Pandas discover the snow and it’s the big burst (video)

The zoo’s cameras were able to capture the memorable images of the ursid which are now circulating around the world.

This weekend, a snowstorm hit the Northeastern United States, but it wasn’t just the kids who got the chance to have fun outdoors. At the Washington Zoo, the white film on the ground also delighted pandas, who obviously enjoyed the experience.

Jingle All the Way !

We can see on these images two pandas, Mei Xiang (a female) and Tian Tian (a male). At the sight of the snow, they started to make the fools everywhere. One of the pandas, for example, used a slope to slide on it, like a slide. An experience repeated until thirsty! Another preferred to roll on flat ground, rolling without stopping.

The ursid pair also enjoyed the moment with their five-month-old child, Xiao Qi Ji, who was discovering snow for the very first time. A novelty that the little one took advantage of five minutes before judging that it was a little too cold for his taste, preferring the comfort of indoor spaces.

If the public cannot access the zoo because of the coronavirus, they can nevertheless watch the pandas live on the establishment’s website.