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Nissan Juke to the test, the small SUV coupe that loves the road – Trials and News

After clearing the cards of the world of small SUVs in its first version a few years ago, Nissan Juke returns to the ranks but in its own way: it takes on the styles adopted on the entire range of the House of Yokoama, retaining its distinctive originality. Muscular sidewalls, sharp front lights on a distinctive front, square rear and pronounced tail: these are the signs of family recognition, which Juke places side by side with the coupe profile, the ‘double look’ that was so striking in the debut of the previous version and the handles retractable rear doors in the doors of the first generation. Again, in short, the aspect does not leave us indifferent or open to half measures.

The car subject to our long test is equipped with N-DESIGN with ProPilot, and is powered by the only engine available, the one-liter turbo, 3 cylinders, 117 HP, with 6-speed manual gearbox. The optional interiors are particularly well cared for: Alcantara on the dashboard and doors, eco-leather seats, ambient lights.

The volumes are suitable for the city as for short extra-urban journeys, with a high seat and the feeling of dominating the street. And if the inclined rear window can be a small pitfall when maneuvering, the perimeter cameras are a fundamental aid. A little tip in the trunk: the raised floor to facilitate the load threshold hides a compartment where it is possible to house a small trolley. The dashboard is dominated by the digital touch display, and the infotainment – which on this version has the Bose ‘voice’ – is easy to use and integrates well with Android Auto.
To the test, this SUV coupé does not hide the road ambitions: particularly rigid suspension, precise steering, sensitive accelerator at the right point. In small off-road sections or on more uneven sections, a little more elasticity would not hurt. The gearbox has precise clutches, even if it is not lightning and certainly the automatic would be preferred. While in city routes, the typical rumble of the three-cylinder hub is not noticed, on extra urban routes the increase in decibels is more sensitive.

The fast context is the one most suitable for using the ProPilot, which for the first time lands on Juke. We had already tested this driving assistance system months ago, and we confirm the impression: good as a starting point, the breadth of functionality is appreciable, but a lot of potential deserves refinement. And of course, the judgment weighs on the absence of an automatic gearbox which limits very much, where it does not eliminate, human intervention. Adaptive cruise control, for example: if you find yourself in front of a slower-moving vehicle, it tends to brake more than slow down, giving you an ’emergency’ feeling as well as often requiring you to shift down the gear. On some occasions, lane assist requires rather large spaces for optimal operation and is markedly affected by imperfect road surfaces.

The engine, however, is a safety: it responds quickly, is elastic and light and above all it is very unpretentious as regards consumption: in our test, out of town and at constant speed, we managed to score 4.6 liters per 100 km. In more easily reproducible conditions, it passes to about 6 liters / 100 km: in line with what has been declared by the House.
The list price of the new Nissan Juke is 20 thousand euros. The trial version slightly exceeds 26 thousand.


The 700 hp compact SUV you are now looking for an owner

When in 2012 Nissan released the Juke-R made reality one of the wildest and wildest crossovers, especially when in 2015 his version appeared 2.0 that had 600 hp of power from the motor V6 3.5 biturbo of the Nissan GT-R Nismo which guaranteed heart attack benefits in the compact SUV Japanese. We do not know if Nissan will delight us again with a new Juke-R in this latest and recent generation, but in the meantime we bring you an alternative evolution of this model that could serve us perfectly and is for sale.

700 CV with GT-R DNA

Is named SVM Juke-R700 And as its name suggests, it takes the power of the Juke-R to a new level. And it is that this creation of the British preparer Seven Valley Motorsport It has a number of new features in the 3.8 biturbo V6 engine such as a 1,050 cc injectors, an air intake system, a new custom exhaust and a dual plate clutch that allow this SUV to have a whopping 700 hp power.

SVM Juke-R700 for sale

James Edition

To this improvement in the engine are added others under the body in the form of new adjustable coilovers of Nitron, new SVM brake discs in the front also accompanied by calipers from the Nissan GT-R also present on the rear wheels. Some wheels that have tires also from the Nissan sports car and that have a size of 20 inch and ones Bridgestone tires with measurements of 225/40 in front and 285/35 behind.

SVM Juke-R700 for sale

James Edition

That DNA is also taken to an interior that has the same instrumentation and a new roll cage, while on the outside it remains unchanged, with a muscular body and optics that show that the base is that of the first version of the Juke-R.

A price at the height of its exclusivity

But the time has come for the bad news and that is that this model that the German dealer has put up for sale VDM Cars through the Web James Edition it has a price of 649,500 euros. An exorbitant amount that can be explained a little for two reasons: that they were only made five units of this type and its low mileage, just 20 km routes that make it clear that we are facing a practically new car.

SVM Juke-R700 for sale

James Edition