Tobacco companies considered the new measures of the authorities excessive

Mirtova considers this measure unnecessary, since open display of cigarettes is prohibited in Russia: trademarks are hidden from the eyes of consumers, and their promotion is prohibited.

Sergey Slipchenko, vice president for corporate affairs of affiliated companies of Philip Morris International in Russia, believes that the government document does not take into account the potential of innovative products with scientifically proven reduced risk. “Before making final decisions on the introduction of measures such as anonymized packaging or a ban on the use of flavors, it is necessary to study the experience of other countries and assess the real effectiveness of these measures. For example, in countries that have introduced anonymized packaging, this initiative did not achieve the expected significant reduction in the number of smokers, while provoking an intensive growth in the illegal tobacco market, ”he said.

According to Vasily Gruzdev, Director of Government Relations at JTI Russia, there are “controversial proposals” in the government plan. “We are confident that the decisions of the regulators must be based on facts and reliable evidence. But it is already clear that these proposed prohibitive measures create risks of even greater growth in the illegal trade in cigarettes and nicotine-containing products in Russia, ”he said.

On the afternoon of May 6, new measures were published on the government’s website to implement the anti-tobacco concept, calculated until 2035. In particular, they talked about a possible ban on flavors and dyes. It is also proposed to prohibit the classification of tobacco products by the level of toxic substances. In the message of the press service of the government, it was also said about “working out the issue of banning the use of liquids for electronic cigarettes.”

The concept of state policy on counteracting the consumption of tobacco and other nicotine-containing products was approved by the government in 2019. Its goal is to reduce the number of smokers from the current 29% to 21% by 2035, to achieve the maximum reduction in morbidity and mortality from diseases associated with smoking.

In 2018, Deputy Minister of Health Oleg Salagay in an interview with RIA Novosti said that in 17% of cases, tobacco is the cause of premature death in Russia. “For lung cancer, this is an exceptionally significant contribution, there you can talk about tens of percent, and if we talk about bowel cancer, for example, this percentage is lower, although it is also high,” he explained.


The Ministry of Natural Resources clarified the rights of Russians to mushrooms and birch sap :: Society :: RBC

The department assured that in the forest it is still possible to pick mushrooms, nuts, berries and collect birch sap for free

Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS

The Ministry of Nature said that there are no restrictions on those who collect mushrooms, nuts, berries and wild fruits in the forest for their own needs. “This is the basic provision of forestry legislation, which is invariable,” the department assured.

The reason for the statement of the Ministry of Natural Resources was publications in the media. Thus, Obshchaya Gazeta, Argumenty i Fakty and other publications reported that after the entry into force of two new orders, chanterelles, russula, boletus and mushrooms can only be harvested with a hat diameter of 1.5 cm, and white, aspen and boletus with a hat diameter of 2.5 cm. As for the birch sap, as the media wrote, it can only be harvested if no more than five years are left before the planned deforestation.

Putin and Shoigu were picking mushrooms in the taiga. Photo report

The Ministry of Natural Resources assured that they would not check with ordinary citizens whether the mushroom caps meet the approved standards. “There are no such provisions in any orders of the Federal Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment,” they said.

The Ministry of Natural Resources said that since January 1, the orders on the approval of the rules for the harvesting and collection of food and non-timber forest resources have indeed come into force. However, they concern not those who go to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries for themselves, but entrepreneurs and legal entities.


Floyd, former agent Chauvin asks for a retrial – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 04 MAY – The lawyers of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of the death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd, have filed an appeal. The request reads how Chauvin was denied the right to a fair trial and for this reason they are asking for another one. The appeal states that Chauvin could not have had a fair trial due to what happened before with the demonstrations and protests led by the Black Lives Matter movement. The court is also accused of having condemned the former agent of abusing his discretion, in particular denying the request for a change of venue of the trial. The latter was held in Minneapolis, the city where Floyd was killed.

The sentence for Chauvin is expected in a couple of weeks and the former agent convicted of all three counts of murder faces up to 40 years in prison. On 23 August, the trial of the other three former agents who were with Chauvin and accused of aiding and abetting will start. (HANDLE).