Jon Bon Jovi shares the emotional “Do What You Can” and a very epic version of “Unbroken” with a military choir

March 27, 2020 10:36 am Posted by Editorial Staff – Today we have a double portion of Jon Bon Jovi. On the one hand, it should be noted that the artist has fulfilled the promise he made a few days ago to make a collaborative song on the occasion of the quarantine and the situation we are experiencing generated by the Covid-19 crisis. We were able to listen to the first part of the song in question, “Do What You Can”, composed by the musician himself, who urged his followers to send him stanzas and verses and to transmit their stories and their feelings regarding the pandemic. “I have been listening . Thank you to everyone who has shared their story. Let’s continue singing this together. Stay tuned for more, “wrote the New Jersey on his networks, in which he has published the following video in which you can listen to the cut: On the other hand, we already know what Jon was up to when he traveled to Abbey Road with Prince Harry: re-record “Unbroken”, the single he released dedicated to war veterans, with The Invictus Games Choir, achieving a much more epic and special remake. Let’s remember that this song is one of those that will compose Bon Jovi’s next album, ‘Bon Jovi: 2020’, whose title was revealed during the cruise between Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca last summer. Let’s see what you think!: During the quarantine, we have also seen that Jon Bon Jovi does not lose his side of solidarity even when we are in the middle of a global pandemic, since we have seen him lean on and approach one of his restaurants charitable to help in the kitchen, in which we have been able to see him scrubbing. The MariskalRock team of editors brings you all the information on the world of rock and metal, in all its aspects. Test posts by Editorial Staff (see all)

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Powers hoard equipment and medicines, alert AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that during the virtual summit with G20 leaders, he requested UN intervention to stop the hoarding of medicines and medical equipment, and avoid speculation in the purchase of supplies by the powers.

“First, that the UN intervenes so that all peoples and countries are guaranteed equal access to medicines and equipment that, due to the emergency, are being monopolized by those with the most economic possibility.”

In his morning conference, the president reported that he required the United Nations “to intervene so that there is no speculation in the purchase of medicines, equipment and fans.

“That the great powers, the hegemonies make a commitment to truce at this time, avoid unilateral tariff policies, not trade monopolies, review the management of oil prices that is greatly affecting the world economy, help stabilize financial markets and stop speculation, “he said.

López Obrador asked employers for responsibility and reproached that some dismiss their workers or do not guarantee their salary, while gas stations have not adjusted the price of fuel downwards.

Ensuring that the crisis generated by the covid-19 is already leaving lessons on a global scale, López Obrador called on the members of the G20 to make decisions with the support of doctors and scientists so as not to make mistakes, since “politicians are not todologists” .

In his speech during the extraordinary virtual summit of the G20, López Obrador expressed that the crisis is not solved only with hospitals, but with the support of the population.

“The main thing in the face of this type of adversity is to rely on specialists, in this case we have relied on doctors and scientists; Politicians are not todologists, we need the advice of specialists so as not to make mistakes, “he stressed.

He insisted that the Mexican family is the main social security institution and that the population at risk of contracting the virus is cared for as elderly, pregnant and chronically ill people.

In commercial matters and the closure of some companies, the president assured that “the majority of Mexicans are acting in solidarity, very few cases of abuse … I call on all merchants, entrepreneurs, to act responsibly, Help us. “

Therefore, the head of the Executive warned that next Monday the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) will present a report in which they will announce the companies that are abusing the health emergency to give higher prices.

However, the Tabasco man took the opportunity to thank the companies that are giving permission for the elderly, the chronically ill and pregnant women to be absent.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, called on the population to take advantage of the quarantine in the face of the coronavirus pandemic to “feed your soul and spirit.”



At the National Palace, the President announced his decision “to have stricter sanitary measures at airports, entry and exit” and clarified that airspace has not been closed or flights will not be canceled, but special attention will be paid to travel between Mexico and the EU.

“Tell our countrymen that if they can, they will not travel to Mexico. If there is urgency of course and there is no restriction, they can come. “

He took the opportunity to thank the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, for accepting the landing of a Mexican Air Force plane that took Argentines to their country and picked up Mexicans who want to return.

In addition, he mentioned that they are doing a process with Canada so that Mexicans who have an employment contract can move to that country under the necessary sanitary controls.


The world’s leading powers grouped in the G20 agreed to create a united front against the Covid-19 pandemic and inject $ 5 trillion into the global economy, as well as providing strong and large-scale fiscal support.

“We commit ourselves to take all the necessary sanitary measures and seek to guarantee adequate financing to contain the pandemic and protect people, especially the most vulnerable,” the joint statement details.

After the virtual summit in which the G20 Heads of State participated, it was determined that the approved resources will be provided as fiscal policies, economic measures and guarantee schemes aimed at countering the social, economic and financial impacts of the pandemic caused by Covid -19.

In addition, they pledged to guarantee the cross-border flow of medical supplies, agricultural products and other services to guarantee the basic needs of the population.

“The G20’s collective action will amplify its impact, ensure coherence and expand synergies. The magnitude and focus of this response will help the recovery of the global economy and will lay a strong foundation for job protection and growth recovery, “the agreement said.

It also aims to provide aid to all countries that need assistance, as well as to coordinate the public health and financial measures that are necessary during the contingency experienced on a global scale.

In this sense, it was agreed to work in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the United Nations (UN) and other international organizations.

To safeguard the global economy, the G20 nations committed to providing strong and large-scale fiscal supports, in addition to ensuring the cross-border flow of medical supplies, agricultural products and other services.

As part of the agreed actions, finance ministers and central bank governors were determined to develop a G20 action plan in response to Covid-19 and work with international organizations to quickly provide appropriate international financial assistance.


Can not be ignored … 6 small signs reveal that you have corona

Most people have become aware that dry and persistent coughing and fever are signs of the Corona virus, but also anorexia and olfactory are one of the mild symptoms of coronavirus that people should focus on. There are also milder and less obvious symptoms to watch out for, below. Some signs might indicate your injury, according to the British Daily Mirror. The British Society of Otolaryngology has warned that losing your sense of smell and taste might mean you have Covid-19, and the ENT specialist recommends that anyone suffering from these symptoms immediately self-isolate. He has indicated that these symptoms may be caused by coronavirus killing cells in The nose and throat, the association said in a statement, “It showed evidence from other countries that the point of entry for the coronavirus is often in the areas of the eyes, nose and throat.” As for other symptoms that should not be ignored: – physical fatigue. – mental stress. Loss of appetite. Abdominal pain. Eye inflammation.

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Video .. Transforming a toy city into a quarantine for Corona patients in Argentina

Today, Friday, Russia Channel presented a photo report showing the transformation of a games city in Buenos Aires, Argentina, into a health center to receive people living with Coronavir virus.
And Argentina announced the transformation of a city of games and cabarets in the city of Buenos Aires into a health center to receive Corona patients and patients, so that it would be able to accommodate 115 beds for adults and children with the disease for treatment.

Venezuela investigates Juan Guaidó after indicting Nicolás Maduro

In response to the US indictment against head of state Nicolás Maduro and several confidants, Venezuela has now launched an investigation into opposition leader and self-appointed interim president Juan Guaidó and some of his fellow campaigners.

“The Attorney General has opened an investigation into Guaidó, Cliver Alcalá, and other collaborators for attempted state empires against President Maduro,” Attorney General Tarek William Saab wrote on Twitter, referring to an alleged assassination attempted from Colombia with the support of the United States Maduro and other high-ranking politicians were planned. “The Venezuelan regime is caught up in crime and corruption.” The United States had previously charged Maduro and confidants with drug trafficking and money laundering. “The Venezuelan regime is caught up in crime and corruption,” Justice Secretary William Barr said. At the same time, the US government put a kind of bounty on Maduro.

According to investigations, the Caracas government is working with dissidents from the former Colombian rebel organization Farc to smuggle cocaine into the United States. The Trump administration supports opposition leader Juan Guaidó in the power struggle in Venezuela and has already implemented a number of sanctions against the Maduro Government imposed. The US government does not recognize Maduro as the country’s legitimate president. Instead, the United States, like more than 50 other countries – including Germany – recognized Guaidó as head of state, who proclaimed himself transition president at the beginning of last year.

“You are a creep, Donald Trump!” Maduro reacted angrily to the charges against him: “You are a creep, Donald Trump!” he said in a television speech about the US president. The left-wing nationalist head of state also called Trump a “cowboy” and “racist” and accused him of using extortion methods in international relations. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said Trump’s charge “once again attacks the Venezuelan people and their democratic institutions”. It is an attempt to commit “a new form of coup d’état”.
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The literary space of Pierre Madaule, writer

Pierre Madaule died on March 24, 2020 at the age of 92. Writer, practicing Catholic, admirer of Maurice Blanchot, his main books were carried by the literary work of this great writer. “A serious task” is prompted by the withdrawal of the last lines of the first version of “The death warrant”. “Véronique et les Chastes”, a novel, refers to the necessary embodiment of books. “Correspondences avec Maurice Blanchot (1953-2002)” and “Retour d’écave”, the preface to the first version of “Thomas the obscure”, underline the importance of the reader in the destiny of a work, constantly renewed . Pierre Madaule did not hesitate to risk a particular interpretation of the work of Maurice Blanchot, to seek in the texts of this author the influence of the holy scriptures, to engage on an interpretative path of the work at the risk of s ‘engulf it, a mystical and spiritual interpretation, where ambiguity, lack, emptiness, often act as a refuge for the reader. Friend of Jacques Derrida, Roger Laporte, Bernard Noël, Pierre Madaule leaves behind many unpublished writings including “Ma Folie Blanchot”, to discover, and a very large correspondence.

Difficult to detach this great reader from the work of Maurice Blanchot when the time comes for their common disappearances. We could see the fleeting but constantly renewed experience of a plunge into the unknown, a plunge which takes the form of a jump of the angel with eyes turned towards the blue of the sky to approach the fall and burying it in deep, cold, dark waters before perhaps going up, of a dive that baptizes you, of a dive that takes you from shade to light, of a dive that runs close to the abyss . We could detect the experience of a work which attracts, which takes you by surprise, in which you believe to discover your own face, which makes you a consenting and docile prey, but a prey which penetrates it from the inside for better deconstruct it or make it a cocoon.
The reader is active. He always slips deeper into the meanders of a thought that obsesses him, that he fertilizes, without being able to grasp it. The interior and exterior have no borders. Everything is mixed, everything is mixed. Is it a crypt, a new prison in which we lock ourselves in, while looking for the key? Is it the literary space of a large library, where books are embodied in the pulpit of women and in the blood of a brother, this double of our humanity? Is it the inverted mask of the author and the reader who exchange their roles, who exchange their postures until they no longer know who writes, who reads, who writes the forms of this thought that escapes, of the one who believed to have composed it, of that which thought to have tamed it, of that which becomes elusive, of this emptiness, of this lack which is constantly recomposed, with each reading, at each instant? Is it the mirror, the reflection, the disembodied abyss of a return from a wreck that was believed to be impossible and which re-emerges from the depths of the horizon? Is this the veil of Veronica, the new Shroud of a Christianity that is stripped, yet reincarnated in the words of an automatic writing without God or master, instrument of forces that go beyond us?
We are looking, we are still looking for the meaning to give, the meaning to receive, the meaning of the labyrinth which only turns along these boxwood from another age. Some pages of the death warrant are restored. Thomas the Obscure returns to its original version. The reader discovers the author but the lack remains. The reader operates the work, a work that has become public where we have fun, where we hang on, where we get confused, where we get lost. It has become the space of a lifetime.
Go back to the text, repeat the words, try to find a mark of origin, a genesis that would make us believe in a beginning and therefore an end. But the end of the road, the end of the road is never before our eyes, under our feet. Space remains a mystery. It has no limits, intangible in its contours like this water which marries the forms of the body, which wets you, which keeps the imprint, and yet remains elusive.
Why not become forever the clear-eyed captive of a single work, a single text, a few words, as they seem to encompass the real, the imaginary, the spiritual and many other things that remain to be discover ? The captive of this endless space, which saw us being born, which makes us touch eternity, where death is only a passage, the last man a simple possibility?
All this is perhaps false and yet completely true, like this death which today carries Pierre, my father, our father, in the vault of his ancestors, forever in the afterlife, of this step which does not belong than to him. May he find in this tomb the hypothetical roof of his last home.

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Stéphane Madaule


A new free accessory arrives in the Free Mobile online store

While the Huawei P40s have arrived in the Free Mobile online store, a new accessory is offered for the purchase of its predecessor, the P30 pro.
This is a return of a fairly practical Huawei accessory, the Huawei Back-Up. It’s a charging station that also doubles as a hard drive to back up data from your Huawei smartphone. It offers 1TB of storage with a backup of up to 130 Mb / s and is resistant to water and dust. Worth 199 €, it is free for any purchase of a Huawei P30 Pro.

As a reminder, the Huawei P30 Pro currently benefits from a reduction of € 250, its price thus goes to € 599 against € 849 previously. It is available for payment in 4 installments at no cost, for € 152 when ordered, then 3 times for € 149 at no cost.



Evangeline Lily’s response to those who criticized her for despising social distancing

After her co-star in Lost, Maggie Grace, will catch her eye for neglecting the call for social estrangement in the midst of the global coronavirus crisis, Evangeline Lilly has apologized for her controversial comments.Evanveline Lilly plays Hope van Dyne / Avispa the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Image: © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) MoreThe actress who played Hope van Dyne in the Ant-Man films came under heavy criticism from industry peers and fans after claiming on Instagram that she would not abide by the call for estrangement. and house arrest as preventive measures to stop the expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recall that, when an Instagram user questioned his indifference to these measures, Lilly declared that he was one of those people who “value freedom above their lives.” Well, this Friday, March 27, Lilly offered her apologies on the same network. social, describing his previous message as “derogatory” and “arrogant”. The actress who played Kate Austen in Lost states that she now chooses to stay home with her family and expresses her concern for the communities affected by the pandemic. “I want to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology for the insensitivity I showed with my previous publication towards the true suffering and fear that has come into the world with COVID-19. Grandparents, parents, children, sisters and brothers are dying, the world has risen to find a way to stop this real threat, and my consequent silence has launched a derogatory, arrogant and cryptic message. “” My direct and special apologies who has been most affected by this pandemic. I never intended to harm you. When I wrote that 10 days ago, I thought I was instilling calm amid the hysteria. Now I can see that I was projecting my own fears into an already fearsome and traumatic situation. ”“ I regret the continued loss of life and the impossible decisions that healthcare workers around the world must make to treat those affected. I am concerned about communities – small businesses and families earning a living – and I am trying to follow responsible recommendations to help. Like many of you, I fear the political consequences of this pandemic, and I pray for all of us. ”More stories that may interest you:

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design and specifications uncovered

Last year we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, one of the few responses to the iPad in the Android market. This proposal from Samsung came with a Snapdragon 855, up to 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory, a Super AMOLED screen and, in short, a high-end configuration that caused its price to rise above 700 euros.

As a proposal within this S6 family, but somewhat cheaper, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite will arrive, which has just been completely filtered in Winfuture. From the middle point that the expected price is between 350 and 400 euros, a substantial reduction compared to the high-end model.

Exynos processor and aluminum finish


Virtually everything from the design to its specifications has been leaked from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. If we look at the front, in which we find some slightly larger frames than what can be expected in 2020, we find a 10.4-inch panel, this time with IPS technology and a resolution of 2000×1200, according to this leaked information. The screen will be compatible with the Samsung S-Pen, one of the great advantages of this S family.

Quite flat design in non-strident colors, AKG logo on the back and S-Pen holder. Although it is Lite, this Galaxy Tab S6 maintains the essence of its family

Turning it around we found a fairly flat design made of aluminum, with the Samsung logo in the center and the camera located in the upper left corner. Specifically, the unit that has leaked is gray at the rear, with a black front. If we look at the back in detail, we see that the sound is signed by AKG, something typical in this family.

At the hardware level, according to the leak, the table will have the Exynos 9611, one of the processors that Samsung has implemented in its A range, so we are facing a mid-range proposal. This SoC is accompanied by 4 Gb of RAM. All this is powered by a 7040mAh battery, a generous figure, although we must remember that it has more than 10 inches.

The photographic section is humble, with a front camera of five megapixels and a rear of eight. In fact, there isn’t even an LED flash, so much less second sensors, ToFs, and more. At the connectivity level, it will have an LTE version to insert a SIM and a WiFi version. The USB Type C, the NFC or the GPS support could not be missing.

There is no news yet on the release date of this tablet, although from the middle it is noted that it should occur in the coming weeks. Remember here that just two days ago Samsung renewed the Galaxy Tab 8.4, so it makes sense that days later we see another more ambitious model.

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         The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite leaks completely: design and specifications uncovered

Virus, there is no Lombard boom: slow growth in Sicily. Contagion numbers – 1 of 1 – Palermo

Virus, there is no Lombard boom: slow growth in Sicily. Contagion numbers – 1 of 1 – Palermo – the Republic









Sicily is booming with the epidemic: 1,164 people tested positive for coronavirus. Double that of four days earlier. And at this moment on the island the contagion increases more than the national average. But less quickly than Lombardy before the lockdown: “The virus arrived at least two weeks late and we are benefiting from the effects of early containment”, explains Professor Mariangela Sciandra, Professor of Statistics at the University of Palermo, who together with Alice Blandino analyzed a month of epidemic in Italy. The comparison between regions shows that the virus kills less on the island than elsewhere. Intensive care patients decrease (68 compared to 80 the day before) and the healed increase. (Giusi Spica)
March 27, 2020
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