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The year 2020 will not be remembered as the period when northern and southern Europe lived in harmony. When the approval of the reconstruction plan that should lay the foundations for recovery in the EU enters its key phase, the weekly Dutch Elsevier Weekblad It has turned its latest cover into a case against the idea of ​​risk sharing. “Not a penny more for southern Europe”, the publication titles, with a circulation of about 66,000 copies.

However, the most striking thing is not the phrase that heads it, but the images. On top of it, representing Nordic citizens, a blond-haired man and woman work with obvious symptoms of effort and sacrifice. She running carrying a bag. He moving a gear with a gigantic wrench. Meanwhile, down below, characterizing those from southern countries with dark hair and tanned skin, a man with an exotic mustache drinks wine and coffee with his arms wrapped around his head, and a woman is distracted by her bikini social media.

The reactions have been virulent. The image ran on social networks generating thousands of critical comments, and alternative versions circulated in which they can be seen occupying the opposite roles: southern citizens working hard while the Nordics toast in the sun with flip flops and socks and signs of having burned the Piel, a possible nod to the hundreds of thousands of emigrants from southern countries settled in the north for work reasons, and to the Nordic tourists who travel to the beaches of Spain, Italy or Greece every year.

Beyond the cartoon, the controversy has even leaped into real politics. The far-right formation Frattelli d’Italia has asked Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio to summon the Dutch ambassador to Rome to demand immediate apologies. And in the Netherlands, where there is debate about whether or not the country should support the ambitious reconstruction plan approved by Brussels this week, the cover has also come in for criticism and has been branded as racist.

Among the ordinary citizens of the country of tulips there are those who declare a certain satiety about the back and forth battle between their country and the southern states, one stereotyped as unsupportive and the other as lazy. “It only benefits politicians who evoke the external enemy so that people do not pay as much attention to their failings,” estimates a resident of Amsterdam who spent several years living in Spain.

The background does not help calm the waters. The ex-president of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, caused an earthquake when he affirmed that the inhabitants of the south were spending the money “on wine and women to later ask for help”. And more recently, the Dutch Minister of Finance, Wopke Hoekstra, was involved in another controversy from which he tried to leave apologizing, after suggesting, with the pandemic causing hundreds of deaths every day, that Brussels should investigate countries that do not they had kept sufficient reserves in good times, referring to Spain and Italy. Hoekstra thus became for a few days a villain for southern Europe. And the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, in his counterpart when he described his statements as “repugnant”.

The cover of the Elsevier Weekblad It has already had a direct reply from Portugal. The artist Insónias em Carvão has published a tweet in which he writes “Chupa, Elsevier Weekblad“and attached an illustration in which he places citizens of the south working and the Dutch sunbathing on the beach in flip flops and socks.


South Korean intelligence denied Kim Jong-un’s operation :: Politics :: RBC

South Korean intelligence associates the long absence of the North Korean leader in public with the fact that he could be busy with internal issues related to the coronavirus epidemic

Kim Chen In

(Photo: Linh Pham / Getty Images)

South Korean intelligence does not confirm information that the long absence of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in public was due to his operation. This, according to “Renhap”, a representative of the country’s intelligence agency said during a report in parliament.

The agency told parliamentarians that Kim Jong-un had appeared in public 17 times this year. This is much less than usual. On average, during this period of the year, the DPRK leader makes about 50 public appearances. However, according to the agency, the information that Kim Jong-un had heart surgery does not correspond to reality.

South Korean intelligence said Kim Jong-un’s less public activity was allegedly due to the country’s leader focusing on internal affairs, particularly the situation with COVID-19. “North Korea adhered to a public position according to which there was no infection in the country, but, given that active movement of people across the border with China continued until the border was closed in January, we cannot rule out the possibility of an outbreak of coronavirus in the north of the country,” Renhap reports. statement by a spokesperson for intelligence. In addition, Seoul records a worsening socio-economic situation in the DPRK. In North Korea, demand for basic necessities and prices for a number of food products increased.

Kim Jong-Un awarded with a medal in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory

Kim Chen In


How the “Russian” Renault Logan “dies” in three years in a taxi

Everything AvtoVAZ puts its hand to turns into a “bucket”.

If the first “Logan” easily passed under 500,000 km and did not break, then with the second – everything is very bad. One of the reasons why the first-generation Renault Logan has established itself as the most reliable state employee in a taxi was its “indestructibility”.

When working in taxi fleets, the French sedan only had to drive at low speeds, in rare cases the engine was running at full power, due to which the resource of the car increased markedly. But by the second generation, when Renault Logan began to be produced at AvtoVAZ, the situation changed dramatically, and there was no trace of its former reliability, although it would seem that the “filling” is the same, except that the “wrappers” are different.

For 3 years of operation, the “Russian” Renault Logan overcomes an average of 120 thousand kilometers, for which normal cars do not even have “mushrooms” or other complaints about the operation of the main components and assemblies. At “Logan”, in most cases, the first red spots appear on the edge of the hood, which do not grow in breadth, but in depth, at the risk of spilling out into the through corrosion. At the same time, in order to start “blooming”, the car does not even need to get into an accident – the driver easily finds corrosion without any prerequisites for its occurrence.

In specialized forums, motorists also criticize the insufficient thickness of the metal, because of which noise during driving at high speeds exceeds acceptable limits. Sometimes it even seems that the body metal there is no thicker than a sheet of paper, although it is clear that the situation is not so bad.

Another reason why Renault Logan of the Russian assembly “dies” in three years in a taxi is cracks in the washer reservoir and breakdowns in the hoses that appear at the wrong time: the driver opens the hood and watches how the fountains from antifreeze intersect with the “washer” jets , forming in the engine compartment a puddle of foul-smelling “liquid”. If you buy Logan with a taxi, it’s better – the old one, because it’s cheaper: you need to invest a little money so that the car will drive another couple hundred thousand kilometers.


Omarov again left? Aggressive Borodin again “rushes” at subscribers

Ksyusha no longer controls her expressions, humiliating users on the network.

The well-known TV presenter of the Dom-2 project loves to condemn and discuss the actions, behavior and actions of the participants of the television project, sitting in the studio, but when it comes to her, Ksenia literally “tears and mosques.” This is not the first time she has demonstrated her aggression and impudence, not only breaking down on subscribers on her blog, but also on the guys on the reality show. If many stars prefer to remain silent, then the presenter, apparently, is “taken out” at home, since for any reason she breaks her anger at the fans.

This time, the aggressive Borodina was different from her previous tricks – she again “throws herself” at the subscribers. However, if then her breakdowns could be considered flowers, then the other day she literally crossed all the facets of the reasonable.

Omarov again left? As soon as conversations about Kurban’s betrayals appear on the network, Ksenia is immediately not in the mood – is it a coincidence?

“I would put that sock in your mouth,” one of the wild messages from the Borodin girl, who just made a remark about her daughter’s dirty socks. In addition, Ksenia switched to insults and humiliations, although the girl did not even rude the host in any way, she simply joked about socks and there was nothing rude about it.

It seems that in the family of Borodina and Omarov there are family troubles again: on the network more and more often there are various conversations that Kurban is far from an ideal husband and, it seems, the host is no longer able to endure and hide. By her behavior, she just betrays a “false” idyll in relations with her husband, because she is clearly aware of all the information and rumors that cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to her chosen one, who has already stumbled.