Helmut Marko adjusts the “Corona Camp” statement

5:59 p.m.

“Corona Camp”: Helmut Marko adjusts the statement

Red Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko caused some excitement with some of his suggestions on Sunday in ‘ORF’ to deliberately infect his drivers with the corona virus so that they are fully operational should the Formula 1 season start. He now makes it clear to ‘F1-Insider.com’: “Of course that’s not true. It wasn’t about deliberately infecting someone.”

Marko emphasizes that “there was never any talk of that:” It came across incorrectly in the interview because it was also cut together. In Austria you are being overwhelmed by the media from Corona Virus. Even the very own scorn, for which Austria is generally valued beyond the borders, is nipped in the bud in times like these. In any case, one thing is certain: I do not send my children to war voluntarily. “

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“Ten titles should be enough”

Racing point driver Lance Stroll has to laugh at this ambitious goal. The Canadian explains that it is the adrenaline that inspires him about his job. His realistic goal: to win the title “Best often he rest” both with the team and in the driver classification.

5:18 p.m.

Not everyone can be Lewis Hamilton …

Securing the royal crown for several years in a row is a rarity in Formula 1, despite the ongoing Hamilton series. And sometimes defending the title went really wrong, as you can see in our new video:

Formula 1 history: the most horrific title defenses

Not every Formula 1 world champion can successfully defend his title – we look at the cases in which the attempt was particularly troubled … More Formula 1 videos

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Crisis can be so creative

At Alfa Romeo, even Kimi Raikkonen did the trick: you can also recreate a little pit lane atmosphere at home. A few everyday engineers seem to be among the fans of the team.

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Sim racing also a blessing for Formula 1?

“We are all keen to see live sports,” said Jenson Button. “So I think Sim Racing is a good idea. It’s incredible how many people are watching it now. I think it will increase until there is a real Grand Prix again.”

The 2009 World Champion believes that the participation of the current Formula 1 drivers can help even the premier class as a whole:

“There are almost as many interviews as there are at real Grands Prix. And it is also fun. I think you can also see real individuals standing out. A race weekend is very stressful and the drivers are fully focused. In Sim- Racing is a bit more relaxed. The characters stand out more. That too can help sport in the future. “

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Crisis trend: Sim racing

Fortunately, we don’t have to do without racing action with our racing driver heroes. Here you can read how, for example, Max Verstappen only did yesterday in the virtual world.

Here you also have an overview of the most exciting events in e-sports these days.

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Rule changes in detail

Colleague Stefan Ehlen took a close look at the other decisions that became known today. You can read that here.

2:59 p.m.

The background to the DAS regulation

Colleague Ruben Zimmermann dealt with the context and the effects of the newly confirmed DAS ban. You can read that here.

Formula 1 technology: what Mercedes had to convert for DAS

Formula 1 technology expert Giorgio Piola compares the current Mercedes W11 with its predecessor W10 in this animation. This shows how Mercedes had to convert the car to be able to use the new two-axis steering (DAS). More Formula 1 videos

2:41 p.m.

Why the whole thing?

The decisions are actually easy to understand. Overall, one wants to be able to react more flexibly to the development of the corona crisis. In addition, some fairness decisions were made here, which are also used for financing.

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Mercedes’ DAS system had already been banned for 2021. However, there had been ambiguity because the rules will now remain the same for 2021. You could have assumed that Mercedes could stay with its new development. Officially, this is no longer the case.

2:32 p.m.

By e-vote: FIA with changes to sporting regulations

We have just received the averaging that the FIA ​​World Council has digitally agreed on further changes for the 2020 Formula 1 season:

– In order to implement rule changes, only 60 percent approval from the teams is required.
– The calendar can be changed without voting
– The test calendar is changed
– The manufacturers must adhere to a development break similar to a summer break
– The number of drive units available without penalty during the season will be changed if the season shortens
– In 2020, the cars for the 2022 rule change may not be worked on
– Mercedes’ DAS system may not be used in 2021

1:41 p.m.

Formula 1 commentator from the home office

Heiko Waßer also tries to do something about the Formula 1 withdrawal symptoms …

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Ricciardo’s crisis tips

“Perhaps one of the most comforting things about the situation is that we’re all in the same boat,” Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo told talksport.com. “It is often like this in difficult times. If it only affects you, it is always a little more difficult. It is easier if you go through it with others. Now that it concerns the whole world, it is about working together and keep each other happy. “

He also helps himself in his Australian home with a daily routine that he would stick to during the season. He warns of the “Urlaus mode”.

Daniel Ricciardo ~ Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) ~

12:52 p.m.

Formula 1 must remain attractive

Shifting the rules, pushing the budget cap further, help for smaller teams … There are already some considerations on how to get the premier class through the crisis. ‘Sky Sports F1’ expert Martin Brundle also calls on those responsible for Formula 1 to give a signal to the manufacturers that are so important for the series.

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“They have to address the shareholders of companies like Mercedes, Renault and Honda and give them a reason to be able to justify staying in Formula 1. It is still a great global platform. And if we have survived, we will yes, everyone is selling their products again, which is why it must be made easy for the decision-makers to justify staying.

12:23 p.m.

Button warns of format changes

According to the current status (more on this here) the season will start in Canada on June 14th. Because that would be the next venue in the original calendar that has not yet announced any cancellation or postponement. It can be doubted whether it will really come to this.

Whenever it really starts: alternative designs of the race weekends are already being discussed. Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn has already brought up some ideas. Another is: Possible venues for two races in one weekend. Ex-Formula 1 driver Jenson Button thinks this is nonsense.

“I hope that the season can start soon,” he emphasized to ‘Sky Sports F1’. “But I would be surprised if we would have two races in one weekend. I think the process will remain the same. It should be. Two races in one weekend would distract from the main event.”

11:58 a.m.

Different from a “normal” summer break. Engine factories close

When work in the team factories comes to a standstill in a normal Formula 1 season in summer, the engine factories usually don’t take holidays. In Brixworth (Mercedes), Maranello (Ferrari), Viry (Renault) and Sakura (Honda), work can continue according to sporting regulations. After the summer break was brought forward this year due to the Corna crisis, that also changes.

As ‘Auto, motor und sport’ reports, the FIA ​​has agreed with the engine manufacturers that their factories will also be shut down for three weeks. Ferrari and Renault were forced to do so by the political situation in Italy and France. Mercedes is also no longer working. Only from Japan would there be no news of a factory closure.