Nicole Saafan accompanies Tariq Al-Erian at the launch of Amr Diab perfume in Dubai

The launch of the perfume of the Egyptian artist Amr Diab was held last night in Dubai, and the audience was limited to the advertising team and a number of stars, but it was remarkable to many followers that the presence of the Syrian model Nicole Saafan at the ceremony, as it was published through the comics feature on her own page on Instagram A number of photos and videos from the ceremony.

The observers linked Saffan’s presence at the concert and the Palestinian director, Tariq Al-Erian, who was free from the Syrian artist Asala, especially since he was the one who directed the advertisement for the perfume.

Followers confirmed that the duo’s relationship has become confirmed, and that Al-Arian always accompanies his new girlfriend, who is 20 years younger than him, with him on all occasions. North Coast, but brought out by Ahmed Al-Najjar.

Tariq Al-Erian and Asala officially announced their separation at the beginning of 2020, without disclosing the reason for the divorce, which shocked many of their lovers, especially since their marital relationship was strong and bore fruit to two children.

Who is Nicole Saffan, Tariq Al-Erian’s new sweetheart?

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