Two young French people among the 45 victims of the giant stampede in Israel

Around 00.50 a.m., on the sidelines of a “bonfire”, as part of the Jewish holiday of Lag Baome, a mass of people left the scene. But, the exit required at one point to pass through a narrow, metallic hallway, which caused a bottleneck, witnesses told the.AFP. Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau suggested this Sunday that the celebrations at Mount Meron “stretch in the future over a week” in order to avoid too large gatherings.

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Boom of CANCELLATIONS for the second RECALL of the VACCINE in the SummerFor those who got vaccinated in April, especially between the second and third decade, the second booster of the AstraZeneca vaccine is expected in estate, approximately between July and August. And even those who get vaccinated in June will run the “risk” of being recalled in the heart of August.

This would mean, as also reported by the newspaper Republic, forcing a person to stay in the city in scorching heat to complete the cycle vaccination or, even worse, seeing appointments skipped with the risk that the vaccination campaign slows down just as the most fragile ones are about to complete. For this reason a boom of cancellations.
The staff of the special commissioner for the emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo is perfectly aware of the unknown summer. “We are not neglecting this risk at all but a possible solution will be coordinated with the Ministry of Health. Our priority remains to protect the vulnerable and the elderly, we will address any problems”, the general said.

In short, the booking algorithm must also take this into account and consider that in many cases second injections cannot be postponed beyond certain times. Nor will vaccinations be suspended for holidays. Cards in hand, we must find a way to do not dampen the surge in the vaccination campaign brought by the arrival of 45 million vials by June (double those received from December to March). “General Figliuolo and engineer Curcio reassured me about that date which is the end of June for the vaccination of all over 60s, which is the goal that will allow us to be more relaxed because we will no longer have intensive care and clogged COVID departments “, guaranteed the president of Anci and mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro.

In any case, the campaign proceeds at a more or less fluctuating pace. By early May the quota of the much coveted should be reached 500 thousand doses per day. Not only that, also the problem of stocks seems to be solved, running out in several regions and fundamental for the second dose.


Erika Buenfil lives terrible moments because of an extortion attempt

Around six in the afternoon on Sunday, Mexico time, Erika Buenfil He took a look at his stories to relate the bad time he had just experienced this Sunday because of an undesirable phone call.

One person tried to extort money from her, making her believe that someone was watching her outside her home, sharing details that deeply scared herthe queen of Tiktok,who asked for help for Twitter.

“They made me believe, or they told me, that there were some people outside my house, well, many things that I will give details later, I was very scared, they gave very specific details that did make me believe that it was possible, or maybe it was possible, I don’t know, because at that moment I didn’t even want to show my face … “, he revealed with a scared face.

<em> IG Erika Buenfil </em>” src=”” data-src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTgzNC41Ng–/–~B/aD05Nzg7dz0xMTI1O2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/”/><noscript><img alt= IG Erika Buenfil ” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTgzNC41Ng–/–~B/aD05Nzg7dz0xMTI1O2FwcGlkPXl0YWNoeW9u/” class=”caas-img”/>

IG Erika Buenfil

“I did not know what to do, it had never happened to me, and I make this request for help,” he said referring to the Twitter message that greatly alerted his followers, “just to find out, my head was closed and I did not know who to turn to …”

He also assured that very nice people had answered him immediately and helped him: “Thank God, I’m fine, the complaint has already been raised, which is the first thing to do, we are just going to eat, a long day, but Nicolás and I’m fine.

He did not forget to thank his publicist, Víctor Khun, who quickly went to the actress’s home to accompany her during the tense and difficult moments she experienced and also her fans, who answered as soon as they sensed that the companion of Angelique Boyer on Beat the pasthe was in trouble.


IN VIDEO: Mila Kunis waited 14 hours in the rain to receive her vaccine against the coronavirus

Automotive PCB Market for the Global Growth, Opportunities, in the Industry Analysis & Forecast to 2027 – Unihelp

Industry Growth Insights (IGI) recently released a report, titled Automotive PCB Market, which outlines the crucial aspects of the market by performing an in-depth analysis of the current trends, emerging threats, and future market assessments. This report takes into account the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the market for 2020-2020 period and provides detailed information about the market development over the forecast period 2020-2027. Our research team presents the report in a simplified manner, supported by facts and factual figures, that will help clients make an informed decision about their investment plans and business strategies.

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The report offers a holistic view of the market and provides key insights into market behavior over the past four years as well as an important assessment of future market performance. It provides a systematic analysis of historical data for the 2015-2020 period and is based on the assessment of market performance for the 2020-2027 forecast period, taking 2020 as the base year. With reference to the available data, it provides important insights into key factors such as drivers, reluctance, trends, challenges, and opportunities of the Automotive PCB market growth.

This report provides a comprehensive outlook of the key segments and sub-segmentations that contain the complete information on product types, applications, end users and regions. It provides up-to-date information on the growth rate, volume and size of the market in relation to each segment and also explains the market performance of those segments in the respective five regions. It also discusses a wide range of the scope of emerging markets and the potential drawbacks in the segments.

Automotive PCB Market Report Includes:

  • Market scenario
  • Growth, Restrictions, Trends and Opportunities
  • Segments by value and volume
  • Supply and demand status
  • Competitive analysis
  • Technological innovations
  • Value chain and investment analysis

The Global Automotive PCB The market report is divided into:

By type:

Single Layer Rigid PCB
Double and Multilayer Rigid PCB
Flexible PCB

The segment of double and multilayer rigid PCB holds a comparatively larger share in global market.

According to applications:

Safety System
Power System
Vehicle Electronic

The proportion of safety systerm segment is about 30%, and the proportion of power systerm is about 29%.

By region:

  • Asia Pacific : China, Japan, India and the rest of the Asia Pacific region
  • Europe : Germany, Great Britain, France and the rest of Europe

North America : USA, Mexico and Canada

  • Latin America : Brazil and rest of Latin America
  • Naher Osten & amp; Afrika : GCC countries and the rest of the Middle East & amp; Africa
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    The report covers the competitive landscape from the various major global players, their current market positions, and the key business strategies that have been adopted to characterize their key presence in the marketplace. This includes information about product launch, expansion of manufacturing facilities or plants, new technology introduction, latest merger & amp; Acquisition, partnership and collaboration of the main players. In addition, it provides specific information about the existing market size for the new market participants as well as the current level and scenario of competition for the emerging players in the world market.

    The Automotive PCB Market Report Covers The Following Companies:

    Sheng Hong

    Industry Growth Insights (IGI) also provides a custom report for a specific product, application and region as per customers ‘requirements and provides additional company profiles as per customers’ requirements.

    In terms of methodology, the report will be prepared using primary and secondary sources including interviews from the company’s Executives & amp; Representatives and access to official documents, websites and press releases of companies related to the automotive PCB market. It also includes comments and suggestions from market experts, particularly representatives of governments and public organizations, as well as international NGOs. Produced by Industry Growth Insights (IGI), the report is known for its data accuracy and precise style, based on real information and reliable data sources. In addition, a customized report may be available to suit the client’s wishes or specific needs. It takes into account various research tools and methodologies including predictive analysis, Porter’s 5 force analysis, SWOT analysis, and real-time analysis.

    You can read the full report :

    This report presents the estimate of the market size in terms of value (USD) and volume (K MT) using top-down and bottom-up approaches to estimate and validate the overall size of the market. The report contains a group of graphs, tables and figures that give a clear picture of the developments of the products and their market performance over the past few years. With this accurate report, the growth potential, sales growth, product lineup, and pricing factors related to the Automotive PCB Market can be easily understood. This report provides information on the latest government policies, standards, and regulations that may affect market dynamics.

    Why should you buy this report?

    This report provides a complete guideline for the customers to make an informed business decision as it provides a comprehensive market outlook to help customers understand the latest & amp; future market situation.

    The report answers some of the following key questions:

    • Which end user is likely to play a pivotal role in the development of the Automotive PCB Market?
    • Which regional market is expected to dominate the automotive PCB market in 2020-2027?
    • How does consumer behavior affect business operations? the market participant in the current scenario of the automotive PCB market?

    If you have any questions about this report, please contact us :

    About us:

    Our reports are more than just research reports to us. They are tools that enable us to have long-term relationships with our customers that we honor and value. Our customers’ business growth is critical not only to them, but also to us. This is what sets us apart from other market research companies.

    At IGI, we provide our expertise and our guideline for success. Our team of efficient and experienced researchers and consultants deliver progressive market information that is accurate, authentic and thorough. This enables customers to make informed decisions.

    Additionally, we offer market research studies that ensure relevant and fact-based research across a range of industries including chemicals and materials, energy, automotive, healthcare, and consumer goods and technology. Our deep understanding of many business environments in various industries such as the above enables us to deliver bespoke reports.

    Contact us:

    Alex Mathews
    Head of business Development
    Phone number: +1 909 545 6473
    Email – [email protected]
    Website –
    Address – 500 East E Street, Ontario, CA 91764, USA.

    “What does Totti think?” – Free Daily

    In the face of a particularly troubled edition of theIsland of the Famous, the real extra card of the Canale 5 reality show is Ilary Blasi. Ready language, sharp jokes, gaffes that seem to be studied at a table: the wife of Francesco Totti, which has been running for years “on the front line” at Mediaset between scripts and improvisation (from Hyenas to Big Brother Vip, there have never been any unexpected moments) is convincing many critics and viewers. IS Roberto Alessi, Director of Novella 2000, in his weekly column Up & Down teases her nicely: “She likes double meaning”. Not surprisingly, the first epic gaffe driving the island came after a few seconds during the debut episode, when he said, Alessi recalls, “that he wanted to let us in in the potato (It was the Palapa) “.

    That's what his eye is in.  Elisa Isoardi, the compromising photo: a farce on the island?  |  Look

    However, according to Alessi, it is precisely this studied coarseness that risks bringing down the prices of the beautiful Roman presenter, launched into the world of entertainment as Letterina a Word of mouth, 20 years ago, often sexual jokes with the shipwrecked viscounts Weather in Guglielmotti e Ubaldo Lanzo they may have added a little too much spice to an edition which, it must be said, had the misfortune of prematurely losing all the “best bits” by the wayside. From Beppe Braida (recalled to Italy to assist his father infected with Covid) to the injured Elisa Isoardi e Brando Giorgi, up to the elimination of “explosives” Daniela Martani e Vera Gemma, at the center of every bickering. In short, in the absence of the cast, Ilary had to think about it. Perhaps exaggerating: “And who knows what your husband Francesco Totti thinks?” Asks Alessi mischievously.

    But that's not possible !.  Cecilia Rodriguez confuses Moser with the former Monte.  Disaster on the island, the bewilderment of the boyfriend


    Fleury Michon sanctioned for obstructing the investigation in the case of the “ham cartel”

    New twist in the so-called “ham cartel” affair. Fleury Michon, pinned among twelve manufacturers in the ham and charcuterie sector for price agreements between 2010 and 2013, was sanctioned “Up to 100,000 euros” to get “Obstructs the progress of the investigation” carried out by the Competition Authority, according to the latter, Monday, May 3.

    Fleury Michon was fined nearly 14.8 million euros in connection with this case, which earned a total of 93 million euros in penalties for many manufacturers, including the French leader in production. porcine, the Cooperl cooperative, or the Les Mousquetaires distribution group (Intermarché, Netto). This sanction, pronounced in July 2020, is the subject of an appeal.

    In the context of this affair, Fleury Michon did not “Not informed the investigation services of an internal restructuring operation and the cancellation of the company Fleury Michon Charcuterie, one of the authors of the practices, to whom the grievances had been addressed”, details the Competition Authority in a press release.

    The group, which requested and obtained to benefit from the transaction procedure, could thus have prevented the services of the Authority “To identify and monitor with precision the development of legal persons to whom it was appropriate to attribute and notify the grievances”.

    Article reserved for our subscribers Read also The competition authority heavily sanctions the ham cartel

    An article deemed unconstitutional

    This announcement is made a few weeks after the Constitutional Council ruled unconstitutional an article of law (L. 464-2) allowing the Competition Authority to impose a significant fine (up to 1% of its turnover). global affairs) to a company that obstructed its investigations, arguing that another article of the Commercial Code, L. 450-8, already provided for it.

    The Competition Authority explains Monday that the decision of the Constitutional Council applied to provisions which, “In their contested wording, are no longer in force” as amended by a new law in December 2020.

    In addition, Fleury Michon “Had not previously been the subject of legal proceedings on the basis of Article L. 450-8 of the Commercial Code”, she explains. “Consequently, the company in question could be penalized on the basis of Article L. 464-2 of the Commercial Code. “

    Article reserved for our subscribers Read also The Competition Authority investigates a ham cartel

    The World with AFP

    Bill Gates sponsored company wants to expose genetically modified mosquitoes – RT DE

    The company Oxitec, which is funded by the Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation, wants to release genetically modified mosquitoes for experimental purposes in Florida. This is to prevent diseases in people in the long term. Not all residents are enthusiastic.

    For the first stage of the experiment approved by the US Environment Agency in May of last year, mosquito boxes are to be set up at six locations in Florida, which will release around 144,000 yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) over a period of twelve weeks. Yellow fever mosquitoes are the main carriers of yellow fever, dengue fever, Zika fever and some other viral diseases.

    Only male mosquitoes should be released that have been genetically modified in such a way that their female offspring die and only the male survive – which in turn inherit this property and pass it on during the next mating act. The British company wants to drastically reduce the natural population of the Aedes aegypti in cooperation with the local authorities. That’s the plan.

    However, not all Florida residents are so optimistic about the experiment. “We may not be scientists, but we read. And what Oxitec says and what we read from other sources are two completely different things,” said a concerned resident during a local council meeting in March. Please and implore them to immediately take countermeasures and consider a resolution against this technology. And she added:

    “I think it’s criminal that we are being forced into this experiment – criminal that we are exposed to this terrorism through our own Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board.”

    UK-based Oxitec, which was founded at Oxford University in 2002, claims public support for the project “remains high,” but critical voices are growing. Another resident said she was “incredibly concerned” that the plan was progressing, citing the risk that stinging, genetically modified female mosquitoes would appear in the community. “Everyone says that won’t happen, but I don’t trust it,” said the local resident.

    Do the mosquitoes continue to multiply anyway?

    The US consumer organization Center for Food Safety (CFS) considers such a scenario to be entirely possible. Jaydee Hanson, CFS political director, pointed to the news site Bloomberg pointed out that in laboratory tests three to four percent of the female offspring produced by male genetic engineering mosquitoes do not die as planned, but survive. That could lead to “hybrid mosquito species establishing themselves in the environment that could exhibit altered properties, including the potential for increased disease transmission,” Hanson told Bloomberg.

    Sweden rejects Bill Gates-funded experiment to attenuate sunlight

    Oxitec is not new to genetically modified mosquitoes. The company has already released more than a billion mosquitoes in South America and the Caribbean, for example in 2013 during an experiment in Brazil. The experiment was intended to reduce the local mosquito population by 90 percent. However, Oxitec came under fire when a study surfaced in 2019 which claimed that the mosquitoes still reproduced and that up to 60 percent of the mosquitoes analyzed showed traces of altered genes.

    Oxitec contradicted the study and stated that the experiment went as planned. A similar project in the Cayman Islands ended in 2018 after local authorities declared it had failed. Health Secretary Dwayne Seymour said at the time that the experiment “did not produce the results we thought we could get.”

    Just months before the failure in the Cayman Islands, the company announced a partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to produce “friendly” and “self-limiting” mosquitoes, this time for the Anopheles species that spreads malaria. Since then, according to the foundation’s financial statements, Oxitec has received nearly $ 8.5 million from Gates, of which more than $ 1.2 million in 2021 alone.

    more on the subject – Fight against climate change: Bill Gates funds test project to darken the sun

    He broke the hegemony of Juventus and took the title from Milan: the secrets of Inter Italian champion, another milestone for Antonio Conte

    Antonio Conte’s Inter broke the hegemony of Juventus in Serie A and won its first Scudetto in more than a decade (Photo: REUTERS)

    Much is said about coaches like Pep Guardiola, José Mourinho, Zinedine Zidane O Jürgen Klopp. Lately, some other highly skilled German technicians have also been interrupted on the scene, such as Thomas Tuchel, Hansi Flick Y Julian Nagalsmann, the child prodigy among strategists in Europe. All of them have shown a great variety of nuances in their game models and a level of tactical versatility that is difficult to see. Antonio Conte. This Italian DT does not have the same media prestige as his colleagues, perhaps because he never managed to get far in the UEFA Champions League and most of your European experiences have been traumatic, but you might as well sit at the same table as them. His career has been a decade of pure success in the most important leagues in the world. He has become a specialist in national competitions and has always achieved it with the same game system: 3-5-2. Nobody dominates the defensive line of three centers better than him. He proved it with Juventus, also in Chelsea and now he has used that structure so that the Inter become champion of Serie A.

    He was very close last season, where he finished the tournament as a shooting guard, just one point behind the Juventus, which lifted its ninth title in a row. And this campaign has not failed: on Date 22 he snatched the top from his classic rival, the AC Milan, and from there it has stood at the top of the standings until sealing the consecration with the empate of Atalanta before Sassuolo of the day 34. Antonio Conte has given him a Scudetto al Inter after more than a decade and has managed to break with the hegemony of the Old lady in the Football, which started with him in the 2011/12 season.

    Although he has a very defined script, he always makes each interpreter in his system quickly learn their role. His first big success as DT was promote AS Bari to the first division in 2009, although in those years he preferred defenses with four players. Then he had a bad experience at the Atalanta and landed on the Siena, where he had already been as an aide-de-camp for Luigi De Canio. It was there that he first implemented the game module that still accompanies him, with which he promoted this club to the Italian First Division and then won three Scudettos with a Juventus that he had finished seventh under the orders of Luigi Delneri the previous year. Something that he also achieved in the Premier League with the Chelsea FC, who became English champion after a 10th place with Guus Hiddink.

    Antonio Conte won the first three Scudettos of the nine that Juventus had and now broke that hegemony with Inter (Reuters)
    Antonio Conte won the first three Scudettos of the nine that Juventus had and now broke that hegemony with Inter (Reuters)

    When he landed on the Inter de Milan, picture black and blue they had finished 4th in Serie A the previous season and had failed to reach the Europa League round of 32 after being eliminated in the group stage of the Champions League. At the leadership level, the presidency had fallen into the hands of Steven Zhang, the twenty-year-old son of Zhang Jindong, one of the founders and largest shareholder of the Chinese business group Suning Holdings Group, which acquired 70% of the entity in 2016. It was a great challenge for a Conte that from the first transfer market began to add footballers according to his philosophy, such as the Uruguayan Diego Godin and players he knew from coaching or facing in the English league: Victor Moses, Romelu Lukaku, Ashley Young, Alexis Sánchez Y Christian Eriksen. Also two talented midfielders like Nicolò Barella Y Stefano Sensi.

    Since the preseason friendlies, the Inter He exhibited the guidelines of his new DT: three-man defense, wing wingers, three midfielders and two centralized forwards. There was a match against Juventus in Nanjing (China) where the team neroazurro executed high-risk kicks from behind, making use of the new goal kick rule and heavily employing the “Third man” to deactivate rival pressure. The archer Samir Handanović it became a key piece for construction, a factor that deepened when the competition began.

    Inter de Conte’s goal kick from below against Juventus

    Antonio Conte quickly managed to build a dynamic team, with Marcelo Brozovic as a positional midfielder to facilitate progression and the pair Lukaku-Lautaro Martínez as headlights to take advantage of verticality. It gave him aggressiveness to pressure man to man in almost the entire field and the mechanisms to generate numerical superiorities in different sectors, especially in the bands. In that first campaign they were very close to the local title – they ended up with the least defeated goal: 36 goals conceded in 38 games – and Julen Lopetegui’s Sevilla FC frustrated their dream in the Europa League final.

    For his second campaign he added more quality reinforcements adaptable to his idea: lanes like Achraf Hakimi Y Alexander Kolarov, and an off-road warrior like Arturo vidal, whom he had already directed in the you. They are well-trained players and were reliable for the development of their work, footballers who have allowed to sustain the dynamism of their structure that is based on continuous swaps. And so he managed to deepen his game model.

    In the offensive phase, generally, the Inter adopts a structure of 3-3-4 via his two lanes positioning themselves at the height of the forwards. The depth and breadth of the wings is crucial, with and without the ball. It is a team that progresses with the ball, bases its game on possession and the generation of triangles throughout the field. Although when the rival team opts for high pressure, you have the possibility to bet on direct play with Romelu Lukaku and simple offensive transitions, which allow him to retain the ball in attack zones and add more players to the last third of the field. Lukaku has generated a very good synergy with Argentine Lautaro Martínez. They have formed a fearsome attacking pair, having contributed 37 goals between them last season and have 36 in the current Serie A. They offer deflections in opposite directions, attract defenders and create spaces. Both play well with their backs, although it is the Belgian striker who receives the ball the most at the foot and the young Argentine applies diagonals to receive in free zones.

    Antonio Conte celebrates with the Inter players as one more (Photo: REUTERS)
    Antonio Conte celebrates with the Inter players as one more (Photo: REUTERS)

    On a defensive level, he does not tend to exert effective pressure on his opponents’ ball exit, rather he adopts a passive attitude with a middle block which has allowed them to be the team with the least thrashed in the championship: so far they have received 29 goals, five less than last season, with four dates to be played. He lets his rivals advance towards the midfield to only take a more aggressive stance there that allows him to recover the ball and have space to counterattack. At times it has withdrawn into a 5-3-2, again with the sides as protagonists, falling to the front line. Although only in matches against opponents of great weight and in order to direct the circulation of the opponent’s ball outwards to look for lateral centers. His dominance in the aerial game with the three centrals, leaves him in a comfortable and safe position.

    Conte kept all his playing principles in a Inter who had a season from low to high. In his first eight appearances, he had only won four, losing even the Derby of the Madonnina against AC Milan that quickly took over the leadership and was undefeated until Date 16. But precisely, on that sixteenth day, the team black and blue suffered his last fall in the contest. After that defeat by 2-1 in view of Sampdoria, the pupils of Conte they have been 18 games without losing points, with 14 wins and only four draws. They even had a streak of 11 consecutive wins, including the victory for 3-1 in view of Lazio that allowed them to climb to the top, on a date when AC Milan and Juventus lost.

    That game against the capital team was just after the elimination suffered against the you in the semifinals of the Italian Cup, in a season in which the Inter finished last in their UEFA Champions League group behind the Real Madrid, Borussia Mönchengladbach y Shakhtar Donetsk. He did not even add the necessary points to play the Europa League, as in his previous campaign. Antonio Conte has a winning percentage of 35,2% in Europe’s top club competition, where he was never able to get past the quarter-finals. His great deficit as a coach may be in international matches and in the knockout stages, but it is undeniable that he is one of the great masterminds of the game. Old continent.

    Antonio Conte has eight titles as DT, winning Serie A four times and a Premier League (Photo: REUTERS)
    Antonio Conte has eight titles as DT, winning Serie A four times and a Premier League (Photo: REUTERS)

    It is Scudetto with the Inter is his eighth trophy as DT, with five leagues and three cups. It is still far from the 25 titles that won Mourinho and much more still of the 30 that Pep Guardiola owns. It’s not that far from 11 Zidane nor of the nine that he harvested so far Jürgen Klopp. Although, beyond the consecrations, there is no better prize for a coach than to see his players empowered by his style and that his teams bear his stamp.


    Inter Milan presented its new shield: “Innovative, minimalist and elegant”
    Inter, Milan and Roma fight to hire an Argentine national team goalkeeper
    The tense cross between Antonio Conte and Fabio Capello after the failure of Inter Milan in the Champions League

    is it still essential to wear a mask outside?

    When will we be able to travel outside without a mask? While the circulation of the coronavirus epidemic remains strong in France, Emmanuel Macron unveiled on Friday the schedule for the gradual lifting of the restrictions, with in particular the abandonment of the 10-kilometer limit from this Monday or the gradual reopening of the places of culture and terraces from May 19. And while studies show that outdoor contamination is very low, some virologists are also starting to call for the mask to be abandoned on the streets.

    According to the various studies, these external contaminations represent between 0.5 and 5% of all cases. Also, for Yves Coppiters, epidemiologist at the Free University of Brussels, the obligation to wear a mask at any cost and at any time outside no longer makes sense. “I think that the population is ready to take its responsibilities and to be more in a dynamic of risk management, and not at all costs in a management of the fear of the virus at any time,” he explains.

    Keeping your mask in a crowd remains important

    “We are able to understand that and say to ourselves’ I put myself in a risky situation, so I put on my mask, and in other situations, I have more freedom”, adds this specialist.

    But this common sense does not mean that we should abandon the mask everywhere outdoors. Scientists thus distinguish three important criteria to remember: distance, duration of exposure to an unmasked person, 15 minutes minimum, and intensity of exposure. In other words, if you’re alone on the street, covering your face doesn’t make a lot of sense. On the other hand, in crowds of people in confined spaces, there, it will be necessary to bring out the mask.

    US Secretary of State rules out military confrontation with China

    Biden’s China policy has not yet been fully formulated. Its foreign minister says Beijing is “more repressive domestically and in the
    Abroad more aggressively ”react.

    Despite rising tensions between the US and China, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken ruled out a military confrontation. “It is deeply against the interests of both China and the United States to get to this point or even to go in that direction,” Blinken said in an interview with broadcaster CBS on Monday when asked if the Washington government was interested in one heading for a military conflict with the People’s Republic.

    “What we have seen in recent years, however, is that China is acting more repressively at home and more aggressively abroad,” added Blinken. When asked about China’s alleged hundreds of billion dollar theft of US trade secrets, Blinken said it paints a picture “of someone trying to unfairly and increasingly hostile ways to influence competition.” The US would have to oppose the government in Beijing with like-minded states and say: ‘This cannot and will not happen.’

    Biden’s China policy has not yet been fully formulated. In particular, it is unclear how he intends to deal with the trade restrictions of his predecessor Donald Trump. So far, Biden has emphasized democratic values ​​and allegations of Chinese human rights violations. He also wants to strengthen the competitiveness of the US economy. The US State Department recently issued new guidelines that are deepening contacts with Taiwan and increasing tensions with China. The People’s Republic claims the island state as its own territory. The US is Taiwan’s most important international ally.

    (APA / Reuters)