Work on T-cell vaccine: Corona super vaccine should protect for years

Work on T-cell vaccine
Corona super vaccine should protect for years

The rapid development of vaccines against corona is a miracle of medicine, the mRNA process is a small revolution. But all available vaccines must be refreshed regularly – and do not always work against mutations. A different method aims to solve both problems – but carries other risks.

How long does the corona vaccination work? This is one of the great unknowns in the pandemic. The fear is that the vaccine protection of the vaccines currently used decreases over time and could be ineffective or at least less effective against virus variants. Several startups are therefore working on a vaccine that should make people immune to new mutants over the years.

Presumably a booster vaccination is necessary every year in order to extend the protection of the vaccination and to ward off new variants, the head of the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Albert Bourla, recently admitted. The vaccines approved to date are primarily intended to stimulate the formation of antibodies that recognize and destroy the virus before it infects a cell.

Some young biotechnology companies are taking a different path. With their vaccines, they are trying to stimulate T cells in particular – that part of the immune response that focuses on finding and eliminating cells that are already infected, not the virus itself. That does not mean that the previous vaccines have none To produce T cell responses, this is not their primary goal.

First research results mostly encouraging

T cells have several advantages over antibodies in theory. They can survive longer in the body and react to components of the virus that are less likely to mutate than those recognized by antibodies.

In France this is the approach taken by OSE Immunotherapeutics. The biotech company has just started testing its vaccine in clinical trials. “It could protect for several years,” says CEO Alexis Peyroles. Another French company, Osivax, based in Lyon, is also working on a T-cell vaccine and promising a “universal” vaccine that would be effective against any possible variant. The government in Paris is supporting research with sums of millions.

Of the 400 vaccine developments listed by the World Health Organization (WHO), only a few are aimed at achieving universal effectiveness. The T-cell vaccine from the US company ImmunityBio is the most advanced of this type of project. First preliminary results released last month are largely encouraging.

“Can cause virus to evade vaccination protection”

The new vaccines should be ready for use next year at the earliest. Many scientists view T-cell vaccines with skepticism. “The mass vaccination itself creates an evolutionary selection pressure,” says the British virologist Julian Tang. “And this pressure can cause the virus to develop in such a way that it escapes any vaccination protection.” Vaccines designed for very widespread use could therefore be a “double-edged sword”.

Another question is whether the body will be able to fight the virus with a T cell-based response. T cells and antibodies work together to create an immune response in the body. If the antibodies fail, “the T cells are of little use,” says French virologist Yves Gaudin. He has “doubts about the effectiveness of such a vaccine”. An ideal vaccine would be effective on both levels, says the scientist.

In Europe and the United States, T-cell vaccines, if approved, could be given to people who have already received an antibody vaccine. The novel vaccines could also protect people who have difficulties producing antibodies due to diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

The OSE vaccine is a way to boost current vaccinations, says CEO Peyroles. “It would complement and broaden the response produced by the first vaccines.” However, there is still a lot of work to do for companies like OSE to achieve this goal.


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Have you recovered from Corona? .. Look for these symptoms after months of recovery

3:00 pm

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Books – Sayed Metwally
Most people with COVID-19 can resume healthy lives after recovering, however, from what we learn, SARS-COV-2 can have long-lasting repercussions for people, even after testing negative.

The latest results now indicate that people who may even be infected with the simple COVID-19 virus may be at risk of developing clear and long-term complications that may differ from the damage caused by a Covid infection, according to the timesofindia website.

Covid can lead to long-term complications
Some people, especially those at risk of chronic health problems or weakened immunity, may develop medical conditions that require more care, for example, there have been several reports of an increase in heart attacks and heart involvement in patients who have recovered from Corona, some may also be at risk of developing diabetes , SARS-COV-2 can also damage your kidneys.

How can Covid affect your vital health in the long term
There are many studies conducted on recovered patients, which indicated that there could be dire consequences for the heart health and mental health of people with severe Covid infection.

Not only will patients recovering from Covid need follow-up checks and tests, but now experts suggest that people are now looking for warning signs and symptoms to look for.

How do these complications differ from a long Covid?
Long-term Covid disease, or post-Covid, is characterized as a syndrome in which a Corona patient continues to experience symptoms of the disease 4 weeks after a negative test.

The results indicate that 1 in 4 patients with Covid virus develop long-term Covid, symptoms, such as persistent cough, chronic weakness, headache, muscle pain, and brain fog can persist for weeks or months after recovery, and require evaluation.

However, regardless of the risk of long-term infection with the Covid virus, doctors have noted that long-term complications, for some patients, may be related to vital performance, it can be the result of infection from the virus, or the underlying conditions that can appear, despite It is still a respiratory infection, yet the interconnected nature can affect a person’s metabolic, nervous and inflammatory health.

However, the complications listed below are the most common complications observed in the post-Covid recovery period, and signs and symptoms to watch out for:

For some patients, Corona can lead to a diagnosis of diabetes! It is thought that the virus can infiltrate vital organs such as the pancreas and disrupt insulin regulation, and those who already suffer from diabetes can report fluctuations in their blood sugar levels.

Since Covid can lead to type 1 and type 2 diabetes, patients should look for signs such as:

Extreme thirst and feeling hungry often
Blurry vision
Slow healing, sensitive skin
-Fatigue and exhaustion

Numbness and tingling in hands and feet should not be ignored either, have frequent glucose and sugar tests to assess health.
Myocarditis and heart disorder
There have been increasing reports of severe Covid causing blood clots and heart attacks in post-corona cases, Covid can also affect the heart of the healthiest age groups, making many of them suffer from symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain and fatigue, heart care doctors also confirm. Heart arrhythmias, myocarditis, and other cardiovascular complications can also occur.

While it can be difficult to identify signs of involvement, some clinicians believe that early signs of inflammation can appear as early as the fifth day of an infection and should require investigations. Apart from this, warning signs of poor heart health include:

Discomfort in the chest

Pain or pressure in the arm


-Shortness of breath

Uncontrolled or unstable blood pressure

Heart rhythm arrhythmia, tension build-up.

Mental disorders
Clinical evaluations carried out in Italy and Spain, as of 2020, noted that nearly half of recovering Covid patients required post-operative examinations and assistance with neuropsychiatric disorders, women, in particular, at risk of developing mental health disorders.

While doctors now recommend patients to undergo preventive examinations before discharge from the hospital, and to look at the neurological damage caused by corona during the symptom stage, some of the signs and symptoms that need attention after recovery are:

Mood disorders

Brain fog

Lack of focus

Prolonged memory loss

Increased tension and anxiety

Chronic insomnia

Difficulty doing tasks without support

If you continue to notice these symptoms, after weeks of recovering from COVID-19, it may be a good idea to undergo a psychological evaluation and get additional help.

Kidney disease
Some people with severe forms of the Coronavirus have been seen showing signs of kidney damage, even without underlying problems. Very high levels of protein and abnormal blood work, and the infamous cellular storm caused by Covid or fluctuating oxygen levels can cause damage. The results are also more serious for those prone to inflammation and diabetes.

However, because kidney damage can be severe and require care, early signs can help diagnose and help. Here are some signs of deteriorating kidney health that you should watch out for:

Swollen ankles and feet

– frequent urination

Change in the color or texture of urine

Excessive weight loss

Poor digestion and loss of appetite

High blood sugar levels and blood pressure.


Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 00:19 US authorities approve Biontech vaccine for children from 12 years +++

+++ 00:19 US authorities approve Biontech vaccine for children from 12 years of age +++

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the vaccine developed by Biontech and Pfizer for children aged 12 to 15. So far, the vaccine has only been approved in the USA from the age of 16.

Read more about this here.

+++ 23:20 vaccine test person in Brazil gets a long-awaited hug +++
After almost a year and a half without personal contact, the first volunteer test person for a corona vaccine in Brazil met her mother again. Denise Abranches traveled more than 600 kilometers to meet again on Mother’s Day from São Paulo to Araguari in the state of Minas Gerais, as the Brazilian news portal “G1” reported. “I just wanted a hug,” Abranches said. “At least a day with her. For me it was absolutely necessary for everything I’ve been through.”

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+++ 22:33 Gastronomy in France may open outdoor areas next week +++
Cafés, bars and restaurants in France are allowed to reopen their outdoor operations from May 19. The French government explains that the catering industry is allowed to offer tables that can seat up to six guests outside. “We are finally about to come out of the health crisis sustainably,” said Prime Minister Jean Castex of the daily newspaper “Le Parisien”. On June 9th, the interior of the restaurant will be opened again – with half the maximum number of guests, as the head of government announced.

+++ 22:06 Lockdown in Turkey: the number of new infections is falling +++
After the start of a lockdown in Turkey, the number of new infections drops – but the number of corona cases remains at a high level. The seven-day incidence in the metropolis of Istanbul was around 360 cases per 100,000 inhabitants last week, according to the Ministry of Health. Before the lockdown began on April 29, this value was around 530 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. According to official information, around 15,000 new infections were reported in one day in the country with around 84 million inhabitants. There is a lockdown in Turkey until May 17th. All shops that are not needed for daily needs are closed. People are only allowed to go out on the streets for compelling reasons, such as shopping or going to the doctor. Certain professional groups and tourists are exempt from the exit restrictions.

+++ 21:44 India: Suspected corona bodies washed up on the banks of the Ganges +++
In northern India, numerous corpses have washed up on the banks of the Ganges, which are believed to be corona deaths. Around 40 bodies were discovered in the Buxar district near the border between the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, two of the poorest regions in the country, according to a spokesman for the authorities. In media reports there was talk of up to a hundred corpses. The pandemic has hit India’s rural regions at great speed. Local health facilities, crematoriums and cemeteries are overwhelmed with the situation. Locals told the AFP news agency that the dead were probably thrown into the river because of the overcrowded crematoria.

+++ 20:34 Current data situation in Germany: 6591 new cases reported +++
The number of reported coronavirus infections in Germany has risen to 3,529,519. As can be seen from the information from the state authorities evaluated by, 6591 new cases were added. The number of deaths related to infection rose 101 to 84,891. Around 264,000 people are currently infected.

The infection rate (R value) is given by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as 0.98 (previous day: 1.00). The 7-day R-value is currently 0.88 (previous day: 0.90). According to the Divi Register, 4599 Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care in Germany, 2747 of whom are ventilated. Around 3,900 intensive care beds are currently still available in the German clinics.

You can find more information about the most important corona data here read up.

You can read all previous developments here.


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Vaccine manufacturer Biontech is planning production in Southeast Asia

Dhe Mainz vaccine manufacturer BioNTech is expanding: In Singapore, the biotech company is planning to open a regional headquarters for the Southeast Asia region this year and will also produce there in the future. As the company announced on Monday, a fully integrated production facility for mRNA is to be built in Singapore, which will in future offer capacities for the growing pipeline of vaccine candidates. The Corona-Vakazin, which BioNTech developed together with the American company Pfizer, is also based on mRNA technology.

The Mainz-based company had previously opened an American headquarters in Cambridge in the US state of Massachusetts last year. In addition, the plant in Singapore is to create new production facilities in order to be able to quickly address potential pandemic dangers if necessary, the company said. The new end-to-end mRNA production facility, which is scheduled to go into operation in 2023, will be equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and a digital infrastructure.

There it should be possible to manufacture a number of new mRNA vaccines and therapeutics against infectious diseases and cancer. The plant is scheduled to be able to produce several hundred million doses a year, depending on the vaccine or product candidate. BioNTech did not name an investment sum.

“Having different nodes in our production network is an important strategic step in expanding our global presence and manufacturing capacity. The planned mRNA production facility will expand our network capacity. It will also help us manufacture and ship our mRNA vaccines and therapeutics to people around the world, ”said BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin.

BioNTech recently put a former Novartis production facility in Marburg into operation after renovation work and certification procedures, where it is producing the corona vaccine. In the current year alone, BioNTech and its partner Pfizer want to produce a total of 2.5 billion doses of the corona vaccine, and 3 billion doses are planned for the next year.

Meanwhile, BioNTech is also making progress with the Chinese development partner Fosun, with whom the Mainz-based company joined forces in March of last year. Last weekend, Fosun announced that it would set up a joint venture with BioNTech to produce the vaccine. The Chinese pharmaceutical company wants to provide a facility in which up to a billion vaccine doses can be produced annually, the statement said. The two partners expect the vaccine to be approved in China by July at the latest. Separate clinical studies had run there.


Health: One million and 300 thousand people have been vaccinated against the Corona virus so far

Assistant Minister of Health and Population for Health Initiatives Affairs, Dr.Muhammad Hassani, announced that the ministry has completed the vaccination of one million and 300 people against the Corona virus, adding that the number of those who registered on the site reached 2 million and 400 thousand.

In a special statement to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, Dr. Mohamed Hassani confirmed that the number of Corona vaccines that have reached Egypt so far is 2.5 million doses, stressing that non-Egyptians are treated the same as Egyptians in receiving vaccines for free.

The Ministry of Health and Population has designated a number of centers for vaccination with the Coronavirus vaccine nationwide, all equipped with clinics and lounges for citizens who received the vaccine to check on their health.

The Ministry of Health and Population announced the extension of work in Corona vaccines dispensing units and centers until 10 pm daily at the level of the Republic, during the holy month of Ramadan, and it will be from 9 am to 10 pm.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Medicine Affairs, revealed that the number of Corona vaccination centers has increased to 360 centers in the Republic, with the aim of expanding the vaccinations for Corona.


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The Ministry of Health warns of an incorrect text message that includes recommendations and warnings for those receiving the Corona vaccine

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers revealed that, in light of what was circulated of a text message that includes recommendations and warnings for recipients of the Corona vaccine, the center contacted the Ministry of Health and Population, which denied the news, confirming that the text message circulating on social media sites that includes recommendations and warnings to the recipient is not correct. Corona vaccine, stressing that all the information contained in the message is false and inaccurate, indicating that all information about the vaccine and its usefulness, as well as places to obtain it, are available through the website launched by the Ministry to register those wishing to obtain it via the following link: https: // www., “stressing that all instructions are provided and all aspects of medical care are provided to citizens during and after the vaccination process.

In a related context, there are a number of measures and guidelines that must be followed before and after receiving the vaccine, and the instructions before receiving the vaccine are the need to inform the doctor when feeling any symptoms before receiving the vaccine, as well as informing him of the medical history in detail, and whether there is suffering from any chronic disease And the extent of controlling it and the treatment plan, as well as informing the doctor of any allergic reaction from any of the vaccines he received previously, and it is necessary to make sure that the two doses are taken from the same vaccine, as for the instructions after taking the vaccine, it is the need to continue to follow all precautionary measures In addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding anxiety and stress to enhance immunity, while monitoring the emergence of any side effects that may occur.