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IPO Montana Aerospace & Trifork: New additions to the Swiss stock exchange

Lettering of the Swiss stock exchange in Zurich

The aircraft supplier Montana Aerospace and the software company Trifork are planning to step onto the trading floor.

(Photo: Reuters)

Zürich IPOs are picking up speed in Switzerland. The aircraft supplier Montana Aerospace gave the go-ahead for the jump onto the floor in Zurich on Tuesday, and the software company Trifork is also in the starting blocks. Last week, the pharmaceutical supplier Polypeptides was the first new addition to the Six Swiss Exchange after ten months.

Montana Aerospace offers its shares to interested parties for CHF 24.15 to 25.65 each. The offer volume from existing and new titles, including the over-allotment option, amounts to up to 506 million francs (460 million euros), as announced by the candidate.

Production by Montana Aerospace

The aircraft supplier will soon be listed on the Swiss stock exchange and will offer its shares at CHF 24.15 to 25.65 each.

(Foto: Montana Aerospace)

The free float should be up to around 43.5 percent. The subscription period runs until May 11th, and the stock market debut should then take place on the following day. On the stock exchange, the company would be worth up to 1.2 billion Swiss francs. According to its own information, Montana Aerospace has already made binding commitments from institutional investors to subscribe for shares valued at around CHF 124 million.

The supplier, which is controlled by the Austrian entrepreneur Michael Tojner and is based in Reinach in the canton of Aargau, intends to use the proceeds from the initial public offering (IPO) to finance acquisitions in the sector that is facing consolidation.

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Montana Aerospace supplies the aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing as well as many others with components made of aluminum, titanium, composite materials, steel and copper, but also counts car manufacturers among its customers. The company with around 4,800 employees achieved a turnover of 614 million euros in 2020, the operating result adjusted for special factors (Ebitda) amounted to 45 million euros.

The IPO is organized by Berenberg, Zürcher Kantonalbank and Commerzbank.

Software company Trifork plans double listing in Zurich and Copenhagen

Another company is aiming for Six with Trifork. The software house with Danish roots is aiming for a double listing in Switzerland and on the Copenhagen stock exchange. In addition to existing shares, new shares amounting to five percent of the existing capital are also to be issued, as the listing candidate announced.

The proceeds from the issue are to flow into business expansion, for example through acquisitions. Trifork founder Jørn Larsen wants to remain the largest shareholder after the IPO. He currently owns 24 percent.

After the trading debut in Copenhagen, a notice should be requested from Six. Trifork expects a market value equivalent to around 400 million euros and, according to its own statements, has commitments from investors to subscribe for shares with a value of around 80 million euros. The IPO is in the hands of Carnegie Investment Bank, Credit Suisse and Danske Bank. The company did not provide any information on the time frame.

Last year, Trifork, based in Schindellegi in the canton of Schwyz, achieved sales of 115.4 million euros and an adjusted operating profit (Ebitda) of 17.9 million euros. In the current year, 140 to 150 million euros in sales revenue and 23.7 to 28.5 million euros adjusted Ebitda are targeted. With more than 800 employees, Trifork offers services in the areas of cybersecurity, cloud operations, fintech and digital health.

More: Electronics specialist Katek starts successfully on the stock exchange.


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Meghan Markle’s father criticized his daughter and husband: This is the worst time for complaining and complaining

Thomas Markle criticized his daughter, Meghan, the wife of British Prince Harry, saying that he “does not appreciate the image she has become” in the recent period, and she and her husband told her that “this period in the world is the worst time you can complain and complain.”

This came during an interview that Thomas conducted with the British newspaper “The Sun”, days after the announcement of the publication of a book containing the autobiography of Prince Harry and his wife called “Finding Freedom: Harry and Megan and Making a Modern Royal Family”, which is expected to lead to an increase Tension with the relationships between the couple and the royal family.

Commenting on the publication of the book, which was written by royal observers Omid Scooby and Caroline Durand, Thomas (76 years) said, guiding his words to his daughter and her husband, “This period in which the world lives cannot tolerate grumbling”, referring to the crisis of the outbreak of the new Corona virus. “This is the worst time when they can complain and complain about anything, because people everywhere suffer because of the Corona pandemic,” he explained. “I love Megan, my daughter … but I really do not appreciate the picture she has become in the recent period,” he added.

There were reports that Harry and Meghan had spoken to the authors of the book personally, and that the “dissatisfied” couple would use the book to “settle accounts”, although Harry and Meghan had recently stated that they had made no contributions to the book.

The couple now live in Los Angeles after they gave up their royal roles in March. And in January, we announced plans to start a more independent life.

Harry, 35, married Meghan, 38, in May 2018. They had their baby, Archie, in May 2019.

Thomas and Megan have suffered from severe tension in relations since the latter’s association with Prince Harry. This tension increased after Thomas delivered to Mail on Sunday a message Megan sent to him, in which they discussed the dispute between them over events that occurred before the wedding.

The newspaper published the letter, which prompted Megan to sue the Supreme Court in London against the Associated Pressers, which publishes the newspaper for allegedly violating her privacy.

Thomas indicated that he delivered the newspaper in an attempt to defend himself after he told Megan’s friends, “People,” that she wrote a “touching and loving” letter to her father in an attempt to repair her relationship, while the father stressed that the letter did not include any attempt to bridge the rift. Between him and his daughter, describing them as “a dagger in the heart.”


Abla Kamel’s retirement raises mystery and sympathy in Egypt

The news published by Egyptian newspapers and news sites about the retirement of the artist Abla Kamel sparked ambiguity and sympathy in Egypt, especially after she released her name, “Trend”, the website “Twitter” yesterday, and a list of the most searched topics on other sites.

Despite attempts to confirm the authenticity of the news, Asharq Al-Awsat was unable to communicate with Abla Kamel after her news was completely cut off from the artistic community, since the shooting of her series “Blood Chain” nearly three years ago.

Many sympathized with her fans from “Media Media” and from her fellow artists and some critics in Egypt, describing her as “a distinguished artist who presents meaningful works.”

According to what Egyptian newspapers published on the evening of yesterday, “Abla Kamel decided to end her artistic career, move away from acting and announce her retirement to the surrounding circle, as she changed all her numbers, due to her complete desire to get away and no one to reach her,” considering “the fifth part of the series “Blood Chain” is her last artwork. “

For his part, Mustafa Al-Shall, director of “Blood Chain”, denied knowing any details about whether Abla Kamel will retire from acting. He said in a press statement yesterday: “Abla Kamel has been cut off for a long time from the artistic community, and no one has spoken,” noting that “she used to get away from people after filming any work, but she did not talk to me about the story of her retirement from acting.”

Over the course of two years, the artist Abla Kamel presented the series Al-Saeedi drama “Blood Chain”, which discusses the issue of revenge in Upper Egypt and the conflict between the good embodied by “The Need is a Supporter” Abla Kamel, and the evil and obscene richness from the illicit trade that Haroun embodied the artist Riad El Khouly. In the starring work that sparked a lot of controversy during its performance, the artist Ahmed Badir, Rania Farid Shawqi, Ahmed Salama, Rami Waheed, Dhiaa Abdel-Khaleq, and Amira Hani, and was written by Magdy Saber and directed by Mostafa El-Shall.

The artist Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, also denied his knowledge of any details about the news of the retirement of the artist Abla Kamel, while the artist Sami Maghawry, a member of the Representative Professions Syndicate, said that “Abla Kamel withdrew two years ago, and did not submit any works from her time, and her withdrawal does not mean her retirement ».

Abla Kamel, who started her artistic career in the mid-eighties of the last century, participated in prominent theatrical, television and cinematic works during the past three decades along the lines of the series “Dreamy Nights”, “Witness and Tears” and “I will not live in the robes of my father”, some of whose images are currently used Comedy comics on social media, “morning and evening talk”, and “Hoane Garden City”.

She also participated in the cinema in the films “Farewell, Bonaparte”, “The Sixth Day”, “My Ladies My Women”, The Nutshell Peel, “The Driver of the Han” and “Lambi”, “Speak Mama”, and “What I Think About” , “My Aunt France”, “Sayed Al-Atefi”, “The Return of the Waitress”, “Balat Al-Ayma” and finally “The Adults” in 2010.

Egyptian critics see that Abla Kamel has confined herself to certain roles in recent years and has not developed from her performance similar to other actresses whose ages are close to her, but the Egyptian critic Khairia El-Bishlawy says, “The artist Abla Kamel is a talented personality and her works are of a special nature, Egyptian art will miss her a lot in If the news of her retirement was true. ” She adds to «Al-Sharq Al-Awsat»: “Abla Kamel was distinguished by presenting populist artworks close to the simple audience.” She pointed out that “the directions of production in Egypt are imposing themselves on all the major actors, especially after moving away a lot from the crucial issues that concern people, and therefore The absence of Abla Kamel from the scene will not affect much because the actor only plays his role, and he no longer has the right to impose his opinion, his style and his direction on the work as he did years ago, by a few representatives from the box office stars.

Abla Kamel married twice … the first from the director and actor Ahmed Kamal, and she gave birth to two daughters Zeinab and Fatima, and in 2003 she married the second time of the late artist Mahmoud El-Gendy, but they separated in 2005.

Followers are likely to calmly withdraw Abla Kamel from the art scene, as did other artists who decided to retire and stay out of the spotlight completely, among them the artist Mohamed Al Arabi who retired from art in 1989. The artist Shadia, who is among the most famous retired artists who chose to move away completely from the artistic community, in addition to the artist Gehan Nasr, who retired from art in 1997. And the artist Shams El-Baroudi, who has been out of the limelight and fame since the mid-eighties of the last century, as well as the artist Noura, who retired from art in 1996. After she decided to wear the veil, and then she did not participate in any artwork, and the artist Hanan Turk, who recently confirmed, through television statements, that she will never retire art after wearing the veil.


Fossil find the last predator dinosaur in Argentina

Fossil find the last predator dinosaur in Argentina

Wednesday – 27 Ramadan 1441 AH – May 20, 2020 AD No. No. [

Meat-eating dinosaur

London: «Middle East»

The remains of a predatory dinosaur (Megaraptor) have been found, becoming one of the last meat-eating dinosaurs that inhabited the planet, according to fossil scientists from the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences.
The southern province of Santa Cruz witnessed the discovery in mid-March. After the experts studied the fossil remains of ten meters, they realized that they were studying the remains of a predator dinosaur from the end of the “age of the dinosaurs.”
“This is the moment that took place 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs became extinct, and this megapator that we must now study will be one of the newest representatives of this group,” the paleontologist in charge of the project, Fernando Nobath, told Reuters. This type of dinosaur is thinner than the Tyrannosaurus rex and it was fast and had a long tail allowing it to maintain its balance. Nobath said that they had a muscular structure and legs stretched out to make strides. “The specific feature of this megapetor was in two long arms and his thumb ended with a claw about 40 cm long,” allowing him to pounce on his prey, Noboth added.