“Roskosmos” named the flaws of the ship Ilona Mask Crew Dragon

Roscosmos experts listed the shortcomings of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft by Ilona Mask, as follows from material in the journal Russian Space Corporation. Among the shortcomings, experts called the inconvenient design of the ship, the placement of engines behind the wall of the cabin and the lack of a normal toilet.

Experts questioned the safety of the crew being close to a “couple of tons of toxic fuel components” fed under pressure to the engines of the emergency rescue system. The article also notes the capacity of the ship’s cabin. She, according to experts, is much more spacious than the Soyuz spacecraft, since it is designed for seven astronauts. At the same time, NASA cut the crew to four people. “It turns out that in order to solve its main task – the delivery of people to the ISS – the new ship so far looks oversized,” the article says.

During each use, the toilet was separated from the rest of the cabin by a symbolic screen, which was complained by astronauts flying on the shuttle, as indicated in the article. At the same time, the article notes that the Crew Dragon is more reliable and cheaper than the shuttles that operated before the US in 2011.

This is not the first statement of Roskosmos about Crew Dragon. At the end of May, after launching the ship into orbit, the official representative of the state corporation Vladimir Ustimenko said that Roskosmos “did not see anything unusual in a successful launch.” “The hysteria that arose after the successful launch of the Crew Dragon ship is not very clear. Something happened that should have happened a long time ago, ”he wrote on Twitter.


Gazprom doubles the Power of Siberia – Kommersant

  1. Gazprom doubles the Power of Siberia Kommersant
  2. Experts evaluated the prospects for the construction of “Power of Siberia – 2” Gazeta.Ru
  3. A new gas pipeline branch to China will appear in YaNAO URA.Ru
  4. Gazprom has decided on a new project for the supply of gas from Yamal to China for ₽1.5 trillion znak.com
  5. A new project to transport Russian gas to Europe and Asia was presented by Gazprom. First channel
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What motorists would please LADA Granta with a diesel engine?

Endurance, dynamism and profitability will become characteristic of the Russian “state employee”, despite the nondescript appearance and high price.

Surely every Russian who considered buying the famous LADA Granta wondered why there are no diesel versions of the Russian “state employee”. It will not be amiss to ask why AvtoVAZ did not equip its vehicles with heavy fuel engines.

Let’s look at a scenario where the popular Grant is equipped with reliable and high-quality turbodieselborrowed from Renault. The installation of such an engine under the hood of the Russian “state employee” can be explained by the fact that AvtoVAZ is part of the alliance, therefore it is more logical to assume the introduction of such an aggregate in the LADA Granta engine compartment.

So, AvtoVAZ introduced a 1.5-liter 120-horsepower diesel engine from Renault under the Grants hood under the hood. What will happen after such changes?

First of all, LADA Granta will go softer and smootherand due to its high revs, overclocking dynamics will also improve. In addition, the engine will allow the Russian “state employee” to feel more confident on the road, and fuel consumption will drop to 4-5 liters per 100 km. Another plus of the diesel “Grants” can be called motor endurancethanks to which such a version of the Russian “state employee” surpasses the gasoline modification in reliability plan.

Unfortunately, “AvtoVAZ has not yet thought of this, as it focuses on the release of gasoline versions of its cars. But the diesel version of the Grants, if the French engine is also installed on it, will please with its dynamism, economy and smoothness. It remains to be assumed that the designers from the Russian company will nevertheless equip the Grant or Vest with heavy fuel engines – this will ensure an influx of new customers.


The new Nissan X-Trail was a disappointment for the Russians – repeat for the “Koreans”

“Cunning” is not the same – to have time to buy a dorestyling.

The previous restyling of the Nissan X-Trail happened already in 2016, and now after 4 years an updated crossover should be born, but the company has not yet spoiled the audience with pictures of the new “Japanese”. And so motorists would continue to sit in ignorance if not for the promo video with the participation of the new Ixtrail “merged” into the network: the video has already been deleted, but the screenshots taken by users remained.

In the images you can clearly understand what the new Nissan X-Trail will be: despite the similarity with the current version of the model, the crossover design will receive noticeable changes, in particular, the new two-story optics in the front: now there will be only DRLs and turning lights, and below it will be located other lighting modules. In general, the design of the photos that got into the network is as close as possible to the recently published Ixtrail patent images.

Salon Nissan X-Trail also updated: the multimedia display is now half removed from the front panel, like a tablet, a new look has acquired a “tidy” and a block of physical control keys. But they have not talked about the technical “stuffing” of the new Ixtrail yet – they expect that the crossover will retain the same 2.5-liter engine, the power of which will increase to 191 “horses”.

However, the new Nissan X-Trail was a disappointment for the Russians, for whom the crossover has almost lost its personality. It seems that, striving for unification, the company is repeating the “Koreans”: just like the new Hyundai models are combined with a large mesh radiator as a carbon copy, and KIA introduces the signature “tiger smile” everywhere, and Ixtrail becomes strikingly similar to Qashqai and even something on Juke. “We’ve lost Nissan,” users complain.

In addition, for some car enthusiasts, the new “Khitril” seems not just faceless, but ugly, both outside and inside: “Tired of this licked design, return Cubism”, “Design insect, sadness”, “Sticking out grandma’s radio from the panel already tired, ”- these are one of the many claims to the new Nissan X-Trail.

Mia Gronskaya

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LADA Vesta could go ultra-budget

The company was afraid to create unwanted competition with Grant.

Interesting feature managed to be noticed in the official operating manual for cars of the Vesta family. It turns out that this model was planned to be sold in an ultra-budget configuration, in which side mirrors would have to be manually adjusted. However, AvtoVAZ changed his mind to mock buyers and added electrically adjustable mirrors to the “base”.

The company explained that LADA Vesta could have become more accessible if Bu Andersson, who at that time was the president of AvtoVAZ PJSC, had not decided that Vesta should be better than other cars of the same segment.

Note that AvtoVAZ is not completely honest in their motives. To make sure of this, just look at the complete lists of the main competitor of LADA Vesta – Kia Rio. The Koreans began to equip the basic version of Comfort with electric mirrors in the third generation, the sales of which started in 2012.

Vesta appeared on the market in 2015, just at the same time Rio survived restyling. The presence of electric side mirrors could not become a competitive advantage of the model. However, if LADA Vesta turned out to be too cheap in the starting configuration, it would hurt LADA Granta sales.

Recall that at present, Grant is available at a price of 460,900 rubles excluding special offers, and prices for Vesta start from 636 900 rubles. This difference in cost allowed us to breed models in different segments.

The “younger” sedan in the “base” is equipped with a 1.6-liter 8-valve engine rated at 87 horsepower and a 5-speed manual gearbox. In turn, the flagship car of the Russian brand is offered with a 1.6-liter 106-horsepower “sixteen-valve” and a similar 5-speed manual transmission.

At the same time, the equipment of LADA Vesta in the initial Classic version is noticeably richer than that of the Grants. So, “Vesta” additionally received an airbag for the front passenger, an ESC with the ability to turn off, a traction control system, an assistant when starting up, heating exterior mirrors and much more.


Inconvenient manufacturer questions about the new Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai’s Product Planning Manager answered questions.

First, an important question was asked about the problems with the catalysts in Solaris. The head said about this that there are still questions related to fuel quality. Since 2018, they have been engaged in the correction of this task without publicity. Now, instead of the old, they put new ones. One of the reasons inside the catalyst was increased mechanical stress. When the masters tried to understand what this is connected with, they changed its body and internal contents. In addition to the modified converter, they improved the supplier’s production line and introduced a new computer program that helps prevent misfire by recognizing bad gasoline.

Masters modernized control programs and catalysts on engines — the very ones whose cells were destroyed due to poor gasoline and subsequent misfire, sent ceramic crumbs to the cylinders and provoked badass. That is, scuffing in the engine cylinders arose due to the destroyed catalyst, the particles of which were sucked back into the cylinders. Last year, Solaris changed shock absorbers. He also noted that about 8 were introduced serious countermeasures, and this is only for the catalysts. At the time of 2020, new cases are rarely recorded.

When asked about overheating, the head said that it is not massive, the reasons for overheating vary. Since this is not a “disease”, no additional measures were introduced.

Regarding prices for Solaris, the manufacturer wants to keep the same value, and if the situation in the economy remains the same, then they will have to revise the price list in the direction of increasing, albeit minimal.

“Taxi taxi, take it, carry it,” “1.2 million for Solaris. Yes, now the person who took Vesta for 750 thousand seems quite smart and competent, if you take new cars, “” The middle class now can only afford lisapeds on credit, “users leave such comments on the network.