Goodbye Dpcm, the Conte era is over: premier Draghi will make normal dl passing through parliament for anti-Covid rules

February 23, 2021 21:28

Coronavirus, Mario Draghi’s change of pace: the new premier intends not to continue to launch Dpcm like his predecessor Giuseppe Conte for the management of the pandemic

Goodbye Dpcm. The new premier Mario Draghi intends to put in the attic the emergency mode (and centralization of power unique in the history of the Republic) adopted by his predecessor Giuseppe Conte for the management of the pandemic Coronavirus. The new government is evaluating how to orient itself for the next anti-Covid regulations, which will be adopted starting from 5 March with the expiry of the old Conte Dpcm currently in force. According to information transferred to the press tonight, the intention of the new executive headed by Draghi and with the majority also the forces of the Center-right (Lega and Forza Italia) who in recent months had denounced precisely the modality of the Dpcm that bypassed parliament, and therefore democracy, is to overcome this type of management by relying on normal decrees that they will be approved by the Government and then converted into law by the Parliament within 60 days, as required by ordinary institutional legislation. The government has the stability and numbers to be able to afford it from a political point of view, as long as it manages to keep all the heterogeneous forces of the majority aggregated.

Precisely in this sense, the goal is to find a synthesis between two lines, a rigorous and a softer one, with the aim of getting to sign the new provision, as already done for the extension of the closures of the Regions, with an advance 4-5 days with respect to the deadline of 5 March. This is the task of Mario Draghi, who after the decree passed yesterday is called to perform the second act as prime minister to combat the pandemic. For this reason, tonight the Prime Minister has called a meeting with the interested ministers (present Daniele Franco, Maria Stella Gelmini, Roberto Speranza, Giancarlo Giorgetti, Stefano Patuanelli, Dario Franceschini ed Elena Bonetti) and the technicians Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Health Council, Silvio Brusaferro, president of the ISS, e Agostino Miozzo, coordinator of the Cts. Just Miozzo, leaving Palazzo Chigi, he explained that he had “represented the data and numbers from a scientific point of view to President Draghi. We are cautious, but we have not described an imminent catastrophe situation“. The coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee assured: “We have not talked about reopening, we will talk about it on another occasion. On Friday there will be a new picture of the situation, then we’ll see“.

However, the line of extreme rigor does not see everyone agree. Matteo Salvini and the League are calling for a relaxation. This morning the leader of the Carroccio was in conversation with Draghi, addressing this very issue. Salvini wants “targeted interventions but without lockdown“With openings”where possible“. “I do not speak on behalf of Draghi, I do not allow myself, but on the return to life, where the situation allows, we are on the same line“, He assured in the end. This position, however, is not unique to the League. Also Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Agriculture M5s, works on a “protocol to allow the catering to restart” e Stefano Bonaccini, Dem governor of Emilia-Romagna and president of the Conference of Regions asks “where we can afford it, in the coming weeks or months, with reduced capacities, gradually reopen cinemas and theaters“. With these differences on the table, finding a deal won’t be easy, but Draghi wants to hurry. For the premier, we must no longer repeat what happened with the stop at the reopening of the ski facilities, which came a few hours before the start. A mess that characterized the last year of Conte but that the new prime minister no longer wants to repeat.

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