The Fécamp school group, La Providence, plans to create an apprenticeship training unit near Yvetot

What if the late E’Caux Center site became an apprentice training unit (UFA)? The premises, empty since the closure of the old platform for promoting agriculture and organic products in 2013, are of interest to the La Providence school group. The private establishment in Fécamp plans to make it a place of learning in the building and catering industries.

Last month, director Hervé Lecomte presented this beautiful project to parents and students who wanted to join a short course in highly sought-after professional fields after the third. ” This project will strengthen the link between school and business, meet the expectations of the proposed activity sectors and allow these young people to adapt to the professional world, always on the move. », He explained.

“Nothing has been signed yet”

Partners of La Providence, the company Gueudry Construction, established in Normandy for 50 years, and the company API Restauration,
would be the guarantors of a know-how.
Nothing has been signed yet. We have to wait for the banks’ agreement, says Gueudry Construction, whose headquarters are based in Le Trait. ” The final notice is expected to be released in late February. If validated, the training unit will be able to open at the start of the new school year 2020. Nothing has been done yet “, insists Gérard Charassier, the president of the community of communes Yvetot Normandie, owner of the site. ” The project interests us. It corresponds to a need for training in our territory. Business leaders often complain that they cannot find skilled workers. We are in discussion with La Providence. The ball is in his court. “

If the project succeeds, it will finally put an end to the annoying history of E’Caux Center. A nine-year-old affair already. Little reminder. In 2011, even before the works were completed, the platform had been placed in receivership, due to lack of cash to pay the companies. The establishment nevertheless opened its doors in September 2012, before closing them a year later. Some 2 M € of public money will have been squandered! he
took several years to “clean up” the case legally. An agreement with the banks made it possible to raise the mortgages according to the rule of three thirds. One third of the amount of the loans (€ 1.7 million in total, € 850,000 to Crédit Agricole and € 850,000 to Caisse d’Épargne) was covered by the community of municipalities, another third by the Public investment bank, and banks have given up the last third. The site has since belonged to com’com, as provided for in the long-term lease in the event of cessation of activity. A site that costs the community around € 10,000 per year for routine maintenance work (green spaces, cleaning, checking of electrical installations, etc.). Com’com therefore wishes to dispose of this bulky item as soon as possible. The sale price is set at € 1.6 million. E’Caux Center transformed into an apprenticeship training unit, it would really be a great gift from … La Providence.


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Atlanta: seasons 3 and 4 to air in 2021

Donald Glover’s series will not return this year …

FX has unveiled its 2020 calendar and, bad news, Atlanta not included. The boss of the channel, John Landgraf, has indeed revealed that season 3, which will have 10 episodes, would not be released until January 2021. That is to say almost three years after season 2, which was broadcast between March and May 2018 But there is also good news to get rid of the pill: season 4, which will have 8 episodes, should follow very quickly, with a release scheduled for fall 2021.

Fargo: FX unveils Season 4 trailer with Chris Rock

As Variety reports, Landgraf explained that seasons 3 and 4 were like “parts 1 and 2“a new chapter for the series. The 18 episodes will be shot in a row, and if part of it will be filmed well in Atlanta, the essential”will be shot outside the United StatesWe are curious to see Earn (Donald Glover), Paper Boi (Bryan Tyree Henry), Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) and Van (Zazie Beetz) change horizons.

Finally, Landgraf explained that he was hot for a season 5, but that it was not up to him: “as long as Donald wants to do moreAtlanta, I am on it. But it’s his choice“.

The Top 50 of the best series of the decade 2010-2019


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“Atlanta”: Donald Glover’s series will return in 2021 for two new seasons

(Relaxnews) – Ten episodes will make up the third season of the comedy-drama, which is scheduled to return in January 2021 on FX’s US antenna. In the process, the fourth part will be available in the course of the fall, we learned from the president of FX Networks John Landgraf.

It will take extra patience to find Donald Glover in the fabulous “Atlanta” series. On the occasion of the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, John Landgraf announced that the next two seasons of the series created by the American actor also known under the pseudonym Childish Gambino will not be broadcast until 2021.

18 upcoming episodes

The first ten episodes will be available in January 2021, followed, for the moment, by eight episodes ordered for the fall of 2021. A joint shooting that will take place mainly in the city of Atlanta, where the story takes place, but which will be exported “outside the United States”, as Variety reports.

Launched in 2016, the comedy-drama “Atlanta” has only two seasons, the last of which ended in May 2018 on the American television channel FX. A long wait for fans of the series of the rapper who has continued to multiply the projects, making him unavailable for the series. The actor notably lent his voice to the character of Simba in the 2019 film of the year “The Lion King” alongside Beyoncé. He also shared the “Guava Island” poster with Rihanna on Amazon Prime Video while continuing his successful singing career as Childish Gambino.

If a fifth season has not been ordered yet, John Landgraf has expressed his desire to continue the “Atlanta” adventure if Donald Glover wants it too: “As long as Donald wants to keep doing + Atlanta +, I am for it. But it is his choice “.

True success, “Atlanta” won the Golden Globe for best comedy series in 2017 as well as for best actor in a comedy series for Donald Glover. The latter, who produces his series, won the same year an Emmy Award in the same category. Brian Tyree Henry (“If Beale Street Could Talk”), Zazie Beetz (“Deadpool 2”) and Lakeith Stanfield (“Knives Out”) are part of the main cast.

The series follows the lives of two cousins ​​in the city of Atlanta who are trying to break into the world of rap. After quitting his studies at Princeton, Earn accumulated odd jobs to provide for his family before launching himself as a manager for his cousin Alfred alias Paper Boi, a rising star of the hip-hop scene who accommodates his best friend in his small flat.

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United States: Cannabis shortage in Illinois one week after legalization

Illinois became the 11th US state to legalize recreational cannabis use for those over 21.

Demand for cannabis has been so strong in Illinois since its legalization on Jan. 1 that shortages have been recorded at several vendors in the U.S. state, where revenue has already reached nearly $ 11 million.

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On January 1, hundreds of shoppers had flocked into the early hours of the day in Chicago, the state’s largest city, sometimes lining up for more than 12 hours to purchase freshly legalized cannabis. After California, Colorado or Massachusetts, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana use for people over 21 years of age.

Summer offer : Take advantage of the 2-month special offer for € 1

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$ 3.1 million in revenue the day it was legalized

The dispensaries recorded on the day of its legalization 77,000 transactions and more than 3.1 million dollars in revenue, according to the authorities. In one week, these reached $ 11 million, more than double the amount garnered in a week by traders in 2014 in Colorado, the first American state to have taken the step of legalization.

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Strong demand has forced many clinics to temporarily lower the curtain, or to reserve their sales for therapeutic use. “Shortages were expected since they have occurred in all the other states that have legalized cannabis,” said Paul Isaac, a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Thirty-seven dispensaries are currently licensed to sell cannabis in Illinois, including 10 in Chicago. The state plans to grant operating licenses to dozens of traders, growers and suppliers from mid-2020. According to the projections of the specialized media Marijuana Business Daily, the sale of recreational cannabis in Illinois could generate $ 2.5 billion per year.

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OKC s’offre Houston, Philadelphia domine Boston

Aurélie SACCHELLI, published on Friday, January 10, 2020 at 7:13 AM

Two big posters took place Thursday in the NBA, and saw the victory of Oklahoma City (led by a great Chris Paul) against Houston (109-98), and the success of Philadelphia against the Celtics (109-98).

It was the reunion game at the Chesapeake Arena! Oklahoma City, led by former Houston player Chris Paul, hosted the Rockets from Thunder alumni James Harden and Russell Westbrook. And at home, OKC did not give gifts to its former stars, winning 113-92. After receiving a wonderful welcome from the fans he left last summer, Westbrook signed an excellent match (34pts, 5pds), but for once, he was not really helped by Harden, who left the spotlight to him and was “satisfied” with 17 points (2 of 9 to 3 points). It must be said that opposite, the Thunder was brilliant, and led this match from the third to the last minute, with a lead climbing to +30 at the end of the match (60-48, mt). Danilo Galinari finished with 23 points and 11 rebounds, while Chris Paul was omnipresent, with 18 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals! Auspicious before the shock against the Lakers on Saturday.

Without Embiid, Philadelphia offers itself Boston

Another shock was unfolding this Thursday, but this time in the Eastern Conference. And Philadelphia inflicted a third straight loss to Boston: 109-98. The C’s however led by fifteen points in the middle of the second quarter, but at half-time, the 76ers had already returned a little (48-55), before taking the advantage in the third quarter and unwinding in the last, won 32-18. Without Joel Embiid, victim of a torn ligament in his hand and absent for at least two weeks, the 76ers could count on a huge Josh Richardson, who finished with 29 points and 7 assists, while Ben Simmons had 19 points and 9 rebounds. Opposite, Kemba Walker, the day after the first expulsion of his career, this time went to the end of the match and scored 26 points (24 for Marcus Smart). Despite this series of defeats, Boston remains third, but Philadelphia (5th) now has the same number of victories (25).

Cleveland and Thompson get their revenge

Still in the East, Cleveland (13th), who remained on five consecutive defeats, won 115-112 after extra time in Detroit (10th), and therefore takes revenge on the Pistons, who had come to win 113- 115 in Ohio two days earlier. Detroit (without Blake Griffin) led for the vast majority of the game, with a lead of up to +13 in the second and third quarters. But Cleveland came back little by little, and it was Tristan Thompson who took the two teams into overtime by scoring a free throw 24 seconds from the end (102-102). ” Posterized ”by Sekou Doumbouya two days before, the boyfriend of Khloé Kardashian, took a dazzling revenge by beating his career record, with 35 points on the clock (15 out of 20 shots, plus 14 rebounds). He put four in overtime, won 13-10 by the Cavs. Sekou Doumbouya finished with 8 points in 20 minutes.

Wolves overthrow Blazers

Finally, the last game of the night saw Minnesota win over Portland. Wolves, still deprived of Karl-Anthony Towns, won 116-102 against a team which has almost the same record and which will also fight to the end for 8th place in the West. If the Blazers, first quarter winners 34-28, started the game well, they were then overthrown by Minnesota, with a 31-13 and a 41-27 conceded in the second and third quarter, the fault in particular of Andrew Wiggins (23pts, 8pds). Opposite, the Lillard-McCollum – Anthony trio were reduced to 20, 15 and 8 points.

The Top 5: Chris Paul at the top!

Thursday January 9, 2020
Detroit Pistons – Cleveland Cavaliers : 112-115 ap
>>> Stats of Sekou Doumbouya (DET): 20 minutes of play, 8 points (3 out of 5 shots including 2/2 to 3pts), 1 rebound, 1 pass, 1 against, 1 lost ball, 4 fouls

Philadelphia 76ers – Boston Celtics : 109-98
>>> Vincent Poirier (BOS), injured in the hand, did not play

Minnesota Timberwolves – Portland Trail Blazers : 116-102
>>> Stats by Jaylen Hoard (POR): 17 minutes of play, 8 points (3 of 7 on shots including 0/1 to 3pts), 4 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 blocks suffered, 1 lost ball

Oklahoma City Thunder – Houston Rockets : 113-92
>>> William Howard (HOU) did not play

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NFL: new system, new style, new ideas

The Baltimore Ravens are the hottest team in the NFL and are considered the top favorite for winning the Super Bowl (Ravens vs. Titans, Sun 2.15am live on DAZN). On the way, head coach John Harbaugh turned his team over and started a real revolution.

The Baltimore Ravens missed the playoffs three times in a row from 2015 to 2017 and bobbed to themselves. With Joe Flacco as quarterback and a rather old-fashioned style of play, they did not impress anyone and were considered to be discontinued. Even the head coach of John Harbaugh, who has been in office since 2008, gradually wobbled. Less than two years later, the Ravens are back and for the first time ever the top seed of the AFC. How did you do that?

Of course, they pulled quarterback Lamar Jackson, the designated MVP of the 2019 season, in the draft last year and replaced Flacco with the rookie later in the year. That alone provided a boost that took the team to a new level.

Jackson brought new dynamism into the game of the Ravens, who had probably never seen this before. But this transformation was not really complete. At the latest in the wildcard game against the Los Angeles Chargers, the limits were shown to the then shaky construction. With eight defensive backs in coverage, Jackson was just overwhelmed a year ago.

Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman recognized this and came to the right conclusions: After Flacco had moved to Denver, it was important to maximize Jackson’s strengths. As a result, Roman threw his playbook out of the window and started from scratch. Harbaugh himself bluntly called this a “revolution” of his own offense early in the offseason.

Baltimore Ravens: Run Game im Fokus

Trivially formulated, everything revolved around the run game and Lamar Jackson in an exposed position. The offense got a lot of option elements – read options, run pass options, sometimes even triple options. And lots of play fakes and misdirections. Harbaugh bravely announced an offense that the NFL had never seen before.

He should be right. The Ravens performed historically and ran as a team for 3,296 yards, surpassing the all-time record of the Patriots from 1978 (3165). But they were by no means limited to the run. Rather, they are the first team in the history of the NFL to play an average of 200 passing and 200 rushing yards per game over an entire season. This went hand in hand with a new season rushing yard record for quarterbacks: with his 1206 rushing yards, Jackson surpassed the old record of Michael Vick (1039) from 2006, probably the most dynamic QB in NFL history until 2019.

But the Ravens saw more than just mass statistics across the board in the NFL top. Also Footballoutsiders sees the Ravens ahead of everyone in terms of offensive efficiency, especially lately. Overall, they are certified 27.5 percent DVOA, but if you look at the weighted offense – roughly speaking, the start of the season is weighted less strongly than the most recent games – they are even at 31.8 percent.

Baltimore Ravens in the efficiency ranking

category DVOA (percent) Liga-Rang
Team 41,5 1
Team Offense 27,5 1
Passing Offense 47,4 1
Rushing Offense 21,1 1
Team Defense -12,7 4
Passing Defense -16,0 4
Rushing Defense -7,9 19

Even more remarkable though: With 47.4 percent DVOA, they even play the most efficient passing game, ahead of Kansas City and New Orleans with their superstar quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees. Of course, they are clearly in the lead in the running game (21.1 percent DVOA).

One reason for this is of course the 36 touchdown passes from Jackson, who even leads the league.

Baltimore Ravens: Defense almost as good as last year

However surprisingly dominant the offensive was, it is perhaps even more surprising that the defense (-12.7 percent DVOA, 3rd place) maintained its high efficiency of the previous year (-13.1 percent DVOA, 3rd place). In this area there was perhaps a much larger change in personnel.

Above all, the Ravens lost their top pass rusher Za’Darius Smith and veteran Terrell Suggs. Linebackers CJ Mosley and Safety Eric Weddle also left. Of course, they were adequately replaced, especially by Safety Earl Thomas and later in the season by the trade for cornerback Marcus Peters. But that it was essentially possible to almost repeat last year’s production after initial problems speaks volumes for the good work of defensive coordinator Don Martindale.

The bottom line is the best regular season in the history of the relatively young franchise.

A central point for this is also Harbaugh’s will to engage in modern approaches. He therefore deals intensively with in-game analytics and makes decisions using bare numbers. In practice, it looks like Harbaugh is in constant contact with football analyst Daniel Stern, who is sitting next to the OC in the cabin above and has a constant eye on “Down and Distance” to give him the best advice about what suggest the numbers for further action.


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Fat Freddy’s Drop, Georgia and Chromatics: The Pop Albums of the Week in Soundcheck – Kultur

Fat Freddy’s Drop: Special Edition Part 1 (The Drop)

The drunken dub masters from New Zealand will soon go on a world tour and there are a few new sketches from which the fat bass pictures can be painted live, which have one of the largest concert acts on the planet from the club band let be. There is a big burner on every Fat Freddy’s Drop album, around which some pretty tracks gather. Andreas Müller, moderator

Georgia: Seeking Thrills (Domino)

When the London session drummer Georgia Barnes is stuck, she goes dancing. Where life is only rhythm, she feels at home. Now she has written her own soundtrack to this life. Electronic, electrical, ecstatic. A record against phlegm, brooding and loneliness. Fanny Tanck, Music Journalist

Chromatics: Closer To grey (Italians Do It Better/Rough Trade)

Long announced, eagerly awaited and now somehow surprising: The new Chromatics album from Portland. It doesn’t offer anything revolutionary new, but the tried and tested, once again perfected sound of euphorically despondent girl singing, which has to compete with an analog arsenal of machines. If you don’t get warm in your heart, you have none. Christian Seidl, Berliner Zeitung

Field Music: Making A New World (Memphis Industries)

From a concept album about the First World War, one might expect something like “Lament”, with which the collapsing new buildings wanted to set the horror of the trenches in 2014. The British band Field Music, on the other hand, writes songs on topics directly or indirectly related to the war, which they pack into a sound mediating between New Wave, white Brit radio and prog rock. An entertaining, curious and educational pop history lesson. Jörg Wunder, daily mirror

[Neue Alben, Konzerte, Club-Adressen:]

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Obergiesing – “University of Maryland” is being renovated – Munich

For a long time, the area of ​​the former McGraw barracks was a large wasteland, only 20 minutes from Marienplatz. Now a residential area with good public transport connections is to be built right on the doorstep. As stated in a statement by the Bavarian State Ministry for Housing, Building and Transport, there is now building law for the new Stadibau GmbH project on Soyerhofstrasse. Stadibau was founded in 1974 and builds apartments for civil servants.

This means that there is nothing standing in the way of the conversion of the former “University of Maryland”, and work can begin in 2020. According to the ministry, the first tenants are to move into their new homes as early as 2023. Stadibau is investing around 55 million euros in the project. “Every family that can move into a Stadibau apartment frees up an apartment on the market. With each completed apartment, we relieve the tense rental market in Munich,” said Bavaria’s Minister of Building, Hans Reichhart (CSU).

The building, built in 1941, is a piece of Munich’s city history. As the staff and administration building of the “Reichsautozug” it was part of the almost completely preserved building complex of the “Reichszeugmeisterei” and the “Hilfszuges Bayern” of the National Socialists. In 1945 the US forces took over the area and renamed it “McGraw Barracks”. Since 1950 there was the “University of Maryland” with an American shopping center, cinema and bowling alleys. Since the withdrawal of the American armed forces from the McGraw barracks in 1992, the building had been empty because no suitable subsequent use was found.

Stadibau will refurbish and redesign the historic building, the ministry said. When completed, a total of 147 apartments on seven floors will be built there. The design comes from the pen of Kiessler Architects GmbH (Munich) and the project partner Matt Architects (Mauren-Liechtenstein). Apartments with balconies are located on the lower floors, and wheelchair-accessible apartments with loggias are also planned. The newly built roof construction creates a further 32 maisonette apartments in the attic area. For noise protection reasons, all residential uses are oriented towards the quiet green inner courtyard.

A new garage floor with almost 50 parking spaces is planned under the gutted courtyard. New Stadibau apartments are also being built on the eastern side of the so-called McGraw trench. In an urban residential area, for which a planning competition was concluded at the beginning of 2019, 560 residential units are to be accommodated, as well as child daycare facilities and a full range. North of it, on the area of ​​the so-called Hall 19, the state-owned BayernHeim GmbH is currently also examining a housing development.


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Cannabis legalized in Illinois: Hundreds of thousands of inmates to be released

Another U.S. state legalizes cannabis and people are lining up straight away. But the governor of Illinois is not only concerned with the drug itself, but also with the judiciary. Hundreds of thousands of prisoners are about to be released.

As soon as cannabis is legalized in the US state of Illinois, there are supply bottlenecks: Several sales outlets had to close temporarily due to a lack of cannabis stocks, as was learned from the seller. Other outlets are limited to releasing cannabis for medical-therapeutic purposes. The statistics show that the cannabis trade in Illinois generated earnings of $ 11 million in just five days of sales.

According to experts, revenues could skyrocket in the future. The trade magazine “Marijuana Business Daily” estimated the possible sales proceeds to the equivalent of a good 2.2 billion euros a year. To date, there are 37 outlets in Illinois, including ten in Chicago. However, the state plans to grant dozens of new licenses to dealers and cannabis producers from the middle of the year.

The legalization applies to users aged 21 and over. Illinois residents above this age limit may own up to 30 grams of cannabis, five grams of cannabis concentrate, or 500 milligrams of the cannabis active ingredient THC since the turn of the year. If you are not resident in Illinois, but are there, you can carry up to 15 grams of cannabis with you.

700,000 prisoners before release

In the new year, queues of the same length had formed at the sales outlets. Governor Jay Robert Pritzker also wants to use the legalization to relieve the judicial system and release tens of thousands of people who have been convicted of minor offenses related to cannabis use. The governor immediately pardoned 11,017 people. A total of more than 700,000 pardons are planned.


By legalizing cannabis as a luxury food, Illinois is ending an “unsuccessful war on drugs,” prosecutor Kim Foxx said. This struggle has had a “disproportionate” impact on African American citizens and members of other minorities.

Before Illinois, ten other U.S. states and Washington DC have already legalized cannabis as a luxury food. Cannabis use is permitted for medical reasons in 34 states and in the U.S. capital. The US drug control agency DEA still classifies marijuana as a dangerous substance – just like LSD or heroin.


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Emotions – Digital West Virginia – Culture

The US state of West Virginia has somehow managed to become a place of longing and probably John Denver is mainly to blame. For this reason, software developer Bethesda also used a cover version of his song “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, in which someone longs for his beloved West Virginia, in the trailer of the 2018 online role-playing game “Fallout 76”. In the game, which takes place entirely in a stylized West Virginia, the USA has to be rebuilt after a nuclear war.

Nick Bowman, a scientist at West Virginia University, has now found that Fallout 76 players, after about 20 hours of playing, had similar feelings for the state as people who live there were born or raised. That raises many questions. For some Americans, the state is, to put it cautiously, somewhat backward. Previously, Fallout games have been set in Boston, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas, all as exaggerated caricatures of their real role model. Fallout West Virginia is now teeming with zombie-like hillbillys and all sorts of monsters like giant ticks. So whoever is exposed to it feels like a real resident of West Virginia? It is unclear whether the player’s feelings towards the region are positive or negative. Because “Fallout 76” was not particularly well received by fans and critics. And some also complained that the Internet in West Virginia was too slow for the game anyway.

The Republican governor of the state, named Jim Justice, already announced when the game was released: “It is finally here and the rest of the world realizes what a gem West Virginia is.” To date, however, there has been no tourist flow. Despite their feelings for the regions, most players seem to prefer the digital version of the state. John Denver still seems to be responsible for the image of the real role model. By the way, Bowman, the author of the study, no longer lives in West Virginia, but started a new job this week. In Taiwan.


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