CORONA PANDEMIC: New record! And the Covid-19 vaccination rate in Germany continues to pick up – WELT news channel

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Unfriendly countries, Pashinyan turned to Putin. The main thing of the day :: Society :: RBC

The government named countries that are not friendly to Russia, Pashinyan asked for military assistance from Moscow, a jump in the incidence of COVID-19 in Moscow – the main news in the RBC review

USA and Czech Republic turned out to be “unfriendly countries”

The Russian government has approved a list of unfriendly countries. It includes only two states: the United States and the Czech Republic. Restrictions were imposed on their diplomatic missions in Russia.

  • Now, in accordance with the order, the Czech diplomatic mission can conclude employment contracts with no more than 19 individuals in Russia, the US mission – with any of the Russians. Restrictions on the employment of Russians in the diplomatic missions of these countries are important from the point of view of issuing visas. For example, the American representation in Moscow this spring actually stopped issuing visas, explaining this by a lack of labor, which is why Russians were offered to obtain visas in third countries.
  • In the morning, the US Embassy announced that the Russian authorities had notified diplomats in Moscow of their intention to postpone the entry into force of the ban on hiring employees, so that the provision of consular services for Americans was to resume at least until July 16. The Foreign Ministry said that the United States must comply with the requirements to ban the hiring of Russians in its diplomatic institutions and bring their composition in line with Moscow’s requirements by August 1.


Pashinyan appealed for military assistance to Russia

Due to the new aggravation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Nikol Pashinyan, acting prime minister, sent a letter to Vladimir Putin asking for military support. At the same time, he said that France was ready to provide military assistance in resolving the situation.


FREEDOM TO TRAVEL: No more corona quarantine for travelers from risk areas – if tested negative – WELT news channel

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Shoigu’s daughter decided to sell Information Technologies :: Business :: RBC

Ksenia Shoigu said that the Information Technologies company owned by her has passed the startup stage and is ready for sale. In 2020-2021, this company entered into contracts with Rosturizm for 70 million rubles. Before that, she was unprofitable

Ksenia Shoigu

(Photo: Alexander Shcherbak / TASS)

Ksenia Shoigu, daughter of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, intends to sell the advertising company “Information Technologies” owned by her. She announced this in an interview with Fontanka.

“Now we are selling this company to Information Technologies, since it has ceased to be a startup and has already become an understandable business,” Shoigu said.

According to RBC, Information Technologies LLC is 50% owned by Capital Perform, in which Ksenia Shoigu owns a 59% stake. Another 25% are owned by Region Prom LLC and Region Media Service LLC. The only founder of the latter is Konstantin Mayor, General Director of Information Technologies.

Kadyrov’s daughter became an official in the mayor’s office of Grozny

Khadizhat Kadyrova

As Forbes reported, until 2019, Information Technologies was a loss-making company. But after the purchase of a stake in it by Shoigu’s Capital Perform company, an advertising firm in 2020–2021 signed two contracts with Rosturizm for a total of about 70 million rubles. Within their framework, Information Technologies was supposed to advertise weekend tours and resorts in Russia, as well as organize advertising campaigns in business centers and gas stations.