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how to buy tokens from Apple, Tesla, Amazon and Google

The Argentine exchange becomes the first in Latin America to offer this type of service. All the details on taking advantage of the new feature

Finally, the Argentine exchange Decrypto revealed the best kept secret in recent times. A while before noon on April 28, the platform will become the first Latin American exchange to offer tokenized shares of Apple, Tesla, Amazon O Google. Namely, from several of the most valuable firms on the planet.

“We are launching a historic product that is going to revolutionize the traditional market by merging it with crypto and transforming it into one,” he said. Ivan Tello, COO of Decrypto, in exclusive dialogue with iProUP.

Why? Basically because any user from Argentina will be able to buy and sell tokens of shares of the companies founded for Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, O Jeff Bezos, among other.

All the details

Starting this Wednesday, April 28 at 10.30 a.m. (Argentine time), users will be able to buy and sell shares of American companies on the trading platform. Decrypto.

From the exchange they specify that all the tokens “are certified in the Bitcoin network, thanks to working together with RSK”, the most secure blockchain of smart contracts in the world.

Thus, initially, users will be able to trade asset tokens of Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Google Y Yolo, in the same way that they buy and sell any other cryptocurrency.

Under the premise that the market should be for everyone this alternative, available from today Wednesday April 28 at 10:30 Argentine time for users of the platform level 2 or higher, will allow small and large investors to buy tokenized shares that can be divided without the need to purchase an entire“, need Tello.


With this new function, Decrypto will be able to position itself as the best and safest investment wallet accessible to all users“, remarks Tello. And adds: “With this launch, anyone already registered on the platform will be able to buy tokens from the largest companies in a simple, easy, accessible and secure way.“.

From the exchange they detail that “the tokenized assets can be bought or sold against USDT (Tether) –that is, crypto dollars–, without commission or hidden costs; easily accessible and with ultra competitive prices“.

Iván Tello, COO of Decrypto

Iván Tello, COO of Decrypto

“Unlike brokers, stockbrokers, alycs (settlement and clearing agents) and other investment models, where the ownership is of a third party, with the tokens of financial assets they become their own,” he explains Tello. And he adds: “that is to say that can be withdrawn to a wallet (wallet), personal custody, being able to choose what to do with it“.

From the exchange they highlight that “the tokens are transparent and safe: they run on the RSK blockchain, the second layer of Bitcoin (or Bitcoin Layer 2), on which the protocol for smart contracts has been created, thus being one of the safest of the world”.

Any user can see in the blockchain (accounting book) the history of that safe and traceable asset“, emphasizes Tello.

The new bet

RSK is based on a bidirectional communication that operates as a bridge to connect both chains.

In this way, it allows the Bitcoin network to assist RSK in its execution. That is why the native currency or token of the RSK platform is the RSK smart bitcoin (RBTC), which has a 1: 1 relationship with the original currency of the Bitcoin network, bitcoin (BTC).

What is asset tokenization? It is a process by which the value of an asset is digitized and becomes a token, with representation in a blockchain, and has the characteristic of being able to be divided.

What are the benefits of tokenizing assets? A token can be acquired by anyone, anywhere, which results in more investors being able to access that market.

Tokenization, How do you use blockchain technology?, it is decentralized, secure, effective, Y It allows also carry out transactions without the intervention of third parties.


Taylor Swift, sales record for the latest album – Music

With “Folklore”, his eighth album and the first recorded during the quarantine by Coronavirus, Taylor Swift hits the bank: over one million and 300 thousand copies sold in less than 24 hours and various records on digital platforms have rewarded the effort of the 31-year-old musician which, surprisingly, embracing the imperfection, made him debut at midnight on July 24th. According to data released by Republic Records, the singer’s label, “Folklore” has also dominated streaming platforms confirming Swift’s position as one of the most successful artists of the last decade: the album has been downloaded 79.4 million times on Spotify, a new record for a female artist and better than Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next”, while on Apple Music the 35.47 million clicks represent a new record for a pop album, surpassing “Legends Never Die” by Juice WRLD. Final data will only arrive a week from tomorrow, but everything suggests a debut at the coveted first place in the Billboard chart where Swift has already occupied the position in 2019 with her seventh album, “Lover”. “Folklore” collects 16 songs all composed during the lockdown in collaboration with some of Taylor’s “musical heroes” including Jack Antonoff, Bon Iver, Aaron Dessner of the band The National and William Bowery: “Many of the things I had planned to do this summer did not come true, but there was something that I hadn’t planned and that instead happened “, the ten-time Grammy Prize had written on his Instagram profile a few hours after the launch which also included, available for a week, eight Deluxe CD and eight deluxe vinyls. Among the titles of the songs, “Epiphany”, “Illicit Affairs” and “The Last Great American Dinasty”, the latter inspired by Rebekha Harkness, the eccentric heiress of St. Louis who owns Holiday House, the Watch Hill villa on the The Rhode Island Atlantic purchased by Swift in 2013 for $ 17 million and since then a pilgrimage destination for fans and onlookers. Another song, entitled “Betty”, reveals instead the name of the third child of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, born last October and so far remained secret: fans have found out (and “People” has confirmed it) noting that two other songs they are titled “Inez” and “James”, the other two children of the couple of friends.