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Ecclesiastical powers and social emergency Opinion

The Catalan Catholic Church has registered 3,722 properties without the need to prove their ownership beforehand and in some cases in open conflict with the public. Under a Francoist law – generously extended in 1998 by José María Aznar until 2015 – the ecclesiastical hierarchy could register without any other requirement than the nothing stands in the way episcopal, in notarial functions, any property he considered his own.

The Department of Justice of the Generalitat, in an act that honors it, has decided to make public this catalog of properties with a feudal arbitrariness that in some cases clashes with the interests of municipalities and social entities. To resolve the disputes, Councilor Ester Capella has set up a mediation service. What is paradoxical about the case is the bonhomie, indulgence and understanding with which the right in general and much of the left has accepted this exercise of ecclesial appropriation in which the bishop seems to have regained functions proper to the Middle Ages, the good times of the gentlemen of gallows and knife. The fact is that both the PP and Citizens once refused to make known this catalog of properties that as a flagship – for those who lose memory – includes the very Catholic mosque of Córdoba. Well, if the right understands so little clerical obscurantism, it is much more incomprehensible that the PSOE, in its previous incarnation as a brief government alone, resorted to the courts to prevent the public from knowing the catalog of new registered properties by the Catholic Church.

Coincidence, or perhaps Divine Providence, has meant that this exercise in ecclesial arbitrariness — blessed by civil power — has coincided in time with another much more prosaic, secular history — in the sense of a lack of clerical orders. daily: that of those who have been deprived of the most basic by the crisis and little accompanied by democratic power.

On July 23, the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH), the Alliance against Energy Poverty (APE), the Observatory of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (DESC) and the Public Health Agency of the Barcelona City Council, among others, released a study that between 2017 and 2020 tries to show the links between housing and basic supply insecurities and their repercussions on health. Through a survey of 415 people who in recent years approached the PAH or the APE for issues of housing emergency or cut off services such as electricity, gas or water, the report tries to photograph a situation with examples like those of Delia, Olga, Wendy, Sandra or Voski. Poverty has the face of a woman who in most cases is the head of a single-parent family, a term that is not included in the DIEC but is responsible for normalizing the stubborn reality.

Delia, with two children, is an example of what happens in times of crisis and pandemic. He already had to make a donation in payment for his home in 2015. He agreed to a rent of 250 euros with the Blackstone fund thanks to the PAH. But Covid-19 has left her without the job of caring for an elderly person, for which she earned 650 euros a month. He will now have to renew his lease and is unable to cope with even the basic supplies.

Wendy, 48, lives with her two children in the Barcelona district of Trinitat Nova. He was the victim of an express eviction despite having paid the arrears of his rent. In the end, without resources, he chose to occupy a house in Abanca. He was without light for two years and four months. “I went downstairs because I felt I was committing a crime,” he recalls. In the dark, any night noise disturbed her. “My kids and I thought they would make us off the floor.” In the end, the pressure from the PAH led the Generalitat to buy the house and set a social rent. This situation of insecurity is taking its toll: 88.2% of women surveyed and 70.9% of men have poor mental health in a society in which organizations such as the PAH or the APE work to replace democratic powers. The picture left by the crisis is such that the effort after paying the rent leaves 14.8% of those consulted with negative income, 23.9% with zero income and 30% with less than 400 euros to spend the month .

Times of crisis show the contrast between the complicit attitude of the powers that be with ecclesiastical registrations and the free will with which they approach situations of social emergency.


Microsoft Flight Simulator: Beta starts on July 30th – so you are there

The start date for the first beta of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has been set. Starting July 30, players can participate in the closed trial period. In addition to a fresh load of impressive screenshots, we show how you can register for the beta.

In its latest “Development Update” Microsoft not only announces the release of the final alpha version 5 (build, but also the official launch date of the first closed beta. Assuming that the developers of Asobo and Xbox Game Studios can keep to their schedule, the starting shot will be given on July 30, 2020. Current Alpha testers of Flight Simulator 2020 will automatically get access to the beta, while new players register a short survey – Have to go through the course.

How to register for the closed beta: The comparatively easy way is through the official website of the Flight Simulator. If you register here with your Microsoft account (login), the menu item “Flighting Signup” is available for participation in the alpha and beta phase. After a survey and submission of your hardware specifications (DxDiag), with a little luck, you will receive an email with the final confirmation after a short time. Then you can install the flight simulator via the Xbox Insider Hub app under Windows 10.

Note: The registration for the Alpha and thus also for the Beta is activated sporadically by Microsoft. It is therefore possible that the “Flighting Signup” menu item is temporarily not displayed.

The Alpha 5 already brings many graphic innovations into play

Anyone who is already participating in the Alpha of the Flight Simulator 2020 should definitely take a closer look at the V5 update released today. Microsoft states in its patch notes that the game world has been polished up in all areas. This applies to airplanes, the landscape, airports and the weather system. In a well-known manner, the developers also again provide a large selection of screenshots, which come directly from the Insider program and the previous Alpha version 4. Our large FS 2020 gallery now contains over 230 images that show the partly photo-realistic graphics.

Microsoft still owes us information about the release of the final version of Flight Simulator 2020. However, it can be assumed that the flight simulation will be completed at the latest when the Xbox Series X starts in the fourth quarter. As part of the Xbox Game Pass, the title will be available for PCs with Windows 10 as well as for the entire console family including Xbox One. However, some of the recently published system requirements are tough. A fast internet connection should also be available.

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Microsoft, gaming, games, logo, games, simulation, flight simulation, flight simulator

Microsoft, gaming, games, logo, games, simulation, flight simulation, flight simulator


scientists called the pros and cons

The Russian Academy of Sciences recently during an online conference discussed the burning question: how is the development of vaccines for a new coronavirus infection. Although, she’s already six months. You can probably stop considering it new and start living, reckoning with it. Actually, the best research institutes in the country are trying to prepare us for such a life by developing a vaccine trap for sars-cov-2.

According to the president of the RAS academician Alexander Sergeeva, 150 different organizations, including institutes and companies, are working on the preparation of a vaccine from COVID-19. More than 10 confirmed – the preclinical trials have been completed, and they are ready to begin clinical testing. But we all now care about two key issues – the timing of the vaccine and its safety. Here are the most promising, in the opinion of scientists, developments.

Developer: Federal Research Center for Research and Development of Immunobiological Preparations M.P. Chumakova.

Vaccine: On the basis of attenuated and inactivated viruses (live attenuated vaccine), the causative agents of a new coronavirus infection are being developed.

An attenuated vaccine is one in which the pathogen is weakened and has lost its pathogenic properties. However, it can multiply in the body and cause immunity in it.

An inactivated vaccine is one in which viruses (or bacteria) were grown and then killed.

The vaccine is represented by a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor, Director General of the Federal Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immunobiological Preparations M.P. Chumakova RAS Aidar Ishmukhametov.

Why exactly a live attenuated virus vaccine?

– We do not understand today what structure of a complex virion (a particle consists of nucleic acid is covered with a protective protein shell – approx. Ed.) determines the decisive role in the formation of the immune response, and this is the most important question, ”says Aydar Ishmukhametov, the head of the Chumakov Center. – A purely practical thing – for inactivated vaccine, we have worked out the technology with experience. I am sure that an inactivated vaccine is the near future, and vector vaccines (in which a foreign gene is built into the virus – approx. Ed.), This will be the second echelon, more profiled and accurate. But its possibility will arise when we will definitely understand what is happening with the vaccine.

The scientist said that it is still not clear what immune response arises to coronavirus.

– We still have not figured out the antibodies. Because with a serious illness we sometimes see them, sometimes we don’t see them, ”says Aydar Ishmukhametov. – Today we do not know the answers to the most important questions: how will the disease develop further? We do not know the answer to the key question, how much vaccine do we need to stop the pandemic? The issue of the formation of population immunity is not clear. If we have been working out population immunity to polio for 50 years before it reaches 95 – 96%, which it should be, otherwise the likelihood of an epidemic increases, then here we do not understand how long it will take.

However, the Chumakov center is set up seriously; it is planned to produce about 7-10 million doses per year. Although testing the vaccine in humans is likely to be necessary in the field.

– Since virtually all developers now exclude for themselves the fourth phase of testing the vaccine (using hundreds of patients) in order to see the immunity protectiveness (how the immunity works), apparently, all the same, after registration, we will have to come to this against the background pharmacovigilance (a study identifying side effects and other problems of the drug), and this is the main question. In some limited regions, we will measure how much the severity of the disease progresses, the incidence rate in general, with the use of this drug, ”said the head of the Chumakova Research Center.

Developer: National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology N.F. Gamalei.

Vaccine: inactivated (live attenuated) vaccine against COVID-19.

The vaccine is: Deputy Director of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamalei Denis Logunov.

“There was not much choice for us which vaccine to work on, since we already had an effective scheme for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), we simply copied it,” says Denis Logunov. – We replaced the glycosoprotein C of the coronavirus MERS with the full-sized glycoprotein SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. We have accumulated industrial batches, which are transferred to preclinical trials. The high safety to date of our vaccine has been shown. No allergenic or toxic effects were detected. Currently, rodent tests have been completed and safety testing on primates is ongoing.

According to Denis Logunov, the results of the vaccine are very good: immunity arises. The transition to the second stage of clinical trials is planned; the beginning of these trials will start in June – July of this year. The effectiveness of the vaccine will be tested on rodents, hamsters and two species of primates, common marmosets and rhesus monkeys.

– Why can not stop on any one vaccine against coronavirus?

– My personal opinion is that you need to try different vaccines. Their effectiveness will be shown by the future. Whole-vaccine vaccines (an option that the Chumakov Institute is developing) currently have neither positive nor negative characteristics for me in relation to our development, simply because they also did not pass the full test cycle. No one knows how effective or how long these vaccines are. How long immunity will cause.

But a live inactivated vaccine has one rather big minus: its production is work with dangerous pathogens. Only a very limited number of centers in Of Russia and the world could produce such a vaccine.

Developer: Institute of Experimental Medicine

Vaccine: SARS-CoV-2 recombinant strain vaccine based on a live influenza vaccine strain

The vaccine is presented by the head of the Department of Virology. A.A. Smorodintseva Institute of Experimental Medicine, professor, WHO expert Larisa Rudenko

– By the end of the year preclinical trials will be completed, the vaccine will be sent to two viruses at once – influenza and SARS-CoV-2, – Larisa Rudenko talks about the benefits of the drug. – If this new coronavirus becomes a seasonal strain, this will complicate the work of healthcare, since it will be practically the same period with the influenza virus, so the creation of such multivalent vaccines, including both influenza and SARS-CoV-2, will be a very important element for the new vaccine prophylaxis strategy for acute respiratory infections.

– Why it is impossible to choose the most promising direction in the development of vaccines and focus on it?

– It seems to me that we now need to go along the path of developing several types of vaccines. Because we do not know what type of vaccines will be most relevant for this strain. The second, which is important, a differentiated approach to different groups of the population is possible. It is possible that one vaccine will be effective for the elderly, the other will be effective for a healthy adult population, for people at increased risk of infection, such as medical workers, the military and other categories, so the development of various types of vaccines is relevant.

Intranasal administration of the device (nasal injection – approx. Ed.) Facilitates the use of the vaccine throughout the health system.

– What are the benefits of an influenza virus vaccine?

– The effectiveness of this vaccine (specifically for influenza – approx. Ed.) Is shown in many clinical trials, in addition, it is used in healthcare practice. There is mass production of such vaccines, and not only in our country, it is produced in the United States. Such a vaccine is used in many European countries.


Academician Zverev told when mass vaccination against coronavirus begins

The mayor Moscow Sergei Sobyanin He admitted that restrictive measures can remain until doctors create a vaccine. How are the developments going? When will the vaccine be available for mass use? Scientists discussed these issues during an online meeting of the RAS Scientific Council on the topic: “Vaccines for COVID-19: forecasts and reality,” which was held at the press center of the Russia Today agency. “KP“Cites excerpts from a speech by the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the department of microbiology, virology and immunology of Sechenov University Vitaliy Zvereva (details)


Futurologist Konstantin Frumkin: It is impossible to influence people with the help of chipization. Follow – yes. But do not influence


The governor replied to reports of blocked entry to Samara :: Society :: RBC

Samara, Russia

(Photo: samadm.ru)

The governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov explained the situation with entry into the capital of the region.

“I saw your reports that the entrance to Samara is blocked. It’s not like that, ”he wrote on his Instagram.

According to Azarov, at the entrance to Samara, drivers of the traffic police stop the drivers and report on the restrictive measures taken and the introduced regime of self-isolation in the region. After that, they find out the purpose of the driver’s trip, and if a person intends to visit a medical institution, elderly parents or to purchase goods of special significance, then they pass the car.

In Saratov region will introduce access control for working citizens

“Those who go to Samara for a walk – yes, they are advised to return to their home and observe the regime of self-isolation,” the head of the region concluded.