Orlando Arciniegas was sentenced for embezzlement at the XX National Games in Ibagué

The failed XX National Games of Ibagué in 2015 never delivered any medals, among other things for the corruption of the former mayor Orlando Arciniegas. After evaluating alleged irregularities in his sentence, the Supreme Court confirmed his sentence to 27 years in prison.

Orlando Arciniegas will continue to pay 27 years in prison for making the XX National Games of Ibagué, in 2015, a promise of which only rubble and several criminal proceedings remained. The Supreme Court of Justice upheld its conviction for handing over millionaires to the contrary – in exchange for bribes – to the TYPSA company, which was chosen despite not having enough experience and was not able to raise the sports venues proposed for the capital. Tolima.

Background: “Brain” of the embezzlement of the XX National Games in Ibagué will remain in jail

In a third judicial round, for the embezzlement of the sporting event, Arciniegas managed to get the Supreme Court to evaluate the process from when it accepted its responsibility for the crimes of concussion – taking advantage of a public position -, embezzled by aggravated appropriation, money laundering, enrichment illicit, undue interest in the conclusion of contracts and contracts without compliance with legal requirements. Charges were indicted in December 2016, however, for the high court there have been no errors in any of the proceedings since then.

Orlando Arciniegas, who accepted his responsibility in a preparatory hearing for the trial, does not agree that he was convicted as a public servant. Even the former adviser to the Mayor’s Office of Ibagué considers that the Prosecutor’s Office acted unfairly, since they had reached a preliminary agreement on June 30, 2016, four years after the investigation was opened, but the investigating body withdrew it and decided charge him criminally. Despite his claims, via cassation, the Supreme Court did not hear one of his arguments.

For the high court, it does not make sense for Orlando Arciniegas to discuss his status as a public servant, when he was warned about this condition from imputation, formulation of accusation, decision in first instance and ruling in second instance. In fact, the Superior Court of Ibagué, on September 10, 2018, was the last judicial office to recognize the responsibility of Arciniegas as a public servant, for a project that presented irregularities for more than $ 66,000 million according to the Comptroller’s Office.

Comptroller’s Office: Irregularities in National Games amount to $ 66,000 million

“It should be noted that these activities (by Arciniegas in the face of the failed National Games) revolved around evaluating options for the construction of sports venues, presenting drafts of pre-specifications and preliminary studies, submitting proposals, advising on the estimated budget of costs, or render concepts – such as the one in which it indicated that it was not necessary to intervene in the contractual consultancy process held with the TYPSA company, since it was supplied with a supervisor – ”, explained the Supreme Court, in relation to quality public servant of the convicted person.

Orlando Arciniegas, between 2013 and 2014, was the legal representative of the consulting and collection company ACIS SAS. There is a history of holding two contracts with the Ibagué Ministry of Finance, with the aim of advising it in the execution of administrative functions for the construction of sports venues, which also included the IV Paranational Sports Games. Arciniegas, among other things, was in charge of advancing the selection process for the consulting contractor who had to carry out the designs of the scenarios.

Between August and October 2013, Arciniegas met with businessman Wilmer Manchola, Luis Rodrigo Uribe, legal representative of the TYPSA company and Jorge Orlando Navarrete, head of tenders of the same organization, with the aim of specifying everything that was needed to favor TYPSA before the Municipal Institute of Sports and Recreation of Ibagué (IMDRI). In those meetings the total value of the project was balanced and the specifications were fixed so that only that company could present itself for the call.

In context: New conviction of former Ibagué Mayor’s Office official for embezzlement of National Games

“They also agreed on the amount of money that TYPSA had to pay for bribes, a sum that in principle they established at a value of 1,776,000,000 pesos ($ 1,776,000,000), which was equivalent to 15% of the consulting contract, which amounted to the sum of eleven thousand four hundred ninety-nine million five hundred twenty thousand eight hundred pesos ($ 11,499,520,800), ”added the Supreme Court. Finally, on October 15, 2013, IMDRI published the merit contest that Orlando Arciniegas had already rigged in favor of TYPSA.

And the high court continued with the recount of the facts: “On November 21, 2013, Orlando Arciniegas signed, with other public servants, the minutes of the hearing for the evaluation of the economic proposal of the merit contest number 012 of 2013, in which they make it clear that, in accordance with legal, financial, technical and economic equality, TYPSA is the company that meets the requirements of the specifications ”. Days later, IMDRI recorded the first advance, for 30% of the total value of the works, of which Arciniegas received more than $ 1,400 million.

On the other hand, Arciniegas alleged that his rights as investigated were violated, since they would not have warned him about the amount of time he could be in prison, after accepting his criminal responsibility. The Superior Court of Ibagué, given the procedural moment, reduced the convicted one third of the sentence. It would have been different in the imputation phase, since if he pleaded guilty a judge could have endorsed him up to a 50% reduction. Finally, the Supreme Court reminded Arciniegas of his words, when in court he agreed to interrupt the trial against him.

Background: First conviction for corruption in contracting in National Games

-Judge of the Superior Court of Ibagué: “Well, finally the office tells you that this circumstance of accepting the charges or agreeing to the charges made in the accusation, because the procedural law establishes a reduction of the sentence that will be analyzed by this judicial official in the respective sentence and that at a certain moment may be subject to the respective jurisdictional resources or controls. Consequently, Mr. Arciniegas Lagos, to be absolutely clear, do you accept the charges made by the Prosecutor’s Office in the indictment?

-Orlando Arciniegas: “Yes, your honor, I accept them.”

Despite this third decision, Orlando Arciniegas may still file an appeal. In the end, on the other hand, the XX National Games ended up being played in some venues in Ibagué, Melgar, El Espinal, Chaparral and Líbano (Tolima), also in Cali, Chocó, Bogotá and even Ubaté (Cundinamarca). The representatives of Antioquia were champions of the contest with a total of 384 medals, including 130 gold. Tolima was in tenth place and, at least that year, its capital stained by the corruption of Arciniegas.


Invites IMSS poniente to preventive medicine conferences

On Saturday, May 8, four medical units will offer extraordinary care in preventive medicine

In order for the population to participate in health actions that were left on hold due to the health emergency due to COVID-19, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in the State of Mexico Poniente, invites its beneficiaries to attend the Preventive Actions Day to be held this Saturday, May 8, 2021 in family medicine units.

Four Family Medicine Units (UMF) will participate simultaneously, No. 58 in Tlalnepantla, No. 61 in Naucalpan, No. 222 in downtown Toluca and No. 248 in San Mateo Atenco and the opening hours for this extraordinary day will be 09:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The beneficiaries who attend will be able to receive preventive medicine services, vaccination, detection of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, cervical cancer, breast cancer, women will be able to undergo the Papanicolaou study, in addition to nutrition consultation, advice on issues reproductive health, psychological assistance, and training in preventive actions to take care of oral health.

The actions are aimed at men and women of all ages and the only requirements are to go to any of these units, bring your health card to record the actions carried out and keep the hygiene measures already known, such as respect at a healthy distance, hand washing or gel disinfection and the use of face masks.

The State of Mexico Poniente representation of the IMSS, reminds its users that the facilities of the medical units are safe and that from the time of admission there are sanitary filters that allow to verify the health status of both the staff and the visitors.

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Francesco: young people use the fantasy of love for grandparents

After the Angelus, Francis remembers the saints Joachim and Anna, the grandparents of Jesus, urging today’s children not to forget their “roots”

Benedetta Capelli – Vatican City

Young people, trees ready to grow, but with solid roots that are grandparents. On the day when the Church remembers the saints Joachim and Anna, Pope Francis at the Angelus thus defines the boys called today, not to forget their loved ones, especially in this time of pandemic. He asks young people for a gesture of affection, suggests ways to go in order not to make their grandparents feel alone:

I would like to invite young people to make a gesture of tenderness towards the elderly, especially the most lonely ones, in homes and residences, those who for many months have not seen their loved ones. Dear young people, each of these elders is your grandfather! Don’t leave them alone! Use the fantasy of love, make phone calls, video calls, send messages, listen to them and where possible, in compliance with health standards, also go to find them. Send them a hug.

The roots

The Pope then takes up the verses of an Argentine poet, Francisco Luis Bernárdez, already remembered in Dublin in 2018 at the World Meeting of Families, when he said that “children do not grow up in love if they do not learn to communicate with their grandparents”. To be solid, in fact, you need to have solid roots. Roots that have a name: grandparents.

They are your roots. A tree detached from the roots does not grow, does not give flowers and fruits. This is why union and connection with your roots is important. What the tree has in bloom comes from what it has buried, says a poet from my homeland. For this I invite you to make a big applause to our grandparents, everyone!

The Pope’s thoughts then went to the faithful of Franca (Brazil), to the young people of the archdiocese of Modena-Nonantola and to those of the parish of Saints Fabiano and Venanzio in Rome.


Corona in old people’s homes: where the virus rages violently – politics

Mr. F. is dead. His dog has searched the conservatory for him again and again, says the home manager. Here they often sat together, Mr. F. in one of the wicker chairs and a troll, a mixed breed of German shepherds, at his feet. They lived together in the home for three years until Mr. F. suddenly had to go to the hospital and did not return. But the troll will stay, says the home manager. Mr. F. had secretly saved money for him so that the dog would be able to stay in his familiar surroundings after his death. A nurse has taken him in and now brings him to work every day. Just as Mr. F. wanted it to be.

Mr. F. is the first corona to die in the nursing home near Heilbronn, and six other infected people have died. About a fifth of the residents are dead within a few weeks. As in many retirement and nursing homes all over Germany, a drama takes place here that you hardly notice outside.

While many places in Germany have so far been spared severe corona outbreaks, the virus is particularly raging in old people’s homes and nursing homes. Nationwide, these facilities are the real hotspots of the pandemic, because the old and often the sick have little to counter the virus. No social group is as exposed to Covid-19 as this.

The home management everywhere say that they are overwhelmed

43 of the 165 residents died in Hanns-Lilje-Heim in Wolfsburg. In the St. Nikolaus retirement home in Würzburg, there are already 22 dead among the approximately 100 residents. In Niederaula, Hesse, 16 out of 160 residents died in the local district nursing home, and 41 out of 50 residents in a home near Oldenburg are infected. According to the Robert Koch Institute, a total of almost 1,500 residents of old people’s homes and nursing homes have died of a corona infection, which is almost a third of all corona deaths in Germany. The number of unreported cases is probably even higher.

In Wolfsburg, Würzburg and Oldenburg, public prosecutors are already investigating negligent homicide and possible violations of the Infection Protection Act. A lawyer had filed a complaint in Wolfsburg. In Würzburg, the matter was officially investigated, and the relatives of deceased residents of the St. Nikolaus home filed criminal complaints. They accuse the home management of reacting too late to the danger. The home could not be reached for comment. But the city of Würzburg said the home had suffered from a lack of staff and equipment. Near Oldenburg, the district authorities have accused the senior citizen of Atrium am Wall of having violated official requirements. This home was also initially unavailable.

In the Hanns-Lilje-Heim in Wolfsburg, which is run by the Diakonie, bad hygienic conditions are said to have existed, at least it is said that the lawyer was allegedly given anonymously by alleged employees of the Diakonie. Physical excretions in the rooms are said not to have been eliminated immediately, and the occupants to be washed only irregularly. The Diakonie rejected the allegations and stated that protective measures had been initiated at an early stage. The responsible health authority found no defects when inspecting the home.

It cannot be ruled out that mistakes were made in individual homes. But when asked by SZ, NDR and WDR, home management reports everywhere that they are overwhelmed. There is a lack of personnel, protective material and, above all, corona tests. Many homes feel almost forgotten by the authorities and politics. While nurses themselves fall ill and fail, attempts are being made to implement the stricter hygiene regulations. The staff endeavors to separate the infected from the non-infected, closes common rooms and delivers food to the residents. Strict prohibitions on contact mean that many old people have to die alone. “The corona crisis mercilessly reveals what is fundamentally wrong in the German healthcare system,” says Eugen Brysch, board member of the German Foundation for Patient Protection.

The virus had fatal consequences in many homes, for example in the senior residence Atrium am Wall in Wildeshausen near Oldenburg.

(Photo: Sina Schuldt / dpa)

How the virus came to Heilbronn’s home, for example, can no longer be reconstructed. Already on March 7, long before the state government prescribed it, it closed its doors. Nevertheless, twenty days later, a resident in the hospital tested positive for Corona. When all residents and employees were tested in the following days, it turned out: 70 percent are already infected with the virus. “It broke out like a wave over us,” says the home manager. “We had sophisticated plans for how we would isolate the infected, but it was too late for that.” The home manager tells openly, but does not want to see the name of his home or his own name published. His employees continue to care, under the most difficult conditions.

As long as infected carers show no symptoms, they are allowed to work

The infected carers are under “extended quarantine” and are only allowed to leave their homes to go to work. This serves to “ensure the medical infrastructure of the region”, explains the health department. As long as they show no symptoms of the lung disease, they are allowed to work – and care for residents who are also infected. “I am very impressed that the employees all stay on the line and risk their own health and that of their families,” says the home manager.

Those who treat infected people should normally wear water-repellent and virus-proof protective suits, which are thrown away after each shift. But the market doesn’t have enough disposable suits. In Bavaria, one of the nursing homes particularly affected was that of the workers’ welfare in Roßtal in the Fürth district. At times, the home management and all kitchen staff were in quarantine, dozens of employees were infected. Here they are now using washable protective gowns, although it is very time-consuming to clean and dry this special clothing every day.

Rainer Mosandl, director of the Mittelfranken-Süd district association for workers’ welfare, sees an even bigger problem in the missing corona tests. Comprehensive tests in homes are not planned, and if there are tests, the result is often far too late. Some employees would have waited two to three weeks for their result. A quick test of the nurses is particularly important, because they are the only ones who could still carry the virus into the facilities. “We could save significant suffering and save lives if we could test all employees and residents on a regular basis,” says Mosandl.

“Thank you for your great work” is on the sheet that relatives have hung up

Knuth Maier-Preuss, head of the Atrium am Wall senior center in Wildeshausen near Oldenburg, also said that he had requested comprehensive tests from the Oldenburg district. After the first nurse showed corona symptoms in mid-March, about two weeks had passed before residents and employees were tested. More than half are now infected. And two residents died. Maier-Preuss claims to have made suggestions to the district early on how to react to a crisis. The district responded with a criminal complaint because those responsible had violated hygiene regulations. The public prosecutor’s office in Oldenburg is investigating.

Knuth Maier-Preuß has been released from service. He is accused of having worked without protective clothing. He denies this. “The current situation is not about reproaching one another. The authorities were also helpless against the virus. And that’s why we have to learn from this helplessness for the future. What can we do better? And how can we do the care industry finally upgrade? “

Corona virus updates – twice a day via email or push message

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A sheet has been hanging over the entrance to the Heilbronn nursing home since Monday. “Thank you for your great work” it says, relatives have hung it up in recognition of those who look after their parents or grandparents here.

There is not recognition everywhere. In Niederaula, Hesse, geriatric nurses have desperately turned to the district administrator. They would be treated like “leper”, they write. They would be expelled from shops and should not refuel. Real bullying. Some blame the carers for the fact that one tenth of the residents of the Niederaula district nursing home have already died of Covid-19. Home and district see no fault of their own. But if there are so many deaths, then something must have been done wrong, says an email that someone in the village sent to the mayor. Bettina Wolf, the temporary director of the home, says the situation is very stressful. This job requires a lot of effort. “And then you will be trampled on.”


Gdf to the Lombardy Region. Blitz Nas, irregular 17% of the structures

Search by the Milan finance guard at the Lombardy region as part of the multi-strand investigation that focuses on the Pio Hotel Trivulzio and others rsa Milanese for the management of elderly guests and patients in an emergency Coronavirus. Meanwhile, after the Nas blitzes carried out in various RSAs on the national territory, alarming data emerge: quite 17% of the structures, in fact, presented irregularities.

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READ ALSO “At the Trivulzio the elderly were not separated”: thus the institute became an outbreak

The financiers of Milan to the Lombardy Region seek documents on the directives that the regional administration and the Welfare Department have given to Pio Albergo Trivulzio and the rsa on the management of the elderly and patients. The activity is a direct consequence of that carried out yesterday at the Trivulzio and then the cards collected must be subjected to cross-checks by the investigators.

From the beginning of the emergency coronavirus, on over 600 RSAs, rehabilitation and long-term care centers and rest homes controlled by the Nas carabinieri, 17% had irregularities relating to the management of procedures and spaces reserved for possible cases of positivity for the Covid-19 o the training of operators and the provision of protective devices. In 104 non-compliant structures, 61 people were reported and 157 sanctioned. Because of the serious shortcomings have been suspended or closed 15 receptive activities, while the patients were transferred to other centers. Among the most significant interventions, those in the structures of Taranto, Campobasso, Perugia, Reggio Calabria, Naples, Rome, Cosenza, Udine and Turin. Overall, since the beginning of the year, the Nas have carried out checks in 918 centers, of which 183 have been irregular, about 20%.

Trivulzio, blitz of Finance and Nas: the top management of many RSAs, focus on Lombardy directives, investigated

The infection in the RSA dies at 97: the operator who took care of the man of San Felice Circeo was hospitalized

The 212 disputed administrative irregularities, the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Health makes known, concern structural, managerial and authorization inadequacies, such as the lack of professional figures suitable for the needs of the guests, the presence of a greater number of elderly people than the expected limit and the use of spaces and rooms lower than the minimum ones foreseen, situations detected especially in January, at the same time as the second part of the Christmas holiday period, during which the demand for placement of the elderly. The Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Health emerged, “criminally relevant situations that led to the reporting to the judicial authority of 172 people, in particular managers and operators deemed responsible for abandoning the elderly and lack of assistance and custody, abusive exercise of the healthcare profession and use of false certificates of possession of operating authorization and valid professional titles, such as nurses and socio-health workers». From January to today, 25 structures have been the recipients of measures for the closure or suspension of welfare activities since they have been seriously deficient in health and construction matters, when not completely abusive.

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