NBA play-in tournament begins to meet its objectives

NBA season finale race draws fan attention and forces teams to keep competing

Despite dissenting voices regarding the play-in in the regular season finale of the NBAThe new mini-competition that the league has launched seems to be already bearing fruit.

Either by reaching or not leaving the final places, or by not having to participate in the play-in, the teams have been pushing in the final stretch.

For May 16, the final day of the regular season, we will get to know the participants of the qualifying tournament that will take place from May 18 to 21, to later officially start the first round of playoffs on the 22 of this month .

The Western Conference It is where more has been said about this particular. Luka Doncic, Mark Cuban, LeBron James They are among those who have expressed their discontent, and it is no coincidence that they are from teams that have been or are in the middle of the fight for better positions in the standings.

In a certain part of the season, Dallas Mavericks It seemed that he would have to participate in the play although to date he is in fifth position.

In case of Los angeles lakers it is more complicated since they are the champions and they could be out after one or two games, depending on how they finish in the table. Lesions of LeBron James Y Anthony Davis They arrived at the worst time and the team knows the risk they are in.

This has been taken advantage of by Portland Trailblazers who are sixth and would qualify for the playoffs directly, and by the Golden State Wariors who have crept up to eighth.

Fans are already starting to salivate over a possible duel between Stephen Curry and LeBron (if he’s healthy) in a play-in game, a scenario that didn’t seem plausible at the start of the season. The downside would be to lose one of these two teams, among the most followed in the league, for the postseason.

And even the players themselves find it funny, as Anthony Davis put it. “It is the first time we have faced a challenge like this. It’s a different challenge for us (Lakers)“said downtown Los Angeles. A fun challenge.

Meanwhile Memphis, San Antonio, New Orleans and Sacramento are all battling to make the play-in with one week remaining in the regular season.

On the other side, the Eastern Conference also has its drama with only 5 difference games between ninth and twelfth with Washington, Indiana, Chicago and Toronto seeking a spot.

So at least from the beginning the play-in is serving the purpose that some teams have to fight in the final stretch of the regular season and gives the fan an additional tournament within all the action of the season, and although an evaluation and perhaps changes will come, everything seems to be an idea that is here to stay.


Deck faced the rim and gave a spectacular assist to Jaylen Hoard that amazed the NBA


Deck faced the rim and gave a spectacular assist to Jaylen Hoard that amazed the NBA

Gabriel Deck set his record for minutes on the court in a new loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, this time against the Sacramento Kings 126-98.

Former Real Madrid forward, who played 31 minutes, scored 5 points, took 6 rebounds, gave 4 assists and stole a ball for a team that has already been eliminated from the postseason.

Despite the seventh consecutive defeat, the Santiago native once again showed his qualities that led him to be part of the best basketball in the world.

Tortu was once again the protagonist of the summary that the NBA, with the best plays of the night, a situation that was replicated by the Argentine Basketball Confederation.

One of the actions of the game was when Deck faced the basket and pulled out spectacular assists back but through the neck area, leaving only Jaylen Hoard to score.

Oklahoma complies with a poor season in which it accumulated 21 wins and 48 losses.


NBA, Davis enters history with an unreal game: only 5 like him. RANKING


Big Point for Miami Heat! Jimmy Butler stifles possible Boston Celtics comeback in battle for 6th place

The Miami Heat landed a real big point in the battle for a safe playoff spot at the Boston Celtics. The guests from Florida won thanks to a unified team performance with 130: 124, but had to tremble again after a strong first half.

Boston Celtics (35-33) – Miami Heat (37-31) 124:130 (BOXSCORE)

Before the break it was an absolute show of force from the Heat, which really got rolling just before the playoffs. For Miami it was the fifth win from the last six games, which temporarily made the team of head coach Erik Spoelstra level with the fifth-placed Atlanta Hawks. However, Atlanta won the tiebreaker against Miami (2-1).

Much more important, however, was that the Heat extended their lead in seventh place, which the Celtics still hold, to two games. Seven players from the guests scored at least 12 points, especially in the first half Trevor Ariza (19, 3 steals), Kendrick Nunn and Tyler Herro (12 each). Top scorers were Jimmy Butler (24, 11 assists) and Duncan Robinson (22, 6/10 threesomes).

The strong ideas of the role players ran like a red thread through the game. Even at the break, five guest players had scored double-digit points, while Butler and Bam Adebayo (20) had taken a total of just three throws. The Heat sank eleven of their 20 threesomes and took a 26-point lead into halftime.

Boston missed Jaylen Brown (ankle) painfully as in Chicago, so the Heat could concentrate on making life as difficult as possible for Jayson Tatum (29, 11/16 FG). Miami kept building a wall in front of Tatum and Kemba Walker because the Celtics couldn’t punish this from a distance (4/18 threesome in the first 24 minutes).


Campazzo equaled his NBA points record but didn’t reach Denver

Facundo Campazzo I note 19 points, its record in the NBA, in the defeat of Denver Nuggets on Brooklyn Nets by 125-119, at home, for the regular phase of the American basketball championship.

The Cordovan, again a starter in the Colorado franchise, was 34:19 minutes on court and he averaged 1-3 in doubles, 3-6 in triples and a full ERA in free throw (8-9).

With that production, equaled his best goal that he had achieved on April 28 against the New Orleans Pelicans.

The spreadsheet of ex Real Madrid base from Spain also registered two defensive rebounds, five assists and three steals.

Denver, whose top scorer was the Serbian Nikola Jokic with 29 points, one more than Michael Porter Jr., lost his second consecutive game but is still entrenched in the fourth place in the Western Conference with a campaign of 44 wins and 24 losses.

The Nuggets are one of the four qualified for the playoffs alongside Utah Jazz (50-18), Phoenix Suns (48-19) and Los Angeles Clippers (45-22). In the East you already have your Philadelphia 76ers ticket. (47-21), Brooklyn Nets (44-24) and Milwaukee Bucks (43-24).

The Nets took the game at Ball Arena for their greater physical rest in the last quarter, who started with a partial of 11-4.

The eaves Kevin Durant he shone with 31 points, eleven rebounds and seven assists, seconded by point guard Kyrie Irving with 31 scorers and four passes.

On Saturday night the santiagueño also had action Gabriel Deck, who had four points, three rebounds, one assist and three steals in the loss of Oklahoma City Thunder in view of Golden State Warrios by 136-97.

The base Stephen Curry, scorer of 49 goals, scored his third-highest scoring this season after 57 points against the Dallas Mavericks on February 6 and 53 against Denver on April 12.

The Thunder, thirteenth in the West (21-47), are one of the six NBA teams that have already been left without a chance to play in the postseason.

Other results of the day were: Indiana Pacers 132-Washington Wizards 133; Philadelphia 76ers. 118-Detroit Pistons 104; Toronto Raptors 99-Memphis Grizzlies 109; Utah Jazz 124-Houston Rockets 116 and Portland Trail Blazers 124-San Antonio Spurs 102.

Partidos de hoy: Boston Celtics-Miami Heat; Los Ángeles Clippers-New York Knicks; Charlotte Hornets-New Orleans Pelicans; Cleveland Cavaliers-Dallas Maverick; Orlando Magic-Minnesota Timberwolves; Detroit Pistons-Chicago Bulls; Los Ángeles Lakers-Phoenix Suns y Sacramento Kings-Oklahoma City Thunder.

Fountain: Telam


Campazzo received it from Michael Porter Jr. and hit a triple on the buzzer that drove the NBA crazy


Campazzo received it from Michael Porter Jr. and hit a triple on the buzzer that drove the NBA crazy

Facundo Campazzo had a great scoring night, equaling his points record in the Denver Nuggets loss to the Brooklyn Nets 125-119.

The Cordoba, who started again, played 34 minutes on the court in which he scored 19 points, took two rebounds, gave five assists and stole three balls.

The former Real Madrid base was once again in the general summary made by the NBA, for various defensive actions, although he highlighted an offense in which he showed that his confidence when shooting at the basket is growing day by day.

One of the highlights of the night Campazzo was the protagonist, who received a ball from Michael Porter Jr and when the buzzer sounded, he threw a well played triple and converted it, to the delight of the substitute bench that did not stop cheering him for the action.

Denver, whose top scorer was the Serbian Nikola Jokic with 29 points, one more than Michael Porter Jr., lost its second consecutive game but remains entrenched in fourth place in the Western Conference. with a campaign of 44 wins and 24 losses.


Campazzo stole it from Gobert and gave Jokic an assist that drove the NBA crazy


Campazzo stole it from Gobert and gave Jokic an assist that drove the NBA crazy

Facundo Campazzo had a good overall contribution but little effectiveness at the rim in the loss of the Denver Nuggets to the Utah Jazz by 127-120.

The Cordoba, who started again, spent 33 minutes on the field of play, in which he scored five points, grabbed eight rebounds, gave nine assists and stole a ball. His main problem this time was the bLow field goal ERA, with just 2 of 10.

The former base of Real Madrid He was again in the general summary that the NBA does, due to his attitude during the game despite the fact that things did not turn out completely and because of the assists he gave.

One of the highlights of the night was the protagonist Campazzo, who took a ball out of Rudy Gobert’s hands, ran down the field to assist Nikola Jokic, who scored a double with great comfort.

Bojan Bogdanovic with 48 points and 8 rebounds was the great figure of the Jazz, while Michael Porter Jr. with 31 points and Jokic with 24, they put their face out for the Nuggets.


The Philadelphia Sixers are off to a good start in the East, the Milwaukee Bucks do not let go

Philadelphia # 1 Quiet

Barring an accident, the Philadelphia Sixers have a very good chance of finishing the regular season in first place in the Eastern Conference, which would guarantee them home ground advantage at least until the national final.

The success – the 7th in a row – won Friday night at home against the New Orleans Pelicans (109-107), however, proved that there is still work to be done for the Pennsylvania franchise, unable to ensure a large success after having counted until 17 points ahead. And yet, the “Pels” deplored four major absences: Zion Williamson, probably forfeit for the end of the season (finger), Brandon Ingram (ankle), Steven Adams (toe) and Josh Hart (thumb).


The Philadelphia Sixers had not had a streak of seven wins since the 2017-2018 season, which ended with 16 consecutive wins.

Despite everything, the visitors got back together thanks to a huge third quarter (37-18) before collapsing in the final act, weighed down by their three-point clumsiness (only 9/36, 25%). The 76ers, on the other hand, relied on their MVP candidate, pivot Joel Embiid. The Cameroonian interior has split 37 points (11 of 20 shooting), for 13 rebounds and 3 assists, confirming that he is one of the major players of this season.

For his coach Doc Rivers, the equation even seems quite simple, despite the 19 games missed this season by his protégé: ” Imagine that we keep winning and finish first in the East, I don’t see how we could challenge the MVP title to Joel Embiid. “Moreover, the Philadelphia public did not fail to accompany the release of Embiid with a few songs from « MVP ! » history to mark the occasion.

For the Pelicans, the end of the season promises to be bleak: the loss of Williamson weighs down the hopes of qualifying for the play-in via tenth place. New Orleans (30 v.-37 r.) Has two wins behind San Antonio (32 v.-34 r., 1 game down) with only five games to go.

Milwaukee wants to finish strong

Faced with the Houston Rockets, who will probably finish last in the League (16 successes), the Milwaukee Bucks did not have to force their talent: a comfortable victory (141-133), built after the break, without forcing on the stars of the workforce. Thus, Giannis Antetokounmpo (17 points to 11/17, 11 rebounds, 7 assists) played only 29 minutes and finished … 5th scorer of his team. Khris Middleton (23 points), Brook Lopez (24 points), Jrue Holiday (20 points) and Donte DiVincenzo (18 points) all did better than the Greek in order to carry the Bucks to a fifth straight win.

This beautiful form has allowed the franchise of Wisconsin to return to the height of the Brooklyn Nets (43v-24d) – who have lost their last four games – in second place in the Eastern Conference. On the Rockets’ side, only three-point address (25 of 53, 47.2%) kept the Texans in the game, while seven players finished the game at 12 points or more.


Friday night, the Houston Rockets asked Khyri Thomas (16 points), beneficiary of a ten-day contract. Thomas became the 28th player to wear the Houston jersey this season, tying an NBA record.

At the end of the regular season, where it will be difficult to get the No. 1 place, the Bucks have set themselves an almost unacknowledged goal: not to let go in second place. ” If we see wider, it would be nice to hang on to it, validated Middleton. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if we didn’t make it. But I think the priority for us is to play our best basketball when it comes to the play-offs. »

The Milwaukee schedule is rather interesting in this regard: after a trip to San Antonio, Mike Budenholzer’s men will face Orlando, Indiana, Miami and finish with the Chicago Bulls.


Atlanta Hawks take flight, aim for NBA play-offs

In a roller-coaster-like season, Atlanta now seems to be regaining the adrenaline rush of the climb. Their clear victory against a very serious candidate for the title – the Suns, until then leaders in the West – on the night of Wednesday to Thursday (135-103) again dangles the players with the ambition of the franchise: to return to play-offs, four years later.

A recruitment full of hope

In December, interest was in Georgia. Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk was drawing attention to Georgia with a flattering recruit. Clint Capela (arrived last year but injured for a long time), Bogdan Bogdanovic, Rajon Rondo (since traded to the Clippers in March), Kris Dunn and Danilo Gallinari then landed in Atlanta during the free agency. After another difficult season (20 wins and 47 losses), the Hawks then gave themselves the means so that the receptions at the State Farm Arena were no longer a walk for visitors.

A habit since Atlanta’s last appearance in the playoffs in 2017, the franchise has never surpassed 30 wins per season. If young talents have managed to hatch like John Collins or Trae Young, the lack of confirmed veterans and stability had never allowed, until then, to tip the Hawks into the positive.

Nate McMillan to the Hawks rescue

The cascade of injuries of a good part of the rookies except Clint Capela directly weighed down the start of the season in Atlanta. But absences do not explain everything. The Athletic reported in March that John Collins and Trae Young were totally out of step with Lloyd Pierce’s approach. The players blamed the 44-year-old coach for bad choices in the end of the game and a lack of listening to certain elements of the workforce.

In this hot context, the Hawks executive had to resolve to fire Pierce – who had officiated for three seasons in Georgia – and move on to an experienced man, Nate McMillan, as the franchise was in 11th place in the league. Eastern Conference. Hired on an interim basis on March 2, McMillan had previously led the Pacers four times in a row in the first round of the play-offs.

The arrival of the former Seattle Sonics player, with twenty years of coaching experience, has been a lifesaver for the franchise. Eight consecutive victories, a newfound confidence, and a new positive “karma”, as in the buzzer victory against Toronto (121-120) in mid-March. With an infirmary also emptying, the Hawks went from eleventh to fifth place in the East. A dynamic of victories which owes a lot to the awakening of the expected executives of the franchise.

Clint Capela, King of Atlanta Painting

Symbol of this success, the pivot Clint Capela embodies both the serenity of experience and a talent still to be polished, from the top of his 25 years. In Atlanta, the Swiss flourish. His association with the explosive point guard Trae Young gave the Hawks an offensive card: pick’n’roll play. A demonic pattern that can be found in the statistics. Capela has his best season (15.3 points and 14.4 rebounds on average per game) and takes with him another pearl of the workforce: John Collins.

With a record of 37 wins for 30 losses, the Hawks are sure to end the season with a positive record, a first since 2017. Currently 5th in the East, Atlanta can even hope to pass the Knicks (37-29), fourth of the Conference. The Nate McMillan bet is successful for the franchise, it only remains to materialize this take-off by going as far as possible in the play-offs.


The night that Facundo Campazzo shone against Nueva Yor …

The Argentinian Facundo Campazzo played this wednesday one of his best games since his arrival in the NBA in the Denver Nuggets win against New York Nicks 113-97. In this way, the Colorado franchise ranks third in the Western Conference standings.

The Argentine guard had a spectacular performance and closed the night with 16 points -only 3 less than his personal best-, 2 triples, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 steals and 2 blocks and he came close to notching his second double-double in the American basketball league.

Campazzo left the court half a quarter before the game ended since the difference in points -100 to 77- allowed coach Mike Malone to preserve his starting team for the next game.

Serbian center Nikola Jokic, with 32 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists, again commanded the victory of the Nuggets, who already have 13 victories in the 17 games since the injury of their figure, the point guard Jamal Murray.

The franchise celebrated its qualification for the playoffs with a gif on his official Twitter account. In the image there are seven players among which is Campazzo, one of the most valued of the squad of 17, in his debut season in the NBA.

In the Knicks – who also came with a winning streak of 12 wins in the last 14 games – the performances of point guard Immanuel Quickley, the leading scorer with 18 points, stood out, while All-Star power forward Julius Randle stayed in 14 points and 8 rebounds.

The New York team confirmed this week the incorporation of 25-year-old base from Mar del Plata, Luca Vildoza, who became the fifteenth Argentine to sign in the NBA. The previous one was Gabriel “Tortuga” Deck from Santiago, who will wear the number 6 of the Oklahoma City Thunders this Thursday against the Golden State Warriors.

The Nuggets, for their part, will face the Utah Jazz, who hold first place in the Western Conference, this Friday at 10 p.m.