DDR4-5000 / 5133/5333 kits added to HyperX Predator memory line / News / Overclockers.ua

Kingston Technology has expanded its HyperX Predator DDR4 memory portfolio with new 16GB (2x 8GB) enthusiast kits. These kits are characterized by an effective frequency from 5000 to 5333 MHz, CL19-CL20 delays and a supply voltage of 1.55-1.6 V. Looking ahead, we note that only enthusiasts and overclockers with a tight wallet can afford these kits.

HyperX Predator DDR4

The HyperX Predator DDR4-5000 / 5133/5333 trims are based on selected Hynix D-die memory chips. The modules are equipped with aluminum heat sinks, support XMP 2.0 overclocking profiles and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. RGB LED lighting is not provided. The technical characteristics and prices of new products can be found in the table.

HyperX Predator DDR4

HyperX Predator DDR4-5000 / 5133/5333 16GB Kits will be officially shipping in the coming weeks.

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Disclosed characteristics of Intel DG2 video accelerators / News / Overclockers.ua

German journalist Igor Wallossek (Igor Wallossek) got hold of fresh details about graphics accelerators Intel DG2. According to the chipmaker’s plans, the release of the first video adapters of this family will take place before the end of this year. Through his own sources, Mr. Vallossek found out more precise dates.

Intel Iris Xe graphics card by ASUS

The main focus of the processor giant is on mobile 3D accelerators and plans to launch serial production of junior solutions in October-November. At the same time, top-end GPUs will be sent to the conveyor between mid-December and early March 2022. It will be possible to meet Intel DG2 video adapters in gaming laptops based on Tiger Lake-H and Alder Lake-P processors.

Intel DG2

There is still little information about the desktop modifications of the Intel DG2. To begin with, the processor giant wants to test its strength in the mobile market, and only after that enter the fight with AMD and Nvidia for the market for gaming video cards. Be that as it may, official details about DG2 video adapters will become known in the second half of 2021. The characteristics of 3D accelerators can be found below.

Intel DG2


64TB Sabrent RocketQ Battleship PCI-E 4.0 x16 Hard Drive Coming

The American company Sabrent will soon establish the supply of the RocketQ Battleship solid-state drive, the preparation of which became known back in January. The device has a capacity of 64 TB, is made in the format of a single-slot expansion card with active cooling and a 6-pin additional power connector, and PCI Express 4.0 x16 acts as a connection interface.

Sabrent RocketQ Battleship

In fact, Sabrent RocketQ Battleship is a HighPoint SSD7540 RAID controller for eight NVMe M.2 drives. With its help, the vendor combined eight 8-terabyte SSD RocketQ into a RAID 0 array, achieving sequential read speeds up to 28 GB / s. Unfortunately, the rest of the drive’s parameters are not disclosed.

Sabrent RocketQ Battleship

If we talk about the cost of such an SSD, then Sabrent is keeping it a secret for now. Considering that one RocketQ NVMe drive with a capacity of 8 TB will cost $ 1299, then a 64 TB RocketQ Battleship will have to shell out more than ten thousand dollars.

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The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti video card can already be bought for $ 3,500 / News / Overclockers.ua

It has become increasingly difficult for Nvidia to keep track of its retail partners not selling graphics cards ahead of schedule. For example, entire batches of GeForce RTX 3060 ended up in the hands of “cyberstarters” long before the official start of sales. Now it’s the turn of the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. The most interesting thing is that this model has not yet been presented by the chip maker and, according to the available data, should go on sale only in a month.

MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Suppress X

A UAE retailer offers MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Suprim X graphics card for about $ 3,500. We add that this is not the first time that Middle Eastern stores start selling “hardware” before the official deadline. In most cases, for a novelty that has not yet been released, you will have to pay many times more than its recommended cost. According to unofficial sources, Nvidia itself estimated the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti at about $ 1000.

On the other hand, even if miners and PC enthusiasts from the United Arab Emirates shell out for the MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Suprim X, they will not be able to use it yet. A set of graphics drivers with support for the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is not yet freely available. Nvidia will release it only on the day the new graphics card is released.

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Chia Coin Mining Already Used More Exabyte of Disk Space

Over the past weeks, the Chia Coin cryptocurrency has made a lot of noise in the information space, and also led to a shortage of large storage volumes. If, for example, Ethereum miners sweep off the shelves any video cards that are somehow suitable for mining, then in the case of a new currency, SSD and HDD act as “tools of labor”. We add that some manufacturers have already started warning miners about the loss of the warranty.

Mining Chia

The excitement around the mining of Chia Coin has led to the fact that in just a month the total capacity of the drives involved in the mining of cryptocurrency has grown almost tenfold – from 120 petabytes to 1.14 exabytes. Roughly speaking, in April, more than 50 thousand hard drives with a capacity of 20 TB were added to the existing drives.

Mining Chia

The impact of cryptocurrency on the storage market can be judged by Ukrainian retail. Nowadays, most high-capacity HDD models have disappeared from the shelves, and those that are available are offered at an overpriced price.

Mining Chia

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TSMC is the most expensive chipmaker company in the world / News / Overclockers.ua

Recently TSMC filed a 20-F report with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which is a mandatory document for foreign companies listed on the US stock exchange. According to this data, the market value of the Taiwanese chipmaker is $ 636 billion. In turn, Google Finance and Yahoo Finance services estimate TSMC’s capitalization at $ 558 billion and $ 564 billion, respectively.

TSMC founder Morris Chang (Zhang Zhongmou)
TSMC founder Morris Zhang (Zhang Zhongmou)

In any case, this makes Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company the most valuable semiconductor company in the world. For comparison, Intel’s capitalization is about $ 235 billion, and Samsung Electronics is less than $ 500 billion.


If we consider factoryless companies, then the undisputed leader is Apple with a market value of $ 2.26 billion. AMD has indicators of $ 103.5 billion, Nvidia – $ 383 billion, and Qualcomm – $ 157 billion. By the way, Apple is the largest and main customer of TSMC, and the rest of the companies mentioned also heavily dependent on Taiwanese.

Recall that in the first quarter of 2021, TSMC recorded the largest consolidated revenue in its history. This financial indicator increased by 16.7% compared to the first quarter of last year – to 362.41 billion Taiwan dollars ($ 12.74 billion).

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Nvidia wants to strengthen its presence in medicine

According to Reuters, for each possible drug, Schrödinger routinely evaluates thousands of molecules, basing his tests on physics, but now he will be able to do this with the help of machine learning systems.

Through collaboration, the entire pharmaceutical industry – comprising more than 3,000 companies, from startups to multinationals – will be able to further accelerate drug discovery at the supercomputer scale.

“Computational drug discovery is improving accuracy with Schrödinger’s advanced combination of simulation and machine learning,” said Kimberly Powell, vice president of Health Care at Nvidia.

Not only AI, but also Data Centers

In addition to this partnership, Nvidia’s focus on new business development is on the rise, as it also introduced a new chipset: Grace.

Intel is the world’s largest manufacturer of core processors for data center servers, but has seen increasing competition from Arm-based chips. With its “Grace” server processor, Nvidia will be the largest chip company yet to challenge Intel in its key market.

Shares of Nvidia were up 2.6% and Intel’s were down 4% in midday trading after the news.

Arm’s technology powers the chips in most smartphones, but in recent years it has made its way into data centers, with companies like Amazon and Ampere Computing designing chips for these companies.

Nvidia’s entry into the market could accelerate Arm’s forays into data centers. Nvidia chips have traditionally been used as “accelerators” alongside existing core processors from Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, or others, offloading some of the computing work from them and speeding up the overall computing system.

By manufacturing its own core processor, Nvidia takes on Intel and AMD head-on for the first time. In the GTC keynote address, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang called the new server chip the “final piece of the puzzle” that will unite Nvidia’s graphics and network chips to form the “basic building block. of the modern data center. “


Mavericks lose Luka Doncic and fall to Clippers

Lake Buena Vista – Kawhi Leonard had 36 points, nine rebounds and eight assists as the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Dallas Mavericks 130-122 on Friday night and took a 2-1 lead in their first-round playoff series.

Luka Doncic contributed a “triple-double” but limped off the court after spraining his left ankle in the third period. He returned to play a small part of the last quarter before finally leaving for the changing rooms.

By then, the Clippers had long been in control of the game, thanks to a team record, which scored 45 points in the second quarter.

And when Dallas got within eight points midway through the fourth quarter, Leonard responded with a triple and a left-foot dunk on back-to-back possessions, restoring a comfortable lead for Los Angeles.

Landry Shamet had 18 points for the Clippers, who bounced back from their Game 2 loss, despite Paul George returning to a poor performance. Ivica Zubac added 15 points.

Kristaps Porzingis had 34 points and 13 rebounds for the Mavs. Seth Curry and Tim Hardaway Jr. posted 22 per head.

Mavs reserve point guard Jose Juan Barea saw no action for the third straight game.


NBA played its first game in 133 days; Clippers beat the Magic

The Arena, Orlando /

How we miss you! 133 days passed, but finally the NBA returned even if it was in the preparation games towards the resumption of the 2020 Season, since this Wednesday they played Los Angeles Clippers y Orlando Magic in the nicknamed “Bubble” of Disney where all the teams are concentrated.

The Clippers won 99-90 under format four quarters of 10 minutes each and none of the 10 starters played more than half the time, although this by technical decision. Precisely from the stellar, Kawhi Leonard scored 9 points and Paul George 18 for Los Angeles, while Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon got 18 and 16, respectively.

Remember that the last game played in 2020 was on March 11, when the coronavirus problem was uncovered prior to a Utah Jazz game, where the team’s two stars, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, tested positive.

Nuggets 89-82 Wizards

This Wednesday is a quadruple card in the NBA in preparation for the regular calendar that will begin on July 31 and in the second match of the day, the Denver Nuggets derrotaron 89-82 a Washington Wizards, with Manute Bol’s son, Sphere Sphere, as the most prominent with 16 points and 10 rebounds.