22 people were rescued after being trapped in a roller coaster

The moment when the firefighters arrive to lower the people trapped in the roller coaster. Facebook: Glendale Fire Department

This weekend about 22 people had a real moment of panic when a roller coaster at the amusement park Castles N’ Coasters in Phoenix (United States) she was stranded six meters from the dream, leaving them trapped in the height.

The events occurred at 6 pm on Saturday and triggered the performance of the city’s fire teams, who had to deploy a rescue operation to lower the trapped people. Fortunately everyone was unharmed.

Investigators said the cars on the Desert Storm roller coaster stalled and passengers were trapped about 20 feet up in a horizontal loop. It is unclear what caused the roller coaster car to jam. Firefighters installed what is called a high angle belay system to lower everyone trapped. Each person was put on a special harness with a collar to bring them safely to the ground. Firefighters said it took about 90 minutes to get everyone to safety.

According to the people who boarded the ride as the ride circled the horizontal loop, it stopped moving forward and then backtracked. Then it moved forward again and then backward until it came to a complete stop. For 12-year-old Joseph Almarez, it was a terrifying experience. “I almost fall”, He said. Said it wasn’t easy to get out of the car as they were at an angle. “It was scary because we didn’t go down a ladder. We had to jump from ladder to ladder ”, Joseph said. When asked if he would ride a roller coaster again, he said, “Maybe.”

His sister Christina had a different experience. “I was on the brink of tilt, so there was nothing below me,” He said. However, the rescue was not so bad for her. “It was pretty fun but scary,” the 13-year-old said. He said he would ride a roller coaster again.

People were trapped for almost two hours before they could be lowered.  Facebook: Glendale Fire Department
People were trapped for almost two hours before they could be lowered. Facebook: Glendale Fire Department

The amusement park has been around since 1976 and originally started as a miniature golf venue. There are two roller coasters there, Desert Storm and Patriot. Desert Storm has two loops and is the most popular.

In the midst of the terrifying moment, the passengers of this roller coaster have to thank their luck, because in other similar incidents in the world, the trapped people have had a much harder time returning to land.

But for example, a few weeks ago in the UK, a group of adrenaline fans got a little more than they bargained for when “The Big One,” the country’s tallest roller coaster located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, got stuck with them at the top of their 213 feet (65 meters).

The event did not have fatal consequences of deaths or injuries, but to be rescued, people had to get out of the cart, walk along the rails from the heights and then go down one by one down a huge staircase that from the top of the roller coaster leads to the I usually.

To rescue them they made them go down a ladder.  Facebook: Glendale Fire Department
To rescue them they made them go down a ladder. Facebook: Glendale Fire Department

The Big One was at the time (1994) the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, surpassed years later by the Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, which is twice its height. A place where certainly no one would want to get trapped.


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New York announced that vaccinated people should no longer use masks

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday that as of Wednesday those who have been vaccinated can stop using the masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus (Reuters)

Vaccinated New Yorkers Can Ditch Their Face Masks Even Indoors, The City Marathon New York is coming back and the Radio City Music Hall will reopen to vaccinated audiences, the governor announced Monday Andrew Cuomo in a series of announcements aimed at speeding up the state’s reopening.

Let’s come back to life“, He said Cuomo, speaking from the great auditorium of the Radio City Music Hall. “If you are vaccinated, you are safe. No masks. No social distancing“. After a delay of several days, Cuomo said the state is adopting a new guide on masks that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published last week.

The unvaccinated and immunosuppressed people should continue to wear a mask and maintain social distancing, but people who have completed their series of inoculations no longer have to do so as of Wednesday. Masks will still be necessary for everyone in certain settings, such as schools and nursing homes.

Cuomo made the announcement hours after night service on the city’s subway New York resumed for the first time in more than a year as the city continued to emerge from the pandemic of coronavirus. New cases of the virus have plummeted across the state in recent weeks, down 78% since the end of March.

The New York City Marathonsaid the governor, he will return on November 7. For now, the capacity is limited to 33,000 runners, but Cuomo said the restriction could change in the coming months if things continue to improve.

The Radio City Music Hall will reopen in June at full capacity, but only for vaccinated people, with a red carpet event for the TriBeCa Cine Festival.

The city’s two professional basketball teams, the Knicks and the NetsThey will also be able to expand attendance capacity for upcoming playoff games, with most seats reserved for people who have been vaccinated. The governor had previously announced that many restrictions on businesses will be relaxed on Wednesday, including rules that previously limited occupancy.

As for the reopening of the metro, the first morning of uninterrupted train service went well, said the president of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Pat Foye.

We are very happy to bring back the 24/7 service“, He said Foye on the radio WINS. “It is important for the New York economy, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc., to get customers and employees to and from, and it is also important from a psychological point of view”.

The system was shut down between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. starting April 30, 2020 so that trains and stations could be disinfected. The nightly closure was reduced from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. in February.

Mayor Bill de Blasio It said Monday that the city would add 250 more police officers to the subway system to combat a surge in crime, including several cuts last week.

Foye said that the MTA would send 100 more of its own officers and 100 more private security contractors to the system to supplement the presence of the New York Police Department.

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Kathryn Garcia, the Democrat who defies sexism in New York | International

Kathryn Garcia, Democratic candidate for mayor of New York, this Saturday in Brooklyn.Joana Toro

The fate of Kathryn Garcia (Brooklyn, 51 years old) as a candidate in the Democratic primary for mayor of New York (June 22) seemed cast. A modest campaign has maintained it since December, when he jumped to the fore, in the caboose of the ten candidates to replace the Democrat Bill de Blasio. Despite being the only candidate with experience in municipal management – in front of several councils since 2014, she was for many the mayor in the shadows -, her name barely sounded among the crowd. The best placed, Andrew Yang and Eric Adams -two men-, even allowed themselves to consider her defeated before her time, by offering to be number two of their hypothetical governments. But Garcia received a decisive accolade last Monday, that of the newspaper’s editorial board The New York Times, which elected her the most qualified candidate to rule post-pandemic New York.

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There is little at stake in the local elections in November: the suitability of the manager to restore New York to its shine as the cultural and financial capital of the world, in a period marked by economic uncertainty, the return to classes and offices, a clear upturn in armed violence and the hope generated by mass vaccination, with fear of relapse. A key moment of which Garcia, with a reputation as a skilled manager, is fully aware. “The first is the serious problem of food insecurity, which affects about two million New Yorkers. It is an acute problem, so we must coordinate efforts throughout the city, because there are areas that even lack food banks. It is not just about recovering from the pandemic, but about doing everything necessary so that a hypothetical emergency does not condemn anyone to hunger in the future, “Garcia explained on Monday, hours before receiving the newspaper’s support, in a telephone conversation. with this newspaper.

Garcia, who lives two blocks from the house in Brooklyn where he grew up in a diverse family – five adopted children of different races – knows the problem of hunger well, since between March and December 2020 he was responsible for the emergency program of food of the City council. Before that, he had been councilor for Sanitation (a department with 10,000 employees and a $ 2 billion annual budget, about 1,647 million euros) and interim head of Housing, another formidable challenge in a city that expels many of its inhabitants due to the exorbitant price of the accommodation. Garcia sums up in one word, affordability (affordability), your government program. “[Antes de la pandemia], people were forced to leave New York because they could not raise their children. I want everyone to be able to do what my parents did: to support their family with the logical difficulties, but without hardships, ”he says by phone. In 2019, 2,600 New Yorkers left the city a week, 376 a day, due to the housing crisis, according to the US Census Bureau, recalls the candidate, two of whose proposals are to “build 50,000 apartments for the segment most disadvantaged of the population ”and end the shelter system for the thousands of homeless, a bleeding wound in the city, thanks to“ 10,000 support homes ”enabled from empty houses.

After the fall from grace due to allegations of sexual harassment of one of the best-placed candidates, the city comptroller, Scott M. Stringer – the favorite of progressives – the Democratic support is now shuffled like the pieces of a puzzle and, As candidates Yang, a former White House candidate, and Adams, the president of the Brooklyn district, continue to enjoy favor in the polls, Garcia is gaining traction daily – he has doubled his intention to vote since Monday. Meanwhile, sexism plays against these candidates. “I do not introduce myself to number two, but to mayor. It is sexist, totally sexist. It seems like they are paying me a compliment, but no. I don’t need any of them to be mayor, I can do it alone. And it does not seem that they look very capable when they already play the trick of the number two”He says about the offer of his rivals.

For a major media outlet to rule on the suitability of a candidate is common practice in the United States. But the support of the Times has turned all the cards face up. Especially those of Yang, with an effervescent media campaign, many famous supporters and whom the polls still consider a favorite, but who stumbled this week with a highly criticized tweet about the Middle East conflict. Garcia has had less public impact – it premiered on Twitter in September – but the support of the Times It has multiplied its visibility and its presence in Google, where it led searches in recent days. On Saturday, he received the The New York Daily News.

In the first televised debate of the primaries, last Thursday, the candidate pulled the program, also focused on the demand for security, when the city experiences an increase in violence by firearms that is very noticeable since the pandemic. “We will not be able to reopen the economy if people do not feel safe, if they are afraid in the streets or the subway. My plans include reinforcing the role of the police and involving them more in the neighborhoods, in the communities, as well as controlling the presence of weapons in the streets. Because they all come from abroad, from other states, they are not manufactured here. This control and respect for the work of the police department are essential to increase security, “he explains. Security is another of the driving ideas of his program, far removed from the progressive mantra defund the police (defunding police), coined after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in May 2020.

Pragmatism, restraint, common sense. The qualities that for some are a demerit, seem to have forged a candidate from one piece. Target of the sexism of his adversaries, he knows where to look for more support: his proposal of free child care for families with fewer resources is aimed at “one in four women who is thinking of taking a step back [quedarse en casa], after having suffered especially the pandemic ”. That, and the promise of efficient public services – with a deficit municipal transportation company, topped off by losses caused by the coronavirus – is all it takes to persuade the electorate Kathryn Garcia, the candidate who empowered herself against sexism .

what you need to enjoy a full life

Staying healthy has been the priority since the pandemic began. We know that to avoid contagion we must wear masks in public spaces, wash our hands frequently, gather socially in ventilated spaces and respect social distancing. But do you know what you must do to maintain your mental health?

It has been 73 years since the WHO established that health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease. And yet still we have not learned to take care of our emotions to enjoy a full life.

The brain must also be exercised with simple activities that have great benefits for mental health. (Getty Images)

The concept is simple. Just as it is important to eat in a balanced way and do enough physical exercise to keep our body in shape, it is also essential to exercise our brain so that its responses are agile and flexible and allow us to adapt to stressful situations that come our way. If our mind is active we will have a better chance of feeling satisfied with what we think and feel.

But putting it into practice is another story.

In a world where we are taught to see in order to believe, emotions have been relegated to the background. We know what to do with physical ailments, but we ignore mental ailments until such time as they have completely eroded our health.

Aware of this situation, the psychologist and developer of human potential Luis Alberto Quezada placeholder image created the Mental Gym, a space where people acquire tools to explore their emotions and achieve comprehensive well-being.

The Mental Gymnasium team attends in person at Mexico City Y San Miguel de Allende, in the state of Guanajuato. And since its scope has been internationalized, it also provides its online services to patients from Argentina, Colombia, the United States and Spain.

Luis Alberto Quezada / Cortes & # xed; a Mental Gym

Luis Alberto Quezada / Courtesy Mental Gym

Quezada says that the first thing is to keep expectations clear. It is impossible to tone muscle mass within weeks of enrolling in basketball classes. And the same will happen with your brain.

In the Mental Gymnasium they strengthen mental health with traditional methods of psychotherapy, but also with other types of training that allow attendees to achieve mental agility o understand in an experiential way how the brain connections of emotions, language and corporality.

Specialists can also teach you prepare an important conversation, such as a job interview or addressing taboo topics such as gender identity and sexual orientation with your family.

One of Quezada’s star workshops is that of neuroliderazgo, It starts with an interview and some simple tests to identify the areas of the brain that you use the most and then understand the impact that brain activity has on your life. In a second stage, the idea is to develop those underused areas of the brain to generate a more balanced and adaptable personality.

“What is sought is adaptation, because when you learn how your brain works, you can react better to what happens to you. Neuro-leadership tools have been very useful to patients who have lost family members during the COVID-19 pandemic. The grieving process is made more accessible, “says Quezada.

The brain must also be exercised

The expert is in favor of unlearning the cultural and family impositions that limit our emotional life. More than a list of recommendations, it is an “anti-list” that rejects formulas and focuses on introspection as the only way to develop mental resilience.

“They are very simple activities that have great benefits at the mental level and that we can all do if we are sufficiently conscious. Because it is a work of conscience,” explains Quezada.

One of the clear messages is that to have mental health you have to work. “It is much easier to spend your life complaining about your regrets, but to achieve well-being you have to work.”

Forget about having to be

This hackneyed phrase is one of the keys to well-being. The American essayist and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in the 19th century about the need to follow our own instincts and ideas to avoid suffering and inconsistencies. And two centuries later, we are still trapped by social demands.

“The duty to be does not exist. It is very important that if we want to live with mental health, we put aside all that list of obligations that are mental jackets. We must stop that list of duties and the rain of neuroses that fan us,” says Quezada.

Know yourself

There is no way to strengthen our psyche if we do not know who we are. This millennial beginning was recorded by the Greeks at the entrance to the temple of the god Apollo, in Delphi, to warn travelers who consulted the oracle that to understand the world we must begin with ourselves.

“To have mental health you have to know each other and the only way to do it is by living. You have to take your hands off your mobile and go out into real life. Only when we face different situations will we realize what we are capable of.”

Check how you look at life

Stop for a few moments and look around you. Then ask yourself what you think of your family, your neighborhood, your coworkers. A deep and honest look at how you judge the world around you is a good start to exploring and strengthening your psyche. And the most important thing is to understand that when you judge the one in front of you, you are actually talking about yourself.

Identify your thoughts

Turn off the mental noise and open yourself to the possibility of realizing what you are thinking. Scan your mind to determine what kinds of thoughts you frequently have. But it is not about making a detailed list or getting too confused. It is enough to realize if your thoughts are positive or negative and where they are directing you. And by having that awareness you will have the possibility to modify them alone or with the help of a therapist.

Everyone's mental health has been affected in one way or another during the pandemic, but anthropological studies have shown that Hispanics are most affected by not having close & # xed; a or contact f & # xed; psycho.  The deprivation of meeting often with friends and extended families causes them more upset and anger than the inhabitants of, for example, Nordic countries .  (Source: UNICEF and WHO)

Everyone’s mental health has been affected in one way or another during the pandemic, but anthropological studies have shown that Hispanics are more affected by not having closeness or physical contact. The deprivation of meeting often with friends and extended families causes them more boredom and anger than it does for the inhabitants of, for example, the Nordic countries. (Source: UNICEF and WHO)

Know your habits

The pandemic has altered many habits, but it also offers an opportunity to review what you do during your day. Do you exercise Do you eat as well as your situation allows? Are you getting enough rest? Do you know what you really like and what you dislike?

“There will be many who tell me that all this makes them lazy and they prefer to continue to wake up watching series. But if people understood that at a certain time of night and sleep the brain washes itself, maybe they would say I’m going to to sleep”.

Tell me who you are with

Social contact and friendship are important for well-being. They are the escape valve to let off steam and a pillar that supports you when you need it. Friends also need us to have a sense of belonging, improve self-esteem, and reduce stress and anxiety.

But not all the people who appear in your life are necessarily good friends. Grandmothers and mothers were right when they worried about your meetings. So it is important that you review what kind of people you connect with. And beyond the affection you have for them, evaluate if they are people who exert a positive or negative influence in your life.


Many families have lived locked in their homes during the months of the pandemic without talking about their emotions. They are together but they live alone.

Now more than ever it is necessary to open your communication channels with your closest ones. Talk about what we are going through. What do you feel? What does the issue of the pandemic generate for you? What do you feel about the deaths that have occurred? Do you believe in the vaccine or not? “Choose at least one person to whom you can openly express what you feel without masks,” Quezada recommends.

Filter the content you consume

Restrict your television schedules, especially that of the news. Observe what type of music you listen to because it greatly influences your mood. And it’s not about judging your musical tastes but about consciously choosing what benefits you. Good music is that which produces well-being, a positive state of mind. “It’s not that we should all listen to classical music, although it would be great because the brain generates more neural connections.”

Do different things every day

Try to try something new at least once a day. If you are listening to music, choose a song of a genre that you have never heard because that will take you out of your comfort zone, stimulate your brain and keep you very mentally active. And if you have to go shopping at the store and you are used to leaving the house and crossing to the right, choose today to go left or take the longer road.

The immediate is a fiction

Changing habits or noticing the positive effects of therapy does not happen overnight. “There are people who will tell you that they see you worse after starting a therapy or a process of personal growth. Because there will be ups and downs and because you begin to remove cloudy aspects of the personality that will come to the fore.” The same thing happens when you start to play sports and you feel terrible because all the muscles of your body hurt. Looking inward and discovering who you are is not easy, but your brain will thank you in the long run.

sanaMENTE, a series from Yahoo! en Espa & # xf1; ol

sanaMENTE, a series from Yahoo!

This article is part of a Yahoo series on mental health what is proposed to to help those who live in the shadows today to walk the road to recovery

If you or someone you know is considering taking their own life, immediately contact your National Suicide Prevention Line:

Mexico: (55) 5259-8121, or visit http://www.saptel.org.mx/

USA: 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or visit suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Argentina: 135 (toll free) (011) 5275-1135 or visit https://www.casbuenosaires.org.ar/

Spain: 911 385 385 or visit https://www.telefonocontraelsuicidio.org/ Also 717 003 717 or visit https://telefonodelaesperanza.org/

Colombia: Bogotá 106, Cali 106, Medellín 125, Cundinamarca 123, Cartagena 125, Boyacá 106

Demetrius Jackson leaves Youth

The American base Demetrius
Jackson has reached an agreement with Joventut de Badalona to terminate his contract. The player thus returns to his country without being able to reappear, due to difficulties in recovering from a muscle tear in the adductor muscle of his right leg.

Jackson came to the Penya at the beginning of the year to reinforce the base position in a moment of injuries but he could barely play four games with the team, two in ACB, one in Eurocup and the quarterfinal Cup match against him Baskonia.

The Youth has thanked in the informative note the “professionalism” of the player during this stage in Badalona and wishes you “good luck” in future projects.

On the other hand, the eaves Xabi López-Arostegui, who had been inactive for almost two months due to an ankle injury, has returned to training for the Badalonese team this Monday and could be available for the playoff.

The magic of Ayurveda medicine. How does it help to overcome stress?

Emotional health through Ayurveda therapy Millennial cultures such as the Hindu find in the balance of emotions …

The magic of Ayurveda medicine.  How does it help to overcome stress?

Emotional health through Ayurveda therapy

Millennial cultures such as the Hindu found in the balance of emotions the cure for all disease. This is demonstrated by the attention of Lola Peña, one of the best specialists in Ayurveda medicine in Spain. From Granada offers treatments of integral Health based on ancestral knowledge and whose fundamental proposal according to Lola is that “to achieve a complete state of health, physical and mental pain must be treated the same. Each discomfort is nothing more than the reflection of emotions, burdens and problems lodged in the being ”.

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