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Vacation rentals and rental cars are becoming significantly more expensive

FAccording to an analysis of search queries, apartment rentals and rental cars in Germany and in popular holiday countries will be significantly more expensive this year than they were before the corona pandemic. In Germany, renters of a holiday home have to expect 30 percent higher prices than in 2019, according to an analysis by the search engine Holidu. According to the portal, customers have to expect 20 percent higher prices for rental cars.

The two Internet offers evaluated around 3 million queries for the survey. Accordingly, more and more people are currently planning a vacation trip, and interest has more than tripled since April.

According to Holidu and, the fact that holidaymakers could incur higher costs applies not only to the German market, but also to other travel destinations in Europe: In France, rental cars and holiday apartments are now 14 and 32 percent more expensive, in Great Britain even 35 and 55 percent.

The providers also raised the costs outside of Europe: In the USA the prices for rental cars and holiday apartments rose by around 20 percent, in Mexico by up to 56 percent.

Prices below pre-crisis levels

However, there are also potential travel destinations where prices are currently below pre-crisis levels. In Portugal, rental cars currently cost around 20 percent less and holiday apartments around ten percent less. In Turkey, the price difference is even greater with 30 percent cheaper rental cars and 15 percent cheaper rental apartments. In Denmark, too, according to the search engine and the portal, travelers are increasingly finding cheaper offers with an average of up to 20 percent lower fees.

According to Frieder Bechtel from, this could change quickly: “The price developments are related to the development of the rental car fleet and the demand,” he explained. Entry for vacation in Turkey and Portugal was “difficult or linked to quarantine”, which resulted in low demand and low prices. As soon as entry becomes possible for tourists, “sharply rising prices” are to be expected.


CURRENT CORONA NUMBERS: 6125 new infections and 283 new Covid deaths – incidence continues to fall – WELT news channel

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German priests challenge Vatican with blessing of same-sex couples

“Love wins.” This is the slogan adopted by Catholic church priests all over Germany, who decided to start mass public ceremonies for same-sex couples.

It is a kind of rebellion against Pope Francis, after the Vatican declared that homosexual union “is a sin” and that God “cannot bless it”.

This rebellion was born in March when more than 230 German teachers of theology, led by pastors Burkhard Hose, from Würzenburg (Bavaria), and Bernd Mönkebüscher, from Paderborn (North Rhine-Westphalia), signed a joint statement to protest the pronouncement from the Vatican earlier this month, which forbade the blessing of same-sex marriages. The parish priests considered that the measure was “marked by a paternalistic air of superiority that discriminates against homosexual people and their life projects”.

The protest was reinforced with several live broadcasts on the Internet of blessings to same-sex couples. “In view of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s refusal to bless homosexual couples, we raise our voice and say: we will continue to accompany people who establish a bonding relationship in the future and we will bless their relationships”, assumed this group of priests in protest through of a statement.

This protest plan included a series of religious services that began to be carried out in a coordinated way since Sunday and continued this Monday in about 100 Catholic churches in Germany, including the Essen Cathedral, where dissident priests publicly blessed the marriages of the same sex.

On Sunday, the priests of the parish of Santa Maria, in the town of Ahlen, hung a banner at the main entrance of the church that read: “Do you love each other? We bless you”. “This is how it should be: we want to celebrate and bless the gift of love with all those who love each other, all couples, friends, love relationships. All those who reflect the color of God’s love in their lives.”


DESPITE A BIONTECH DOSE: Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer tested positive for corona virus – WELT news channel

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Hundreds of priests in Germany bless gay couples in open defiance of Pope Francis

A movement launched by three parish priests and spread throughout Germany calls “love wins” this Monday’s day, in which at least a hundred parishes will hold religious services in which the priests will bless gay faithful couples. This is an open challenge to the ban reiterated by the Vatican on March 13, in which the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared, with the approval of the Pope, that the Church “cannot bless a sin.”

According to ecclesiastical norms the bishops should sanction the rebels, but some have already said that they will not punish to their priests.

Many believe that the case of German gay couples, with their union blessed by their trace cures a before and after in the relations between the majority of the German bishops and the authority of the Pope.

Vicar Wolfgang Rothe blesses a couple. Photo: dpa

The president of the Episcopal Conference, Monsignor Georg Batzing, bishop of Limburg, put the handbrake and considered that the blessings “are not suitable as an instrument of political action or declaration of ecclesiastical policy.”

Batzing is also a progressive who participates in the two-year Synodal Path that will conclude in February 2022 when an assembly will launch the flaming proposals for reform and revolution in the Teutonic Church.

It is an assembly supported by the majority of the 68 bishops Germans in which the powerful lay movements and other realities also participate in the German church, one of the richest in the world, which suffers a continuous decrease in the number of its faithful, which currently reaches 22.5 of the 80 million population.

Renew the Church in response

The Synod Way was the answer to the overwhelming discoveries of sexual abuse cases that have overshadowed the life of German Catholicism in recent decades.

To face a huge loss of prestige, it was decided to escape forward. Discuss in a two-year Camino the main problems of the Church to renew it. The main themes are burning: ecclesiastical power and government, the situation of women and their access to the priesthood, openness to married priests, and sexual morality.

Vicar Wolfgang Rothe blesses a same-sex couple.  Photo: AP

Vicar Wolfgang Rothe blesses a same-sex couple. Photo: AP

The most conservative sectors have raised their voices and argue that the harshness of the majority’s positions will lead to a schism of the Germans from the Church of Rome, to the loss of communion with the Pope. Interestingly, the same result of the rebellion in the 16th century by the monk Martin Luther, which led to the historic Protestant Reformation.

At the gates of a schism

The teutonic schism It begins openly this Monday, May 10, the conservatives maintain, with the celebrations in the parishes of the blessings to gay couples, because the bishops are obliged to sanction those who violate the norms clearly reiterated by the Vatican two months ago that the priests cannot bless sins. And the exercise of homosexuality is a serious sin for the Church.

The blessings to gay unions mean comparing them with the marriage of a man and a woman in an indissoluble way, open to the transmission of life, the Vatican maintains.

The Bishop of Munich in Vestphalia, Monsignor Felix Glen, warned more than a month ago that he will not sanction priests from his diocese who participate in the initiative. Other bishops have said the same.

Jesuit Father Jan Korditschke, who leads the blessings campaign.  Photo: AP

Jesuit Father Jan Korditschke, who leads the blessings campaign. Photo: AP

“A huge scandal”

Conservative Cardinal Walter Brandmuller affirmed that “this is a huge scandal, a terrifying sign of heresy, schism and collapse of the Church ”.

The powerful Central Committee of German Catholics, the ZdX, which has championed blessings for gay couples for five years, reiterated its support for the initiative.

“These are celebrations of prayer in which people express to God what moves them,” Birgit Mock, spokeswoman for the Committee for Family Affairs, told the Associated Press in Berlin.

Mox said that this Monday he participates in a religious service with blessings to gay couples in the city of Hamm. “The fact that they ask for God’s blessing and thank Him for all the good things in their lives has deep roots in the Gospel ”, he affirmed.

The laity spokesperson pointed out that in German Catholicism “we need systemic changes, with a reevaluation of ecclesiastical morality on sexuality ”·.

Couples blessing in Cologne.  Photo: EFE

Couples blessing in Cologne. Photo: EFE

The priest Woligang Rothe, from Munich, said that it is necessary “to give a signal” to remove this from the backyards and place it in the center of the life of the Church, “he said after having celebrated a mass in the church of St. Benedict in which blessed several gay couples and also to heterosexual couples who are not married.

The blessings will continue to spread all week long and they will continue in the future, assured the participants of the movement that launched the idea of ​​the celebrations this Monday.

“Love wins”

In some parishes they have been placed colorful balloons and rainbow flags. Three thousand members of Catholic pastoral groups, priests, theologians and activists signed the declaration promoted by three priests that gave life to the “Love wins” movement.

Also in Austria there were blessings to gay couples powered by a movement of 350 priests. Acts of disobedience not sanctioned by the bishops were also announced, they were recorded in Switzerland, especially in Basel and St. Gallen.

In Belgium, John Bonny, archbishop of Antwerp, said he will not sanction priests in his diocese who bless gay unions.

In Rome, the retired but still influential Cardinal Camilo Ruini, who was one of the main protagonists of the Curia during the pontificates of Paul VI and John Paul II, said that “the Church has no power to bless same-sex unions ”.

“Only what is according to God’s designs can be blessed, not what is the opposite. People can be blessed to be converted, not confirmed in their sin. “

According to Joachim Frank, who is part of the Central Committee of the German laity, the blessings to gay couples will be officially approved at the final assembly of the Synodal Way in February 2022. “What we do not know is whether he will receive the necessary support from the two thirds of the bishops ”, he clarified.

Faithful attend blessing masses in Cologne.  Photo: EFE

Faithful attend blessing masses in Cologne. Photo: EFE

This Monday’s celebrations in Germany represent a stark contrast for the Pope, who gave his authorization to the declaration of the Doctrine of the Faith of March 13, but apparently holds a less intransigent personal position.

Francis sent a letter to the German bishops in 2020 trying to stop the audacity of the reforms proposed in the Synod Way, but his call did not receive any response.

One of the three parish priests who promoted the movement “Love wins”, Father Bukhard Hoze, from the diocese of Wurzburg, author of the motto “bless with courage”, said that “the Church loses more and more authority and credibility and sexuality is it has become a matter of power and abuse of power ”.

In the coming days it will be possible to better measure the dimensions of the movement that started this Monday in Germany. Conservative Catholics demand clarity from their bishops and the excommunication of those who do not respect the norms reiterated by the Vatican in March.

“We ask the bishops to take action. These celebrations in parishes are a provocation directed against the Pope ”, declared Clara Steinbrecher, of the feminine conservative movement“ María 1.0 ”. For his part, Father Hoze said that bishops who react with disciplinary measures “will be exposed.”

Vatican, correspondent



Ranking: This is Germany’s e-charging station capital – t-online

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Fewer employees in the home office despite stricter obligations

IIn Germany, in April, and thus in the middle of the third Corona wave, fewer employees worked from home again. The percentage of employees who at least partially work from home has fallen from 31.7 percent in March to 30.8 percent, the Munich-based Ifo Institute announced on Monday on the basis of its regular surveys, for which around 9,000 companies are surveyed every month become. At the same time, the proportion is slightly higher than in February (30.3 percent). “The stricter obligation to have a home office in Corona times seems to fizzle out,” said Ifo expert Jean-Victor Alipour.

This stricter obligation has only been in effect since April 26th. Since then, employees have been legally obliged to work from home if their employer offers them this – exceptions are possible. The employers, in turn, have to send their employees home where there are “no compelling operational reasons”. This regulation has been in place since the end of January. In addition, there were repeated calls to the population to work from home where possible – especially from the federal government, virologists and the Robert Koch Institute.

The decline now recorded by the Ifo Institute stretched across many industries: In industry, the proportion of employees who work at least partially in the home office fell from 23.4 to 22.4 percent, among service providers from 42.6 to 41 .1 percent and in retail from 19 to 18.9 percent. Only in the construction industry was there an increase from 8.3 to 11.3 percent. The Ifo Institute estimates that 56 percent of employees across all industries could at least partially carry out work in the home office.

There are, however, major differences depending on the economic sector. The home office is used particularly heavily by providers of information technology services (with just under 79.8 percent); their potential is 87.4 percent. Within the industry, the home office is used most in the pharmaceutical sector (39.4 percent, potential 62.6 percent), but particularly little in metal production and processing, the production of food and feed, and the production of wood and wicker – and wickerwork.

Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) recently described the home office quota as “very, very high” in a press statement. Since there has been a mandatory offer for employers and employees have to accept it, there has been a massive increase – he will shortly be giving current figures from monitoring. But there is still “room for improvement,” said Heil.

As the mobility data from Apple show, mobility in Germany has not decreased since the “Federal Emergency Brake” came into force on April 24, which provides for curfews and contact restrictions in circles with a high incidence (see grafic). Apple generates this data by counting the number of requests for directions in selected countries and regions, subregions and cities in Apple Maps.


Börse Express – DGAP-News: Hypoport SE: Sustainable growth and strong results in the first quarter of 2021 (German)

Hypoport SE: Nachhaltiges Wachstum und starkes Ergebnis im ersten Quartal 2021

DGAP-News: Hypoport SE / Schlagwort(e): Quartalsergebnis
Hypoport SE: Nachhaltiges Wachstum und starkes Ergebnis im ersten Quartal

10.05.2021 / 06:56
Für den Inhalt der Mitteilung ist der Emittent / Herausgeber verantwortlich.


Q1 Ergebnis 2021

Hypoport SE: Nachhaltiges Wachstum und starkes Ergebnis im ersten Quartal

  * Auch im Umfeld eines wieder stärkeren Pandemiegeschehens ("3.
    Corona-Welle") wächst Hypoport konsequent weiter

  * Konzernumsatz Q1 2021 steigt um 7% auf 108 Mio. EUR verglichen mit einem
    sehr starken Vorjahresquartal

  * Konzern-EBIT mit dynamischem Wachstum von +15% auf 12,1 Mio. EUR

Berlin, 10. Mai 2021: Im ersten Quartal 2021 ist die Hypoport-Gruppe weiter
konsequent gewachsen. Zur positiven Entwicklung des Gesamtkonzerns haben
dabei alle vier Segmente beigetragen.

Das Segment Kreditplattform hat mit einem Umsatzplus von 12% auf 46 Mio. EUR
die stärkste Entwicklung innerhalb der Segmente gezeigt. Haupttreiber war
die positive Entwicklung des Immobilienfinanzierungsgeschäftes über den
B2B-Kreditmarktplatz Europace und dabei insbesondere die Teilmarktplätze
FINMAS und GENOPACE für die Sparkassen- bzw. genossenschaftlichen Institute.
In Summe wurde der Umsatz aus den Geschäftsmodellen in der privaten
Immobilienfinanzierung innerhalb des Segments Kreditplattform um 16%
ausgebaut. Verglichen mit dem Vorjahresquartal gingen die Corporate
Finance-Umsätze in Q1 2021, aufgrund einer Umstellung der Fördersystematik
und einer daraus resultierenden Verlagerung von Förderzusagen ins zweite
Halbjahr 2021, zurück. Die Umsätze aus dem white-label-Geschäft mit
Ratenkredit gingen aufgrund des pandemiebedingt negativen Marktumfeldes
zurück. Der Gesamtumsatz im Segment Kreditplattform stieg um 12% auf 46 Mio.
EUR. Das EBIT des Segments wurde trotz anhaltend hoher Zukunftsinvestitionen
um 23% auf 9,9 Mio. EUR gesteigert.

Im Segment Privatkunden wurden die Umsätze um 6% auf 35 Mio. EUR gegenüber dem
sehr starken Vorjahresquartal ausgebaut. Die B2C-Marke Dr. Klein
Privatkunden erzielte durch die konsequente Nutzung von Europace und den
Einsatz von video-gestützter Beratung mit einem Anstieg des
Vertriebsvolumens von 14% deutliche Marktanteilsgewinne. Das EBIT des
Segments stieg aufgrund eines verbesserten Produktmixes und pandemiebedingt
geringerer Sachkosten überproportional um 23% auf 6,2 Mio. EUR.

Im Segment Immobilienplattform wurden die Umsatzerlöse um 1% auf 15 Mio. EUR
leicht erhöht. Die gute operative Entwicklung der Vermarktungs-,
Verwaltungs- und Bewertungsplattformen ging dabei einher mit einem geplanten
Verzicht auf traditionelles Projektgeschäft zugunsten der skalierbaren
Plattformgeschäftsmodelle. Ohne die Berücksichtigung des Projektgeschäfts
des Vorjahresquartals ergibt sich ein bereinigtes Umsatzwachstum des
Segments von knapp 10%. Dabei hat sich insbesondere die bereits eng mit
EUROPACE verzahnte Bewertungsplattform dynamisch entwickelt. Auch die
wohnungswirtschaftliche Finanzierungsplattform wies, unterstützt durch die
etwas höhere Abschlussneigung der Kunden durch eine gestiegene
Zinsvolatilität, eine positive Umsatzentwicklung auf. Das EBIT reduzierte
sich aufgrund der hohen Zukunftsinvestitionen und des planmäßigen Abbaus des
Projektgeschäfts auf 0,2 Mio. EUR.

Im Segment Versicherungsplattform wurde der Umsatz ebenfalls leicht um 3%
auf 13 Mio. EUR ausgebaut und die Migration der Versicherungsbestände aus den
Altsystemen der erworbenen Softwarelösungen auf die vollintegrierte
Plattform SMART INSUR wird konsequent umgesetzt. Zum Quartalsende waren
bereits 2,84 Mrd. EUR Jahresnettoprämie migriert, was einer Migrationsquote
von über 30% entspricht. Das EBIT fiel leicht von 0,4 Mio. EUR auf -0,4 Mio.

Der Rohertrag der Unternehmensgruppe wurde im ersten Quartal 2021 um 6% auf
56 Mio. EUR ausgebaut. Trotz hoher Investitionen in die operativen
Geschäftsmodelle der einzelnen Hypoport-Segmente, übergeordneter
Zukunftsinvestitionen auf Ebene der Hypoport-Holding sowie dem Abbau des
traditionellen Projektgeschäfts stieg das EBITDA um 15% auf 19 Mio. EUR und
das EBIT um ebenfalls 15% auf 12 Mio. EUR.

Ronald Slabke, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Hypoport SE, zeigte sich insgesamt
zufrieden mit der Entwicklung im ersten Quartal 2021: "Wir haben mit einem
Umsatzplus von 7% in einem Wirtschaftsumfeld mit rund 3% rückläufigem
Bruttoinlandsprodukt erneut gezeigt, dass unsere plattformbasierten
Geschäftsmodelle auch in schwierigen Marktsituationen wachsen. Die
Digitalisierung von Kredit-, Versicherungs- und Wohnungswirtschaft schreitet
somit auch 2021 unaufhaltbar voran."

    (Angaben in Mio. EUR)              Q1     Q1       Q1
                                   2021   2020  Veränd.
    Umsatz                        107,9  100,6       7%
    davon Kreditplattform          45,6   40,6      12%
    davon Privatkunden             35,1   33,2       6%
    davon Immobilienplattform      14,7   14,5       1%
    davon Versicherungsplattform   12,9   12,5       3%
    davon Holding & Überleitung    -0,4   -0,2     -92%
    Rohertrag                      55,6   52,5       6%
    EBITDA                         19,2   16,7      15%
    EBIT                           12,1   10,5      15%
    Konzernergebnis                 9,4    8,0      17%
    Ergebnis pro Aktie (in EUR)      1,51   1,27      19%
Über die Hypoport SE

Die Hypoport SE mit Sitz in Lübeck ist Muttergesellschaft der
Hypoport-Gruppe. Mit ihren über 2.200 Mitarbeitern ist die Hypoport-Gruppe
ein Netzwerk von Technologieunternehmen für die Kredit- & Immobilien- sowie
Versicherungswirtschaft. Sie gruppiert sich in vier voneinander
profitierende Segmente: Kreditplattform, Privatkunden, Immobilienplattform
und Versicherungsplattform

Das Segment Kreditplattform betreibt mit dem internetbasierten
B2B-Kreditmarktplatz Europace die größte deutsche Plattform für
Immobilienfinanzierungen, Bausparprodukte und Ratenkredite. Ein
vollintegriertes System vernetzt über 750 Partner aus den Bereichen Banken,
Versicherungen und Finanzvertriebe. Mehrere Tausend Finanzierungsberater
wickeln monatlich über 35.000 Transaktionen mit einem Volumen von über 8
Mrd. Euro über Europace ab. Neben Europace fördern die Teilmarktplätze
FINMAS und GENOPACE sowie die B2B-Vertriebsgesellschaften Qualitypool und
Starpool das Wachstum der Kreditplattform. Zudem zählen auch die REM CAPITAL
AG und die fundingport GmbH mit ihrer Beratung und ihrem
Finanzierungsmarktplatz für Firmenkunden (Corporate Finance) zum Segment

Das Segment Privatkunden vereint mit dem internetbasierten und ungebundenen
Finanzvertrieb Dr. Klein Privatkunden AG und dem Verbraucherportal alle Geschäftsmodelle, die sich mit der Beratung zu
Immobilienfinanzierungen, Versicherungen oder Vorsorgeprodukten direkt an
Verbraucher richten.

Das Segment Immobilienplattform bündelt alle immobilienbezogenen Aktivitäten
der Hypoport-Gruppe außerhalb der privaten Finanzierung mit dem Ziel der
Digitalisierung von Vermarktung, Bewertung, Finanzierung und Verwaltung von

Das Segment Versicherungsplattform betreibt mit SMART INSUR eine
internetbasierte B2B-Plattform zur Beratung, zum Tarifvergleich und zur
Verwaltung von Versicherungspolicen. Zudem werden dem Segment auch der
Versicherungsbereich der B2B-Vertriebsgesellschaft Qualitypool sowie die
digitale Plattform ePension für die Verwaltung betrieblicher
Vorsorgeprodukte zugeordnet.

Die Aktien der Hypoport SE sind an der Deutschen Börse im Prime Standard
gelistet und seit 2015 im SDAX vertreten.


Jan H. Pahl
Investor Relations Manager / IRO

Tel.: +49 (0)30 / 42086 - 1942
Mobil: +49 (0)176 / 965 125 19

Hypoport SE
Heidestraße 8
10557 Berlin

Über die Aktie

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Health: Relearning Communication: What Autism Means for Families

The son was always different from his three siblings. Upbringing concepts that worked for the other children did not work, and his reactions and behavior remained a mystery to the parents.

“It wasn’t until we were diagnosed with autism that I started to understand my own child,” says Stephanie Kramp. Your son has Asperger’s Syndrome, a so-called Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The somewhat cumbersome technical term expresses that autism covers a very wide range. There are some typical symptoms. But they don’t all have to occur, and their characteristics also vary greatly.

Autism can be associated with an intellectual disability or with particularly high intelligence. Some people with autism do not speak, others have unusually large vocabulary. “An autism spectrum disorder has a different composition for every person affected, which makes the diagnosis so difficult,” says Friedrich Nolte, specialist at the Federal Association of Autism Germany.

It is often the social behavior of their children that draws parents’ attention: They don’t play with their peers, they prefer to be alone. Family life is also difficult: the siblings have a lot of arguments and the parents feel that their upbringing has come nowhere. Problems communicating with other people and building relationships are typical of all forms of autism.

“We have to laboriously work out what other people do intuitively,” says Christine Preißmann. The doctor from Darmstadt is autistic herself with Asperger’s Syndrome and has written several books on autism. Autistic people do not understand the nuances of a conversation, the meaning of facial expressions and gestures. That causes frustration on both sides.

“The entire everyday life in the family is affected by autism,” says Stephanie Kramp, who heads a self-help group for parents in Mönchengladbach. “The children often react very violently because they are overwhelmed by a flood of impressions, but cannot find words for what is so terrible at the moment.”

Communication works best when it is formulated as specifically as possible. “” Stop saying “is not enough,” explains Kramp. He once explained to her why her son does not respond to such requests: “You didn’t tell me what to stop”. Anyone who lives with an autistic person has to practice communication anew. There is training in autism therapy centers to help.

In addition, many parents worry about the future of their children, says Kramp. Because autism is not curable. Behavioral therapy can help autistic people to practice the rules of social interaction. But the waiting time for therapy places is long, and there is often a dispute with the youth welfare or social welfare office as to whether the therapy in a particular practice or an integration assistant is paid for the school hours. “Self-help groups are an important point of contact because they collect a lot of information about practical help in everyday life,” says Nolte.

The fear of exclusion prevents many parents from informing teachers, friends or colleagues about the diagnosis, Kramp experiences in her work in the self-help group. Openness can also make a lot of things easier: “If you talk to teachers and classmates about what autism means, then they understand the specifics of behavior better.” This saves autistic people a lot of rejection that they otherwise experience in everyday life.


Christine Preißmann: Living well with an autistic child. The resilience book for mothers. Klett-Cotta, 2015, ISBN-13: 978-3608860467, 16.95 euros.

Christine Preißmann: Asperger. Life in two worlds. Those affected report: That helps me in my job, partnership and everyday life. Trias, 2013, ISBN: 978-3830480136, 19.99 euros. (dpa)

Autism Germany eV

Aspies e.V.

Advice brochure for parents from the Autism Center Saarland

Club mindful

World Autism Day