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Inbox: Market Outlook: Investors will continue to pay attention to the Covid-19 infection figures



Emailed from / found at: Erste Group Research

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From Erste Group’s Equity Weekly: The global equity market index fell last week in EUR by – 0.2%. While there were some significant losses in Europe last week (-1.8%), the S&P 500 reached a new all-time high of 3,389 points. In Europe, the weaker than expected purchasing managers’ indices in particular depressed investor sentiment. In France, the EMI in particular, at 51.7 points, was well below market expectations of 57.0 points.

Global Oil & Gas Equity Index in particular remains under pressure. This year a profit decline of -72% is expected. In addition, the growth rates for 2021 show a falling trend in recent weeks. The oil price itself has remained at USD 45 (Brent) since the beginning of August. Should there be lockdowns in the developed markets due to the worsening COVID-19 situation, a correction is likely. The negative divergence of oil stocks in relation to the oil price is currently suggesting a close.

Record date at Tesla (hold) for the announced 1: 5 split. At Apple (Buy), the key date for the 1: 4 split is on Monday. The ex-split date for Apple and Tesla will be on Monday, August 31st. For Apple, this is the fifth split since the company’s IPO in 1980. For what is by far the most valuable automobile manufacturer, it is the first split since its IPO in 2010.

Outlook. No significant company results are expected next week. Investors will continue to pay attention to the Covid-19 infection numbers, especially in Europe. Technically, the resistance level from before the crisis is a clear obstacle for the S&P 500. We do not expect the index to overcome this without an interim correction.


A twist dyes the Barça world

Four continents in five years. Dyeing the Barça world and enriching yourself with the thousand and one experiences that different cultures teach you. Francesc Pujol from Girona will embark on a new adventure in Moscow as director of the Barça Academy, having visited Sydney, Cairo and Dubai. “At the end of June, the opportunity arose to join the Moscow academy and it is a challenge that I face with great enthusiasm,” he says.

At the age of 28, the coach of Torroella de Montgrí explains that “having been to different academies has given me an experience, although each context is different and seeing the world always attracts a lot. It’s a new culture and a new way of doing things, which I hope will make me better. ” Given the personal and professional growth that this entails, Pujol was immediately convinced to accept the challenge posed by the Barça club. Now, however, we will have to wait for the time to pack, which is being delayed because of the coronavirus: “It is an inconvenience because the borders are closed and it is more difficult to get a visa. This makes it impossible for me to arrive in Moscow today, but if all goes well around October I will be able to join on the field.

This is not the first time that COVID-19 has hit him. Last season he was the director of the Barça Academy in Sydney and in mid-February he had to return to Girona, where he continued to work from home. “Within days of arriving here they declared a state of alarm and confinement, I had to do telecommuting until June, which is when the season ends, because the Sydney academy was still open. They kept throwing there, ”he says.

The adventure began five years ago when he left for Dubai to work as a coach at Barça’s academy. Quickly, the entity saw its potential and sent him to Cairo as a director. Pujol spent two seasons in Egypt and the last in Australia. Having lived in so many places “is quite positive because they are totally different cultures. There are very different contexts between Dubai and Egypt, and even more so in Sydney. “I am a positive person and I always like to stick to everything that brings me personal and professional growth. Everywhere I tried to extract the best and the worst to grow, ”he says.

The Barça philosophy

Maintain possession of the ball with a game of touch and control, press in block and in solidarity with the lines together on the opposing field, quickly recover the ball, seek verticality to overcome the rival defense and end up defining effectively and accurately, has given Barça many successes throughout its history. However, making this philosophy understood in other countries is another matter. “The characteristics of the players or the way of thinking within the culture are quite different. Both in Dubai and in Cairo they take into account the conditional aspect, which would be the most physical and technical of the players “, he points out. In Sydney, on the other hand, although “professional football has been a recognized sport for about 30 years, the academy breathed a very European atmosphere, of understanding football in our own way and believing a lot in what they are taught and transmitted. We like that and it makes our job easier. ”

Pujol explains that “there have been places where it has been harder to convince of everything we do, but luckily we have scientific resources and evidence, demonstrable on the field, that make all families characterize us for who we are and see us as something different. That’s what makes Barça special.

“Being a director you have a lot of responsibilities. You are like the coach of the coaches and you have to transmit the philosophy and methodology of the game that we have in the club, through the values ​​that we believe that the sport must have “, he comments. Making it clear how Barça works in the rest of the world “is not an easy task, although we have years and many days of constant work during the season to apply our game and convince”. Pujol has already applied all this to three continents and will soon do so in the fourth.


Giron Domnec Torrent will be the new coach of Brazilian Flamengo

Domènec Torrent has a foot and a half in Brazilian Flamengo as has been published in recent hours from Brazilian media such as from around Manchester City, where the Santa Coloma de Farners coach worked for years with Pep Guardiola . “Dome” had already tried the adventure of becoming head coach again in New York City, after a long time working alongside Guardiola at Barça, Bayern Munich and Manchester City, and now he will do so again accepting the challenge of doing – is in charge of the current champion of the Copa Libertadores. Domènec Torrent would be the replacement for the Portuguese Jorge Jesus who has signed for Benfica and, alongside him, Jordi Guerrero from Arbucía, who had been working with Pablo Machín in recent years, would also arrive in Brazil.

Leonardo Jardim, Marco Silva and Carlos Carvalhal were other candidates on the Flamengo bench, but, according to Brazilian media, a dinner on Saturday night in Madrid ended up deciding the president of the Brazilian club, Rodolfo Landim, to bet on Domènec Torrent and the operation was closed yesterday in Girona. The representative of the former Brazilian midfielder of Girona Douglas Luiz, Carlos Leite, would have played a key role in the operation.

With extensive experience in Girona football and a renowned expert in the Catalan Third Division after passing through the benches of Farners, Palafugrell, Palamós and Girona, Domènec Torrent was recruited by Pep Guardiola to help him as a rival analyst in his debut on the bench at Barça B. From the Barça subsidiary to Barça’s first team and then, as Guardiola’s right-hand man, Domènec Torrent was with Santpedor at both Bayern Munich and Manchester City.

Without leaving the orbit of City and his group, Torrent accepted the challenge of returning to be relevant coach the Frenchman Patrick Vieira in New York City. And now, after being stopped since last Christmas, Domènec Torrent will leave for Flamengo. And, next to him, Jordi Guerrero.


Saipem: half-year loss 885 million with write-downs, record orders – Economy

Saipem closed the first half of the year with a net loss of 885 million euros, against a similar previous profit of 14 million, due to writedowns and charges of 753 million. On the highs, the order book after “important acquisitions for around € 4.8 billion” explains the Group, which has reached the record threshold of € 26 billion, more than 70% in engineering and construction (E&C) activities not related to oil .
Revenues fell from 4.51 to 3.67 billion euros, and gross operating margin from 574 to 271 million, with an operating loss of 711 million against a similar previous operating profit of 262 million. Adjusted operating profit was 42 million, against a similar previous positive figure of 308 million. According to the CEO Stefano Cao the Group “confirmed the clear market positioning” thanks to the “financial and capital strengthening achieved in recent years”, to the “timely orientation of the business towards the energy transition”, to the “size and diversification of the portfolio orders “and” asset adequacy “. All elements that “guarantee a solid basis for the strategies set up to face the consequences of the pandemic and further future challenges and seize the opportunities in order to play a leading role in the post-Covid recovery phase 19.”