here are the mistakes that make it ineffective

What if we applied our hydroalcoholic gel incorrectly? On RTL, Michel Cymes unveiled the most frequent mistakes we make when disinfecting our hands.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, hydroalcoholic gels have become everyday allies. Everyone has at least a bottle of it in their bag, but not all of us use it properly. And if it is misused, there is unfortunately nothing miraculous about it! On RTL, Michel Cymes unveiled the most frequent mistakes we make when disinfecting our hands. The first is quantity.

« If you have a bottle with a pre-dosed pump, leave it to the technique. If not, don’t settle for a dab of gel as I have seen. Be generous! Fill the palm of your hand well. The gel, it is better to put too much than not enough», Advises the doctor.

Have the right gestures

Today, we are used to pouring a dab of hydroalcoholic gel in the palm of a hand. We then rub both hands together and think we are rid of germs. Except … not at all! Many of us do not have the right gestures …

« You have to spread the gel. It is only after that we rub our hands palm to palm, then back of the hand to the back of the hand, and we do not forget either the spaces between the fingers which are good refuges for germs, nor the wrists, neither the tip of each finger, nor the thumb which, when you look closely at it, is often the forgotten thing. Total totals watch in hand: if the fact of rubbing yourself with gel requires less than thirty seconds, then you have botched the ceremony», Explains Michel Cymes.

Pay attention to the composition of the gel

Tomorrow you will no doubt be attracted to a hydroalcoholic gel with strawberries or lemon, but a simple product with few ingredients will be much more effective! “My advice: let’s keep it simple! And the simplicity, it is evaluated by reading the ingredients. The more there are, the more complex the product. And the more complex the product, the less good it is for the skin and its effectiveness is questionable.», Continues the doctor.

Finally, for it to effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria, your hydroalcoholic gel must contain at least 80% ethanol. “Below 80%, you risk buying Perlimpimpin powder”, specifies Michel Cymes. In other words, your gel is totally ineffective. Be careful, also avoid applying the gel to wet hands as this can cause burns. Never rub your eyes after putting on the gel, nor apply it to open wounds, eczema or the side of private parts.

« The gel, we can never say it enough, remains a booster and nothing replaces a good washing of the hands (and the wrists) with clear water and with soap», Concludes Michel Cymes.

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Video by Juliette Le Peillet