They ‘revive’ Cantinflas with artificial intelligence

The campaign entitled “Soriana, that of all Mexicans” brought back one of the most important figures of the Golden Age of national cinema: Mario Moreno.

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4, 2021

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This story originally appeared on Cine Premiere

By Brenda Medel

Soriana, the Mexican supermarket chain, launched its new campaign titled “Soriana, that of all Mexicans”. However, this campaign has broken conventions, as they bring back one of the most important figures of the Golden Age of national cinema: Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”. Go right now, at the top of this note, the supermarket commercial!

Through a statement, the Soriana company recognized this work as a feat in its business strategy because for the first time the famous technology has been used in our country deep fake to ‘resurrect’ such an important character in Mexican pop culture as “Cantinflas.” With this, the actor and comedian becomes the first Mexican to be recreated with this technique.

Image: Soriana via Cine Premiere

“Quiubo chatos? Do you know that always filled me with pride? Being Mexican,” recites the comedian in front of the camera, accompanied by a reddish background. The theme of the commercial is simple: “Cantinflas” appears to highlight several of the elements and cultural values ​​of Mexican families, which regardless of the trade, profession, gender or age enhance the meaning of being part of a great family.

“Seeing the great ‘Cantinflas’ again on the screens takes us back as Mexicans to the dozens of characters that made Mario Moreno famous, where the pride of being Mexican was reflected in all his films, and Today, thanks to technology, we can once again feel that ‘Cantinflas’ and Soriana are authentically Mexican in all their expression. It is also a pride to be one of the first to use this technique in Mexico, since thanks to this type of technology we can feel Cantinflas enter our homes, making Mexican pride more present, ”the organization said in the statement.

What is technology deep fake?

In very simple words, deep fakes They use a form of artificial intelligence called deep learning to create images of fake events or situations. That is, replacing the likeness of one person to another through videos or any digital medium using unsupervised algorithms known as RGAs and combining them with existing videos or images. In this way it is easy to join people, celebrities or fictional characters in audiovisual material in which they have never participated (via).


a healthy diet would be more important than exercise

New research indicates that eating a healthy diet may be even more important than exercising, especially in the long term

Diet and exercise have long been known to be key elements in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Healthy life, to lose weight and to prevent the appearance of various pathologies.

What has never been thought about is whether one of those two factors is more important in the long term, that is, it has a more positive impact. Up to now.

New research indicates that exercise may rank below diet in good weight loss impact. In other words, it might be more useful to eat well than to play sports. These are the conclusions of a study carried out by Herman Pontzer, an evolutionary anthropologist at Duke University.

Titled “Burn: New Research Blows the Lid Off How We Really Burn Calories, Lose Weight, and Stay Healthy,” the work suggests that exercising more does not necessarily help burn more calories. Why? According to the expert, because the body finds sneaky ways to adapt by reducing energy use elsewhere.

The expert assures that doing sports is not the most effective strategy to lose weight

“Exercise does not change how many calories you use, but how you use them,” the expert told Business Insider. At the same time, he added: “Diet and exercise are two different tools for two different jobs. Diet is your weight loss tool. Exercise is your tool for everything else.”

Exercising to lose weight is based on the assumption that the body burns calories at a constant rate. If this theory is followed, if walking one kilometer burns 50 calories, walking 100 kilometers over the course of a month would burn 5,000 calories. Theoretically, this helps you expend more energy than you consume and causes your body to use stored energy to burn fat.

However, the expert who carried out the study points out that before his discoveries this theory collapses, that he obtained the data by working with the Hadza, a group of indigenous inhabitants of Tanzania, who they walk for miles each day as part of a traditional lifestyle of Hunter-gatherers.

Pontzer and his team were surprised to find that they burn only slightly more calories each day than the average sedentary American adult. This represents much less than expected given its very high levels of activity.

This observation suggests that exercise-metabolism equation It is more of a curve, which means that the more you exercise, the more carefully the body budgets energy.

Beyond weight, expending energy is good for the body

According to the data that Pontzer obtained from this group of Tanzanians, the body has the same calorie budget, whether it is training a marathon or relaxing on the couch. The expert calls this “the restricted energy frame.”

However, even though it can stop fat burning, it might also explain why exercise is so good for human beings. After weeks or months of exercise, the body begins to reallocate calories from other activities to compensate, according to the evidence presented by Pontzer and his team.

In addition, the expert points out that this includes activities that they do have more negative than positive effects. The immune system, for example, is important for a person to stay alive, but it can cause damage if hyperactive, leading to problems ranging from allergies to autoimmune disorders.

Research Suggests Exercise Is Good For Health, But Not So Good For Weight Loss

Research Suggests Exercise Is Good For Health, But Not So Good For Weight Loss

Along these lines, the restricted energy framework suggests that exercise helps the body to spend excess energy to keep the immune system and stress responses more balanced.

The next step in your investigation is testing how this theory works, to see if we can really measure how exercise affects every system and cell in the body beyond fat and muscle.

In case the results are positive, the theory could also help explain why modern sedentary lifestyles and processed diets are terrible for health and help science find a solution.

“We take for granted that chronic diseases are part of the human being; however humans in the Western world are actually quite strange,” explains Pontzer, who finally concludes: “I think we can learn a lot more from other cultures about how the human brain works. body”.


Ethereum will unseat bitcoin for 3 reasons

According to JP Morgan, the demand base for ethereum is more durable and less dependent on derivatives markets, causing it to even outperform bitcoin

Analysts at investment bank JP Morgan believe that Ethereum may end up outperforming bitcoin thanks to these features: what it has liquidity, demand and its less dependence on derivatives markets.

While bitcoin fell 8% as of April 28, ethereum rose 41% in April and it has a tendency to continue rising due to these three factors, according to JP Morgan.

“Both bitcoin and ethereum experienced a comparable liquidity shock earlier this month that triggered a comparable slowdown event of their respective derivatives markets in the days after,” say the specialists.

According to the investment bank, a liquidity shock caused bitcoin to sink below $ 50,000 per unit, while the ethereum network has long carried a higher rate of transactions on the public blockchain compared to bitcoin.

“Higher turnover on the public ETH blockchain means that a markedly larger fraction of those coins can be considered highly liquid, further mitigating the impacts of future settlements,” they noted.

This can do make the demand base for ethereum more durable and less dependent on derivatives markets, making this currency shorten its price difference with bitcoin and in the future even exceed it.

Can Bitcoin be worth $ 100,000?

In recent years, Bitcoin had incredible growth. It reached a record price that exceeded $ 60,000. And although it had a fall in the last week, the question that everyone has is how far this asset can be worth.

“In the event that it is worth US $ 100.00, we wonder how it can get there, with what speed and with how many casualties, or what we call it in the market, with how many profit takings it can achieve”, says Ramiro Marra , director of Bull Market Brokers.

We already saw towards the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, how Bitcoin touched $ 18,000 and then it became worth $ 3,000. It was a profit taking, a price rearrangement, I was gathering forces. Does this type of process make sense? Yes, it is part of this.

According to the manager, “this time unlike in 2018, as a result of the quarantine, there was a massive monetary issue in many countries. Given this situation, people went out to buy something that gave them more value and there appeared cryptocurrencies and companies such as Tesla as protagonists “.

Then there began to be an over-demand for this type of assets, he says, with what it came to be worth what it is worth today. “If we want to know if it can be worth $ 100,000, we have to analyze and see how the context of monetary issuance and economic recovery continues”he insists.

And he warns: “The conflict here is the inflationary risk. Although we Argentines are experts in the area, having an inflation of 4% per month, in the world they are not used to these figures. If they notice an inflation of 3% per year, At the 4% that I clarify again, we are talking about annual terms not monthly as in our country, they get scared and interest rates are likely to rise. If this happens, they will begin to absorb more money. ”

“2020 was a scenario where Bitcoin became stronger as more freedom and less control are sought. It is likely that it will happen and Bitcoin will reach high values,” he says. However, it warns that “it may end in profit-taking.”

Despite this, Marra was categorical: “Can it reach $ 100,000? Sure, but it is rare that it does so in the short term if it does not change a driver“.

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UVA fixed-term boom: how this investment works

Month by month, inflationary pressure grows worryingly. Currently, to cope with this situation, savers choose this type of investment

The fixed terms UVA they continue to stand out among term deposits in pesos. In this context, the balance of credit to the private sector in pesos fell 1.7% throughout February, while fixed terms grew again driven by UVAs, according to the Central Bank.

“The balance of credit to the private sector in pesos fell 1.7% in real terms in the month -referring to February-, although it accumulated a real year-on-year growth of 9.4%,” said a report by the entity.

The monetary authority stated that “in February the non-performing ratio of credit to the private sector for the financial system continued to decline, reaching 3.8%.”

Meanwhile, the balance of private sector deposits in pesos fell 0.8% in real terms in February, mainly due to the performance of demand accounts

“In a year-on-year comparison, private sector deposits in pesos increased by 19.3% in real terms, with growth in demand and time accounts,” the monetary authority said.

In particular, term deposits denominated in UVA “continued to grow at high rates” and reached a real 36.9% for those with early cancellation and a real 20.4% for the traditional ones. Meanwhile, he stressed that “liquidity in the broad sense of the aggregate financial system increased 0.3 points of total deposits in February, to represent 65%”

Term deposits denominated in UVA continued to grow at high rates

How does it work?

Once the deposit of the term capital has been made, it becomes GRAPES, which is adjusted according to the CER (Reference Stabilization Coefficient) index, according to the daily publication of the BCRA.

When the established period ends, it is converted back into pesos at the value of the UVA at that moment, which will have risen along with inflation.

On top of this variation, an additional is paid that each bank has but which, in general, is between 0.5% and 1.5% nominal per year.

While traditional fixed terms allow 30-day deposits, the minimum period of time for UVAs is 90 days.

UVA fixed terms in two versions

The fixed terms UVA They have two versions: the traditional, whose minimum term of permanence is 90 days, and the pre-cancelable, which also has a base term of three months but can be disarmed from the first. In the latter, banks are obliged by their regulator to offer a minimum yield of UVA + 1%, while in the other cases, entities barely pay above the inflation adjustment. In both, the client is guaranteed a positive real rate, which beats inflation.

When disaggregating the increase in the March stock according to the type of UVA deposit, the BCRA indicated that traditional placements rose 16.7% while prepayable deposits increased their stock by 35.7%.

When referring to customer type, the monetary authority pointed out that companies account for 54.6% of traditional UVA fixed terms and individuals are holders of 38% of the total.

Pesce highlighted the “accelerated growth” that the capital market had last year

The leading body Miguel Angel Pesce He highlighted that both types of holders show sustained growth since mid-November 2020 and that since the beginning of this year an acceleration has been seen in the growth of human deposits. At the same time, he pointed out that this greater dynamism was also verified in the case of prepayable deposits, whose holders are mainly retail customers.

The UVA deposits increased their stock in the first five months of 2020, when inflation remained high, and then fell between June and September, after the inflationary slowdown that was seen in the April and May data, which marked a monthly minimum of 1.5% due to strict isolation. As prices woke up, in the last quarter of last year and the first of 2021, interest in these placements in pesos rose again.

Why the interest of savers grew

Given the acceleration of the price index measured by the INDEC since December, when the price increase marked a 4% monthly that was repeated in January and later marked 3.6% in February, the interest of savers for these instruments grew strongly.

To give an example: if a person had deposited $ 100,000 in a traditional fixed term of 90 days on December 1 of last year, they would have earned $ 9,250 in interest at maturity, while if they had made a “UVA + 1%” the yield would have been $ 11,283.

Although time deposits at “UVA + 1%” still represent a small percentage of the total volume of time deposits, the proportion of UVA deposits almost doubled in recent months, going from 2.27% at the beginning of December to the current 3.95%.

“It is mandatory that banks offer in the homebanking the fixed term ‘UVA + 1%’, with which people receive inflation plus one percent per year. It is a way to protect savings of people who believe that the nominal rate offered by banks is not convenient, “said Miguel Angel Pesce, president of the BCRA, days ago.


This startup has already raised USD 160 million and gained the attention of Ualá

This is Merama, a company that was born in December 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. Its objective is to work together with the largest ecommerce brands

Crises are synonymous with opportunities, and the pandemic was for the startup Merama the right time to go to market.

The e-commerce company co-founded in December 2020, announced a series A capital raise for an amount of US $ 160 million with the investment of technology companies such as Ualá, Loggi, Rappi and Madeira. But what is this company about? Why can you become a key player for local entrepreneurs?

Merama, based in Mexico City and Sao Paulo, seeks to become the largest e-commerce products business in Latin America. Its model is to partner with major merchants throughout Latin America to make use of their equipment, capital and technology, with the goal of driving additional growth.

“We saw in the pandemic the opportunity to capitalize It is deal. E-commerce grew enormously in the region and we seek to empower companies to compete in their local market and abroad, “he explained in an exclusive interview with the company’s Iprofessional Felipe Delgado CoFunder.

The startup will seek to partner with the largest e-commerce brands in the region in order to boost their growth and expansion. For that, it raised an investment round that was led by the main investment funds in Latin America such as: Valor Capital and Monashees Capital, and by Balderton Capital, based in the United Kingdom.

Investors attention: Merama has already captured US $ 160 million and gained the attention of Ualá and Rappi

The keys to Merama’s business

The measures of the center are negotiable Latin America, where you see the potential for growth. “Today there are many limitations, it is difficult to get the capital and credits to grow a business. We give entrepreneurs tools so that they can reinvest the money. We seek to optimize costs and be able to export what they produce,” adds Delgado. .

But, how do you do to enhance them? “The key is to identify the most relevant companies in certain top categories and partner with the best by purchasing a stake in their business.“, explained Javier Blaustein, an Argentine received at Harvard and the company’s Founding Team.

With only a few months into the career, Merama has 40 professionals distributed in Mexico City, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago among its ranks, with experience in online commerce platforms, retail, technology, marketing, operations, finance and strategy. , with training in companies such as Uber, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Falabella and Mercado Libre.

This year, its businesses plan to sell more than $ 100 million in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, more than double the previous year.. “Merama operates very profitably, so the cash raised will be used mainly to finance the initial investment such as building the brand as such and for the working capital that manages to drive growth,” they explained.

Among the co-founders, there is an Argentine received at Harvard

Pandemic effect

Now, the launch of this company has to do with the development, as a consequence of the pandemic, of electronic commerce, but not only in Argentina but in all of Latin America where it had a great boom, but is still in an incipient stage.

“The brands we help grow complement each other, they do not compete with each other. Many today have difficulty growing and we provide them with tools to ease the way “, remarked Blaustein

The strategy is to become a strategic partner by taking a participation in the Business, instead of acquiring them. What they are looking for is to become strategic allies to make each of the brands grow exponentially and turn them into their best version.

The company that got funding in record time seeks to be the largest e-commerce company of products throughout Latin America. “With this capital we will seek to grow the e-commerce ecosystem in the region, while supporting thousands of entrepreneurs to grow their businesses starting in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil,” they maintain from the company.

The startup was co-founded by Sujay Tyle, along with Olivier Scialom, Felipe Delgado, Renato Andrade and Guilherme Nosralla, all of them with great development


how to buy tokens from Apple, Tesla, Amazon and Google

The Argentine exchange becomes the first in Latin America to offer this type of service. All the details on taking advantage of the new feature

Finally, the Argentine exchange Decrypto revealed the best kept secret in recent times. A while before noon on April 28, the platform will become the first Latin American exchange to offer tokenized shares of Apple, Tesla, Amazon O Google. Namely, from several of the most valuable firms on the planet.

“We are launching a historic product that is going to revolutionize the traditional market by merging it with crypto and transforming it into one,” he said. Ivan Tello, COO of Decrypto, in exclusive dialogue with iProUP.

Why? Basically because any user from Argentina will be able to buy and sell tokens of shares of the companies founded for Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, O Jeff Bezos, among other.

All the details

Starting this Wednesday, April 28 at 10.30 a.m. (Argentine time), users will be able to buy and sell shares of American companies on the trading platform. Decrypto.

From the exchange they specify that all the tokens “are certified in the Bitcoin network, thanks to working together with RSK”, the most secure blockchain of smart contracts in the world.

Thus, initially, users will be able to trade asset tokens of Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Google Y Yolo, in the same way that they buy and sell any other cryptocurrency.

Under the premise that the market should be for everyone this alternative, available from today Wednesday April 28 at 10:30 Argentine time for users of the platform level 2 or higher, will allow small and large investors to buy tokenized shares that can be divided without the need to purchase an entire“, need Tello.


With this new function, Decrypto will be able to position itself as the best and safest investment wallet accessible to all users“, remarks Tello. And adds: “With this launch, anyone already registered on the platform will be able to buy tokens from the largest companies in a simple, easy, accessible and secure way.“.

From the exchange they detail that “the tokenized assets can be bought or sold against USDT (Tether) –that is, crypto dollars–, without commission or hidden costs; easily accessible and with ultra competitive prices“.

Iván Tello, COO of Decrypto

Iván Tello, COO of Decrypto

“Unlike brokers, stockbrokers, alycs (settlement and clearing agents) and other investment models, where the ownership is of a third party, with the tokens of financial assets they become their own,” he explains Tello. And he adds: “that is to say that can be withdrawn to a wallet (wallet), personal custody, being able to choose what to do with it“.

From the exchange they highlight that “the tokens are transparent and safe: they run on the RSK blockchain, the second layer of Bitcoin (or Bitcoin Layer 2), on which the protocol for smart contracts has been created, thus being one of the safest of the world”.

Any user can see in the blockchain (accounting book) the history of that safe and traceable asset“, emphasizes Tello.

The new bet

RSK is based on a bidirectional communication that operates as a bridge to connect both chains.

In this way, it allows the Bitcoin network to assist RSK in its execution. That is why the native currency or token of the RSK platform is the RSK smart bitcoin (RBTC), which has a 1: 1 relationship with the original currency of the Bitcoin network, bitcoin (BTC).

What is asset tokenization? It is a process by which the value of an asset is digitized and becomes a token, with representation in a blockchain, and has the characteristic of being able to be divided.

What are the benefits of tokenizing assets? A token can be acquired by anyone, anywhere, which results in more investors being able to access that market.

Tokenization, How do you use blockchain technology?, it is decentralized, secure, effective, Y It allows also carry out transactions without the intervention of third parties.


Christoph Wiesner takes charge of the Rencontres d’Arles

The dice are thrown: Christoph Wiesner was chosen for a new era of the Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles, at the turn of the festival’s fiftieth anniversary. Among the six finalists, duos and solos, men and women, mostly European, he was chosen by the board of directors against postulants who had sought the post for a long time. A woman at the head of Arles? It will not be this time, despite the actions for more parity in photography.

Succeeding Sam Stourdzé, appointed in 2014 then quickly left to run the Villa Medici in Rome, Christoph Wiesner inherits the largest photography festival in the world, whose attendance has increased by 75% in five years (84,000 to 149,000 visitors) . But also of a wounded demonstration, since the 2020 edition was canceled for health reasons. Finally, the new director will have to navigate a territory in full reconfiguration, between the imposing Luma foundation of Maja Hoffmann, a brand new school run by Marta Gili and the arrival of a new mayor in Arles, after twenty years of reign of the communist Hervé Schiavetti.


Christoph Wiesner, discreet, has the ad hoc curriculum vitae for the function and experience of photography, versing “art market”. It is through the wider prism of contemporary art that he entered the field. Artistic director of the Paris Photo international fair since 2015, Wiesner easily navigates between vintage and contemporary, cyanotype and digital, star photographers and young talents, collectors and institutions, the general public and the experimental … Sa reflection on the image, it nourishes its proximity with a generation of artists like Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Philippe Parreno or Pierre Huygue.

From the first name Christoph, we remove the “e” since his mother is Franco-German. Born in 1965 in Germany, he trained at the Louvre school after falling in love with a Braque painting at the Pompidou center. If it was not received at the School of Arles, it however potash its classics: Susan Sontag, Gertrude Stein or Walter Benjamin. After studying museography, he left for Cologne to deepen his knowledge of the German art scene from the 50s and 70s. But it was in Berlin that he started his career, the linchpin for fifteen years of the Esther Schipper gallery (Thomas Demand gallery). Returning to Paris, he directed the Yvon Lambert gallery from 2012 to 2014 (gallery of Andres Serrano, Nan Goldin, Candida Höfer) then was appointed head of Paris Photo alongside Florence Bourgeois.

Market knowledge

As the artistic director of the fair, he takes flight the risks of the cancellation of Paris Photo Los Angeles, wipes the tragedy of the 2015 attacks and that of the postponement of Paris Photo New York during the coronavirus crisis. With Donatien Grau, he is the author ofAfter the crisis, contemporary states of photography, a platform for reflection on the photographic medium in the digital age. Attentive to the issues, Christoph Wiesner initiates the Curiosa sector focused on erotic photography linked to gender, identity, and opens the fair with a moving image by programming video.

Market expert, he declared to the magazine Polka, in an interview with Marin Karmitz, in 2017: “The photo remains relatively preserved from speculative appetites because it has only really been recognized on the art market for a short time. The terrain is still relatively pristine. The photo represents only 1% of global artistic transactions.If there is no doubt that his knowledge of the actors was an asset in his candidacy, may the field still remain widely open to all photographs in a more than difficult context following the cancellation of the Meetings this year . The crisis is not entirely over.

Clementine Mercier


Get to know each other at a distance: theater series for dating

LYou are really fed up with all the reports that tell of another festival cancellation. There is so much negativity in circulation, so many reports of things that don’t happen, of curtains that don’t open. It makes it all the more lucky if something does happen.

In all prescribed isolation, ten actors from five different theaters have come together to shoot a small web series about dating in times of social distancing. The problem is obvious: If you are only allowed to walk with your own household, you will no longer meet potential love partners. So at home, he or she has to think of a background for the laptop camera that is as promising as possible, test the microphone on the white I-phone headphones and register with a zoom dating platform. For example at “zeitfü”, where you can get to know your counterpart in five-minute conversation slots and convince yourself of any similarities. With such a short time, the background naturally plays an outstanding role. He can really live up to his name here and provide further information about the character and soul type of the candidate. What can be seen in the background here is representative of an entire existence.

Lolita-loving long distance pilot

Thorsten, for example, shows a racing bike and a guitar. That means: Here a competitive athlete speaks with feeling. Hinnerk, the biologist, has a Nick Cave record cover hanging on the wall and a house plant protruding into the picture – that’s the cozy, rather melancholic type. The child-loving broker Steven has a tidy sofa corner, the lolita-loving long-distance pilot Colette piles up the cuddly toys, while the pretentiously drunk film director has the books, the relationship coach Meike has a bouquet of cherry blossoms with hand-painted eggs in the corner, the asexual Japanese translator you can only see a white wall. And then there is the resident ENT doctor from Munich in his practice, Emma, ​​who founded a cashmere label, with half a picture frame in her back, and Miro, the young woman with the autoimmune disease, against a spectacular virtual space background .

They are all looking for. They all present themselves in the best standard lamp light. And sincerely hope that at the end the other side of the screen says yes to see you again. Each episode offers five rounds of five minutes each. With some pairings one immediately suspects that two could have been found here, with others the conversation goes terribly wrong. And some only start to make loops in order to unexpectedly come up with a common topic shortly before the end. There are different signal words that the characters cling to during their conversations like on rocky outcrops: “wonderful”, for example, the cashmere designer says at every opportunity, “ah crass” or “if I may ask” the biologist. The show-off director greets each time with a “Hey, greetings”, the ENT doctor with a neurotic “Can you hear me?”, Then nervously connect with: “Nice that it worked out, man, I’m happy.”