe that one of the main goals is the formation of a Jewish majority in East Jerusalem, the creation of a situation that will legitimize the illegal annexation of this part of the city by Israel,” the special rapporteur noted (quotes from the UN website).

Human Rights Watch (HRW) claims that in an effort to maintain its dominant position, the Israeli authorities systematically discriminate against the Palestinians. The authorities seek primarily to provide land to Jewish communities, driving the majority of Palestinians into densely populated areas. A policy has been introduced to neutralize what is officially called the demographic “threat” from the Palestinians, the report says. For example, in Jerusalem, the state plan for the development of the city, including its western and eastern parts, proceeds from the need to “confidently preserve the Jewish majority” and even gives the desired demographic proportions – 70% Jews and 30% Arabs.

Since 1967, the authorities have expropriated a third of the land in East Jerusalem that belonged to the Palestinians. In the eastern part of the city, they also practically do not issue permits for new construction to Palestinians, and in the majority they issue such permits to Jews, writes HRW.

How the living standards of Arabs and Jews differ

The Arab population also faces unequal access to social facilities, according to researchers at the Israeli organization Ir Amim. For example, in January 2016, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that it was necessary to build children’s playgrounds in two Arab districts, since there are two playgrounds for 60,000 inhabitants, although in Jewish districts the ratio is different – one playground per 1,000 people. In 2013, only 10% of the city’s budget went to projects in Palestinian areas, the organization also calculated, although Palestinians in the city make up 37% of the population. In total, 72% of Palestinian families in Jerusalem live below the poverty line, the figure among Jewish families is 26% (UN data). The total population of the city is about 1 million people.

Since 1967, when Israel gained control of East Jerusalem as a result of the Six Day War, Arab residents received permanent resident certificates, but did not automatically become Israeli citizens. They now have almost no representation in the city government and are mostly boycotting the elections.

The Arab population also complains about the different state of the schools. They differ not only in the condition of buildings and the degree of their equipment, but also in teaching methods. The education system in Israel is based on the principle of “separate but equal”, with different schools for the Arab and Jewish populations. As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote in 2016, the system “remains separate, but not equal.” Thus, there are more students in Arab classes (in 2014, one Arab class had an average of 28 students, and a Jewish one – 26.8). The problem could be solved by building new classrooms and recruiting teachers, but fewer funds are allocated to Arab schools. For example, in 2013–2014, funding for one student from a Jewish family was 35–68% higher than from an Arab family.

Statistics on unemployment and earnings are also not in favor of the Arab population. So, on average, an unorthodox Jewish man earned 15 thousand shekels per month ($ 1 = 3.3 shekels), a woman – 9.9 thousand, an Arab man – 8.5 thousand, and an Arab woman – 5.7 thousand, such data was cited two years ago by the Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli government insists that since the state defines itself as both Jewish and democratic, it guarantees that the rights of non-Jewish citizens are respected. The Arab population enjoys full civil and political rights, including freedom of speech, religion and worship, Arab representatives have been elected to the Israeli parliament, the country’s Foreign Ministry said. At the same time, the state recognizes that “there are still problems in the field of integration of the Arab minority, in particular in the economic sphere”. These problems are similar to those faced by Western democracies, which are home to significant national minorities, insists the official Israel.


A cat jumps from a fifth floor and lives to tell the tale

A cat jumped from a burning apartment on a fifth floor in the United States and was unharmed. A video recorded this feline adventure.

Felines are usually very bold and a catdemonstrated his gallantry in reckless action and survived to be told in the USA.

It is about a black cat that was recorded in a videoof his bravery and agility this Thursday when jumping from a fifth floor to escape from an apartment that was on fire in the city of Chicago.

Despite the great height at which he was, the cat did not hesitate, he approached the window, he gathered up his courage and made a risky jump and without measuring the consequences.

The cat fell on its four legs and fortune was on its side because it landed in a garden, which served so that the landing was not so painful.

Once on solid ground, he ran out and apparently without any injury.

The firefighters who arrived at the scene of the fire published a video of the scene and showed their surprise at how the cat “hit the grass, bounced and went away.”


The kitten, a pet that his owners of Italian origin had named Dibari, was logically upset, since he was alone and made the decision to jump for his life.

Meanwhile, no injuries were reported from the fire and so far it is not known what could have caused the fire.

Predictably, the video of the intrepid cat went viral on social media.


everything you need to know

May 14, 2021 11:19 am

It is at the end of a confrontation between the Italian Railway (of the Ferrovie dello Stato group) and the trade unions that yesterday the news arrived: the country’s public rail transport company is ready to hire 1,000 employees in 2021 with very different professional profiles. . So a novelty that potentially interests many people as the company is looking for train drivers, train managers, sales technicians, maintenance specialists, drivers and station managers. The decision at the end of the discussion, reads the note sent by RFI to the six signatory trade unions, “is in line with the Business Plan of the FS Group company, also in consideration of the provisions on development, modernization, strengthening and maintenance of the Italian railway network from the plans recently put in place by the Government. “So in the coming months the State Railways are preparing to employ a thousand people and will do so throughout the national territory or at least in most of Italy. There will be information on this in the future, but for sure there will be no entry into specific geographical areas.

Ferrovie dello Stato assumes the professional profiles sought

  • Driver: he is the one who drives the train and is responsible for the transport of people or goods, for the control of the train and the related checks before departure and during the journey of the condition of the vehicle, with the duty to report any problems and intervene according to protocols specific security. The working hours are organized according to scheduled and flexible shifts and also include night shifts and some weekends and holidays.
  • Capo Train: it is the image of the company because it is also a point of reference for passengers, but it is also the controller, the one who verifies the regularity of the train circulation in operating safety.
  • Customer Advisor (Technical Commercial Specialist): he is the point of reference at the station because he welcomes, directs and informs customers in a clear and transparent way even in the event of critical situations. It carries out promotion, sales and implementation of our services. Here, too, the working hours are organized according to scheduled and flexible shifts and also include night shifts and some weekends and holidays.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Specialized Operator: carries out practical installation, maintenance, checks on systems and structures, on equipment.
  • Driver: drives buses in public service on the urban or extra-urban territory with well-defined timetables.
  • Station Manager: directs the movement of trains, supervises, coordinates and manages the movement of trains along the station tracks.
  • Specialized Rolling Stock / Bus Maintenance Operator: is responsible for the maintenance and correct operation of the vehicles. He intervenes daily on highly technological innovative equipment. The working hours are organized according to scheduled and flexible shifts and also include night shifts and some weekends and holidays.

Ferrovie dello Stato assumes, contractual conditions

All the professional figures required are generally hired with a professionalizing apprenticeship contract. In the meantime, it is a permanent contractual relationship, but it is aimed at training and employment of young people in order to arrive at that adequate professional training to best cover the role for which it was included in the staff. The professionalizing apprenticeship contract can be signed for workers aged between 18 and 29 and is divided into two periods: a first of 18 months that is the same for all professional levels and a second of different duration based on the professional level. They are 120 hours in 3 years for basic training plus at least 80 average hours per year for the specialist part. Those who enter will be supported by a tutor who will follow him in training.


Ninel Conde, in the style of “Eva in the Garden of Eden”, impacts with tremendous cleavage

In the midst of her partner’s legal problems, the Mexican singer released a mysterious message in her publication.

“The secret is not to run after the butterflies … it is to take care of the garden so that they come to you”, that was the mysterious message that Ninel Conde used to accompany a photograph that has her more than 4 million followers going crazy.

But the controversy was not only caused by his words. What really fanned the flame of controversy was the suggestive photo he posted on his social network.

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And it is that in the best style of “Eve in the paradise of Eden”, Ninel Conde posed holding a red apple, which symbolizes the “forbidden fruit”, according to the observation made by her followers.

He was also photographed in a paradisiacal beach destination; which contrasted with a sexy red bodysuit that had a plunging neckline. The cherry on the cake was her curly hair.

As expected, the followers could not resist filling her with compliments. “Ninel the poet, what a great talent is too much talent in a single human being”, “Goddess”, “You are perfect”, “If there is a beauty you are Ninel, you have a privileged beauty”, and “The diva of divas”, were some of the comments they left on the publication.

This is the commented photograph. Credit: Illustrative and non-commercial image /

Trouble in paradise?

Ninel Conde’s husband, Larry Ramos, seems to have turned out “a real gem.” As it was rumored, the 34-year-old man would be responsible for having scammed more than 200 people.

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Ramos was arrested by the FBI, in the state of Florida. Apparently the couple would have traveled to the United States due to the event of the Latin American Music Awards. He later managed to get out on bail, although the investigation continues.

Larry who claimed to be a businessman scammed his victims; mostly celebrities and representatives, offering them the opportunity for juicy bargains. And it consisted of investing in a kind of pyramid formula.

One of the victims said that it only remains to wait for the FBI to trace where the 22 million dollars that Ramos would have as a result of the scams are located.

Despite the scandal, the couple seems to still be together. Although Ninel said exclusively on the program “El gordo y la flaca” that they never married. The photos and the celebration that he published was something symbolic.