United States elections: Joe Biden wins in Wisconsin – USA and Canada – International

Almost a month after the elections, and with his multiple allegations of “fraud” dismissed in court due to lack of evidence, outgoing US President Donald Trump continues to avoid acknowledging his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden, who positioned himself this Monday in the key state of Arizona, consolidating its success only in the absence of results in Wisconsin.

(In context: Wisconsin count confirms Biden win over Trump)

“Today we signed the certification of the 2020 elections in Arizona,” tweeted Doug Ducey, the Republican governor of that state that has passed into the Democratic field for the first time in nearly 25 years. Biden won a narrow victory, by a margin of 10,457 votes, in a state in which almost 3.5 million voters cast.

Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is responsible for election operations, said the election was “conducted with transparency, precision, and fairness … despite numerous unsubstantiated allegations to the contrary.”

However, the certification communicated this Monday does not necessarily mean the end of Republicans’ recourse to court, as this status allows the results to be contested even after they have been validated.

In fact, Trump’s campaign team has tried, so far without success, to hamper the process of certification of results in key states won by Biden by challenging them in court.

And it is in this sense that Wisconsin certification is key, since it is the only state that has not yet validated the election results is Wisconsin, whose certification will also take place probably this Monday And it came after Trump’s own campaign requested and funded the recount in several counties.

But, contrary to going in his favor, in the last week the results were made official in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, three of the key states that Trump lost in the elections and that underpin the Democrat’s victory.

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Wisconsin is one of three states that make up the Democratic Blue Wall, which they lost during the 2016 election.

“The Wisconsin recount is not about finding errors in the count, it is about finding people who have voted illegally and that case will be filed after the recount ends, on Monday or Tuesday,” Trump wrote Saturday in his Twitter gutter. “We have found many illegal votes. Pay attention!”.

The deadline to certify the vote in this state expires this Tuesday and, despite the fact that everything indicates that the certificate will sentence the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s strategy seems to point towards the judicial allegations.

In fact, A conservative group has already filed a lawsuit against Wisconsin election officials to seek to prevent the certification of the results.

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For their part, attorneys for Democratic Governor Tony Evers asked the local Supreme Court to dismiss the lawsuit that was added to another lawsuit filed over the weekend by Dean Mueller, a Wisconsin resident, alleging that the ballots placed in mailboxes are illegal and should not be counted.

Protests in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, harsh protests against racism have been unleashed in recent months, a fact that Joe Biden capitalized on during the campaign.

Would the path of electoral fraud or theft prosper?

Donald Trump has continued to cry out “fraud.” “The 1,126,940 votes came out of nowhere. I won Pennsylvania by a lot, maybe a lot more than people will ever know. Pennsylvania’s votes were rigged. In all the other key states as well. The world is watching,” he wrote. Monday from his Twitter account, which adds the messages of the president continuous warning notes in the absence of evidence.

Almost a month after going to the polls, and amid a pandemic that has already killed more than 260,000 people in the country, Americans stare in amazement at Trump’s surprising and often contradictory statements.

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However, the courts have gone one by one dismissing almost all of the president’s complaints. “Saying an election is unfair doesn’t make it so. The charges require specific charges and then evidence. We do not have either of the two things here, “Judge Stephanos Bibas, of the Philadelphia Court of Appeals, said on Friday.

Bibas, in fact, was appointed by President Trump himself to the position. This Saturday, it was also known that the vote count requested by the Trump campaign in Milwaukee County, in Wisconsin, he added 132 votes to Biden’s already wide margin of victory.

And it is in this sense that Wisconsin certification is key, since it is the only state that has not yet validated the electoral results is Wisconsin

What if they certify the triumph of Joe Biden?

Democrat Joe Biden has already begun to announce some of the positions that will make up his cabinet, after confirmation by the Senate, such as Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Still, however, without receiving the traditional courtesy call from the loser in the elections. The closest thing has been to a concession of the defeat occurred this Thursday.

In questions from journalists, and following a call with the troops deployed abroad on the occasion of Thanksgiving, about whether he will leave the White House if Biden is voted in the electoral college, he replied: “I certainly will, and you know it.”

Trump has tried to frustrate the electoral bureaucracy because, once the count of each state is confirmed, they consign the delegates that correspond to them within the Electoral College system on December 14 and transmit the result to the President of the Senate and Vice President, Mike Pence, the January 6th.

Once confirmed that Biden exceeds 270 electoral votes, the president-elect will inaugurate his term in a ceremony in front of the Capitol on January 20. Lthe results place Biden with 306 votes compared to Trump’s 232.


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No breakthrough to the left (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Voters on Sunday after voting in Latin America’s largest city, São Paulo

A second round of local elections took place on Sunday (local time) in 57 Brazilian cities in which no candidate could prevail in the first round two weeks earlier. The two best placed teams competed against each other in runoff elections. As already two weeks before, small conservative parties prevailed this time and inflicted defeats on both the allies of the non-party ultra-right President Jair Bolsonaro and the left spectrum.

In the three most important regional capitals in which elections took place on Sunday, none of the left-wing candidates could prevail. The communist Manuela D’Ávila (PCdoB) failed in Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande do Sul with 45.43 percent of the vote against the conservative Sebastião Melo of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), who left the Bolsonaro without batting an eyelid -Bearing supported. The candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT), Marília Arraes, lost in Recife with 43.79 percent to her cousin João Campos, who was only 26 years old. In the capital of the state of Pernambuco Campos ran for the center-left party PSB, where he was supported by the Democratic Labor Party (PDT) and the Communist Party (PCdoB). Campos spiced his election campaign against the alliance of PT and the Party for Socialism and Freedom (PSOL) with anti-PT resentments from the reactionary moth box.

In São Paulo, PSOL candidate Guilherme Boulos lost 40.23 percent to incumbent Bruno Covas from the Conservative Party of Brazilian Social Democracy (PSDB). The candidacy of Boulos, who as coordinator of the Movement of Homeless Workers (MTST) carried out numerous squats and entered the race as a political outsider, had attracted a lot of national attention. Especially because in the largest city in Latin America for the first time all parties of the Brazilian left had gathered behind a candidate for the second ballot – among other things, ex-president Lula Inácio da Silva of the Labor Party had publicly campaigned for the left. Despite the defeat, the PSOL was able to assert itself as a force to be taken seriously. Against the awareness and the official bonus of Covas, its bulging election campaign coffers and above all the support from the powerful TV station ­Globo but it was not enough. So the former PT stronghold São Paulo will remain in conservative hands for the next four years.

Only in five of Brazil’s 27 regional capitals did progressive forces achieve electoral success: In Belém, Edmilson Rodrigues of the PSOL defeated the Bolsonaro candidate and military Everaldo Eguchi with 52 percent, the Democratic Labor Party conquered two capitals in the northeast, and the PSB was also able to win two mayor offices . In addition, for the first time since 1988, the PT no longer governs a regional capital, and the catastrophic result of 2016 was even worsened again. The only communist governor, Flávio Dino, of the PCdoB is also the big loser. He had already failed in the first ballot in São Luis, the capital of Maranhão.

In the left camp, only the PSOL community and city council mandates as well as mayor’s offices – of which it now holds five – was able to gain. “The PSOL is a very small party,” commented Wagner Romão, professor of political science at the state university Unicamp and deputy PT city council in Campinas, on the online portal on election night Campinas Letter. “However, Guilherme Boulos succeeded in São Paulo, while on the one hand he pushed the PT in the country’s largest electoral district aside to enter into dialogue with parts of society to which his party had not previously had access,” Romão continued. The election campaign of the PSOL candidate was carried out with great enthusiasm by a new layer of politicized youth. São Paulo in particular shows that the left is not going out of this local election defeated, but political renewal is necessary and opens up new opportunities.


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The Eurogroup approves the reform of the ESM and the banking safety net

The ministers of Economy and Finance of the eurozone -the Eurogroup– on Monday gave the final green light to the agreement to reform the European Stability Mechanism (MEDE) and forward two years to 2022, the bank resolution fund safety net, key measures to avoid future crises.

Both had been agreed in principle in December 2019, but the reluctance of Italy to the reform of MEDE and the doubts of the fiscal “hawks” about the banking risks prevented the approval at that time, and the arrival of the pandemic in March relegated the issue to the background.

The Spanish Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, celebrated in a tweet that it is “an important step that strengthens the banking union and the financial stability of the euro zone.”

“The reform of the ESM strengthens the euro and the entire European banking sector because we are making the eurozone even more robust against attacks from speculators. At the same time, we advanced the safety net for the bank resolution fund by two years, making European banks more resilient and supporting the real economy, ”German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said after the meeting by videoconference.

The agreement must still be signed, in January, and ratified by the countries so that the amended ESM treaty can enter into force in 2021, which in turn would allow the fund’s board of governors to take the necessary steps to activate the network. bank security in early 2022.

More power to the rescue fund

The reform of the ESM treaty, established in the wake of the financial crisis to help countries in distress, will give it more power in future bailouts and in monitoring countries, a competence it will share with the European Commission.

It will also facilitate access to precautionary lines of credit that it can grant to countries when a full bailout is not yet necessary.

The reform also introduces collective action clauses with simple aggregation clauses (CAC in financial jargon) in sovereign bond issues as of 2022, which in practice makes it easier for creditors to assume write-offs if the debt has to be restructured .

This point stirred the political debate in Italy, where some parties argued that the measure would increase the costs of the country’s sovereign debt, which prevented Rome from supporting the reform in 2019. Although the text has not been modified, Italy today gave its approval.

The president of the Eurogroup, Paschal Donohoe, rejected that these clauses have been introduced because it is expected that a country will be unable to assume its debt in the near future.

He stressed that the partners have “total confidence” that all countries will be able to manage and finance the debt they are taking in the coming years, particularly due to low interest rates, which lower their cost.

More guarantees in bank resolutions

The second leg of the agreement is the firewall for the Single Bank Resolution Fund (FUR).

The FUR is a “piggy bank” created in 2016 that is fed with contributions from banks to finance the resolution of large troubled European banks without having to resort to public bailouts and the firewall would be an extra “box” in case it runs out money.

The countries agreed that the ESM would be responsible for providing it in the form of credits and that it could be launched before 2024, the date originally planned, if sufficient progress had been made in reducing banking risks by the end of 2020.

This was a fundamental condition of the most orthodox countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands or Finland, which today has been considered fulfilled. A report prepared by the European institutions has shown a “substantial reduction” in bad loans and an improvement in capital buffers.

Donohoe warned, however, that “this is not the end of the road” and progress will continue to be made in reducing risks through stress tests on European banks or the strengthening of regulatory requirements for some banks, among other measures. .

In particular because the pandemic is expected to slow down the improvements made in recent years.

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Authorities investigate person who illegally donated money to campaigns and peddled influence

Imaad Zuberi raised funds for Democrats and Republicans alike and had access to the upper echelons of both parties, including private meetings with the then vice president Joe Biden and a special invitation to the inauguration of Donald Trump.

He lived the high life, staying in the best hotels and inviting legislators and diplomats to four-star restaurants. Ambassadors from other countries called him when they wanted to meet with a legislator.

He was adept at handling contacts and loved to throw in the names of important people he knew. His Facebook account is full of photos of him with famous figures: Dining with Hillary Clinton Y Robert De Niro and rubbing shoulders with then-Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus in front of Trump’s residence in Mar-A-Lago. Zuberi raised large sums for Clinton in the 2016 election before crossing over and being a major donor for Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

Federal prosecutors say Zuberi’s lavish life was the product of lies and the lucrative business of financing political campaigns, to benefit after the influence that he got.

“People come to Washington to network,” Zuberi said in a 2015 email obtained by the Associated Press, related to efforts for the Guinean president to meet with a leading lawmaker. “We receive requests for contacts from the scum of the world … warlords, kings, queens, presidents for life, military dictators, tribal chiefs …”.

Prosecutors describe Zuberi as a “mercenary” agent who made deals with anyone he thought could benefit him, making illegal donations of money from others in his name. He told his clients that “this is how things work in the United States.”

Zuberi’s story reflects how loosely regulated political campaign finance and foreign lobbying laws are. It also raises an uncomfortable question: How does a cynical fundraiser ingratiate himself with so many high-ranking government officials?

“The case of Zuberi proves, with palpable evidence, foreign, corrupt and generalized interference with our elections and with decision-making,” said the prosecutor. Daniel J. O’Brien.

Zuberi pleaded guilty last year to violating campaign finance laws, acting as a foreign agent without registering as required by law, and tax evasion. He also admitted to obstructing a federal investigation into whether any foreigners had made illegal contributions to Trump’s inauguration. You could be sentenced to several years in prison.

The investigation of Justice DepartmentHowever, it does not shed light on several questions about Zuberi’s relationships and who benefited from his dealings. Aside from an associate who pleaded guilty to a lesser tax charge, no one who worked for him has been charged with anything.

And the government has not said publicly which politicians received donations from Zuberi and paid for them with favors.

An AP investigation, however, identified associates, collaborators and targets of Zuberi’s efforts, from emails, legal documents, campaign finance reports and interviews with more than three dozen people, including diplomats, officials. police officers, lobbyists and former members of Congress.

Documents and interviews indicate that Zuberi employed an illegal donation system in which he paid for the donations of others with his credit cards and used false information, including from a dead person. The Justice Department said it funneled nearly $ 1 million in illegal donations to political campaigns.

His donations gave Zubiri access to diplomats, generals and other important figures, especially legislators involved in foreign policy issues. Prosecutors say Zuberi worked for years as a foreign agent without registering as such and represented at least half a dozen countries and people, including a Ukrainian oligarch close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Prosecutors say Zuberi worked to prevent the passage of a lower house resolution opposed by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, for Congress to pressure Bahrain on behalf of a businessman from that nation, and for the United States to invite Libyan officials seeking to recover frozen funds.

Zuberi also used his extensive network of contacts with public officials to pass information on to foreign officials. He was in close contact with a CIA agent and boasted of his contacts with the intelligence services.

Prosecutors asked Judge Virginia Phillips to sentence Zuberi to at least 10 years in prison, a fine of $ 10 million, and to pay $ 16 million to the Internal Revenue Service.

Zuberi admits to making illegal donations on behalf of others, but claims the sums involved are lower than what prosecutors say.

He maintains that he “helped facilitate” donations from foreign sources but that the federal laws in this regard are not clear and that he received “contradictory information from various campaigns” on this issue. He also acknowledges that he lobbied on behalf of Sri Lanka without registering as a foreign agent, but that the work he did for other countries and officials did not require registration.

“The government wants to set an example with Mr. Zuberi that goes far beyond what his actions would justify,” say his lawyers.


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Last minute … Very harsh criticism from President Erdoğan to CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu

President Tayyip Erdoğan made important statements after the Cabinet Meeting. President Erdoğan also touched on the remarks of CHP Mersin Deputy Ali Mahir Başarır regarding the Turkish army over the Tank-Pallet Factory.


President Erdogan, the age-old game of distorting, centuries-old accounts that totally undermines centuries-old schemes washed, the age-old chains shot in the minds tumble Turkey, of course, noting that it would be those who want to pay the price for it, he found the following assessment:

“We are ready to country and breasts as a nation evelallah in all of them. Us the real upset is bizarre landscape encountered there. Frankly, in Turkey, inimical to the eat country bread, air hating the panting prayer from and flag, a cut does not like the human syrup primrose They seem democratic, humanitarian, tolerant in appearance, but in fact, they are the leaders of the fascist, the coup plotter, the guardian. They seem to work hard on the surface but actually produce nothing. They talk a lot, but actually say nothing. But they do not know anything. They constantly shout but do not listen at all. They know no boundaries in lies and slander, but when it comes to the truth, they immediately turn their backs. They look for democracy not in the will of the nation but in signals coming from abroad. is a mob whose soul is darkened, blinded by its language, and whose tongue is forked. The cost of this mentality, which sucks energy, waste time, pollutes its air and muddles its water, is at least half a century for our democracy and development. ”



Noting that the nation will give the answer they deserve to those who seek to come from outside instead of reaching power by entering the hearts of the nation, Erdoğan made the following statements:

“Though, the nation gave them the answer they deserved at the ballot box in every election, but their agenda and problem is always different. They are so immersed in the calculations of politics, society and ballot box engineering that they do not even see the nation. Buhtan, targeting the Turkish Armed Forces, which CHP members often do, and lastly a deputy recklessly repeated, is a sign that this mentality is turning into a national security issue in its own right. a party of the Turkish Armed understand the forces hostile fine. they would say, our army, instead open the coup, the CHP to power, roads, making Turkey’s border protection and cross-border operation is performing duties. bearers of the love of another pew instead of hearts in Turkey Even if his adjectives are MPs, we cannot let this country buhtan its army with verbal acrobatics. The pain of these is not where the investment in our country came from, but what the Turkish army has done in the last 5 years. “

President Erdogan, the PKK-up Feton from YPG, of which trumpets of unity and togetherness attacking terrorist organization, stressed that Turkey’s political and tried to block efforts to expand the limits of economic security.



those with no problem with feeding open hostility to Turkey, Azerbaijan and Qatar to show unconditional friendship to Turkey as Erdogan striking saldırdık of the attack, said:

“Every opportunity to take a stand against showing hostility to our country aside, through their ranks, their arguments us they’re targeting. Turkey at every opportunity they find again complains to foreigners, they are giving the message to arrive in the country to investors. They quinine and hatred of reason in them, what Borsa Istanbul ‘ stopped what are the factory in Sakarya. They would say, behind ancient civilizations and is Turkey is itself the history of the acquis, but by the Turkish nation, the objectives of the country. the democracy that makes the only exploiting this dirty mentality, freedom, most sincere advocate and practitioner of pluralism we have had. I’m speaking here: O person in charge of the CHP, your deputy will stand up, insult my Armed Forces so much, you will insult my Armed Forces so badly, and you will not be able to put this on the door. Know it once, and the Chests will not forgive you either. “



CHP’s Ali Mahir Başarır, in a television program he attended, used the expression “We are at such a point that the state’s army was sold to Qatar for the first time in the history of the Republic.” Upon successful objections, he said, “What is the Tank Pallet Factory? It is the army, of course. This is the honor of the country. It is my honor.”


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Learn the secrets and mysteries of the John F Kennedy Space Center

This place was the first destination for anyone who dreamed of experiencing the space world closely, learning about its history, exploring its depths, exploring the future, and perhaps also being able to reach it via a spacecraft someday.

The John F. Kennedy Space Center of the US Space Agency NASA is the largest specialized center in the launch of manned and unmanned flights into space, and is where the development and engineering of space rockets. As for the visitor complex in the center, which was inaugurated in 1971, it has always been a destination for a huge number of tourists from inside and outside the United States of America, with more than one million tourists every year.

We are talking about this amazing place in this article, as it carries the heart of NASA, and the most important part of the shuttle trips to unknown worlds, in addition to of course the great historical achievement that the United States of America made more than fifty years ago in this field.

On July 20, 1969, the scientist held his breath as one man laid his foot on the moon. And now the Apollo 11 spacecraft, which carried this man, American astronaut Neil Armstrong, is in the visitor complex at the John F. Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, so that visitors can see that craft with a mother’s eye.

This place carries the spirit of the Apollo / Saturn V program, and it also houses the huge 363-foot-high Saturn V Moon that carried the spacecraft to the moon that carried the manned vehicle of the Apollo 11 program into space, with all its details from the five rocket engines, the first combustion stage, and even the return capsule. The place also collects geological evidence of rocks and dust that astronauts brought with them from the surface of the moon to Earth.

At the entrance to the visitor complex, you are greeted by a model of former US President John F. Kennedy with his eternal phrase: “We chose to go to the moon.” Kennedy was the president who took the initiative and opened the gates of the sky wide to “NASA”, backing up his famous statement with huge financial commitments, increasing NASA’s budget by 89 percent in 1961, and by another 101 percent the following year before he was assassinated in 1963 a few years earlier. From the achievement of the Apollo 11 achievement.

In an interview with Nick Thomas, who has worked at the center since 1987, his mission is to inform visitors about the treatment operations and flights of the space shuttle. “My passion for the space program began when I saw the first launches from the backyard of my home in Daytona Beach, and then I came to work at the Kennedy Space Center, and today my mission is to help astronauts with presentations,” he tells Sky News Arabia.

He adds: “Here we know the visitors about the shuttle flights and the enormous work required by this program to become a reality, and we present a glimpse of the space race in the 1960s, which accelerated the search and planning to visit the moon with a human crew, and certainly we remember the great sacrifice made by the Apollo One crew.” “Whose three members lost their lives due to a fire that occurred in the cockpit during a simulated take-off operation in 1967”.

He continues: “Here, information and short video clips of the Apollo program are presented up to the great success of the landing on the surface of the Moon. In this place also there is a” control room “with all its equipment, communication devices and screens, which are the same tools that made it possible to communicate directly with the astronauts on Aboard the spacecraft during their trips to the moon and upon their landing on its surface. “

Space Rocket Park

In the front yard of the visitors’ complex at the John F. Kennedy Space Center, stand real structures and models of a distinctive set of space rockets that NASA used in its programs, from carrying the first satellites to those that carried humans into orbit around the Earth, and then away on trips to Other worlds. To the right of the rockets, there are three capsules that the visitor can test sitting inside, and they are the same capsules that enabled the astronauts to return to the mother planet safely and securely.

Apollo shuttle

In the center are distributed many glass chambers that contain within their walls replicas of the equipment that the human carried with him to the moon, the most important of which is the manual traction cart and the motor vehicle that accompanied the Apollo 15 flight crew to the moon in 1971. It was of great use to the crew as it enabled him to move on The surface of the moon is further away from the lander.

In the same place, a section includes all the types of spacesuits that NASA has adopted in its history, arranged according to seniority, to allow the visitor to observe the development that took place on them in terms of shape and materials used in their design, which made them more dynamic, and there is a detailed explanation of the packing specifications of each uniform.

In another compartment, there are some materials that the Apollo flights returned from the lunar surface, which are carefully preserved in thick glass models, and in a nearby place is the real Apollo 14 flight capsule, with pictures recovered from the South Pacific. And distributed in the place many structures that simulate the lunar landing unit and the probes that contributed to the success of the Apollo flights, as well as a replica part of the skylab space station that was active at the time and also contributed to those flights.

“The center offers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of astronauts through interactive exhibits, simulations, and guided tours,” said Scott Wonderson, who is visiting the space for the first time. “We took a tour of the legendary bus that transported astronauts fifty years ago to the launch site, and enjoy the experience of the shuttle launch. And the astronaut training experience, in which we test the feeling of astronauts when the spacecraft is launched. “

Just as the Kennedy Space Center was the place from which people set off to the moon, it was also the first place from which the shuttles began for the US Space Shuttle program.

The Great Atlantis Shuttle

Here, you see the huge orange model of the giant missile that represents the mechanism of lifting the shuttle outside the Earth’s atmosphere, which was adopted by NASA to lift all its flights, this missile consists of three parts, this giant orange body is the fuel tank that contains hydrogen and oxygen in the liquid state and provides the three shuttle engines with fuel The space shuttle and two solid-fuel rockets that lift the entire body upon takeoff from the launch pad are located on this tank.

This giant orange missile is in the NASA visitor complex, specifically in front of the building that houses the great space shuttle Atlantis. And the greatness of Atlantis lies in the fact that it visited space 33 times and returned safely, full of success, and crowned with success after all its long and difficult journeys.

Atlantis began its mission on October 3, 1985, and sealed it on July 21, 2011, when it landed safely on the runway of the Kennedy Space Center. Then it was transported to here, where it appears to be carried on huge iron beams – horizontally inclined – so that visitors can see all its parts, especially the upper part of it, which is the part that opens wide wide when it is in outer space and launches its cargo from spacecraft, satellites or telescopes Giant, it is here that the upper doors open for visitors to see its interior details.

On a side close to the shuttle Atlantis, its cockpit was placed, so that visitors could wander inside, sit on its seats and touch its countless buttons, as well as move the landing gear and look at the multiple screens that provided the most accurate information to the shuttle crew to be able to succeed the mission and return safely. to ground.

Challenger, Colombia and the Memory of Shuttle Calamities

One cannot talk about Atlantis without talking about the two doomed shuttles that preceded it, Colombia and Challenger. The wing assigned to them appeared to be decorated with pictures and personal belongings of the astronauts, who left while they were on board in the explosion in two unfortunate accidents. Seven of them died in the explosion of the Challenger shuttle in 1986, less than two minutes after its launch, as the shuttle scattered across the Kennedy Space Center in front of the eyes of hundreds of spectators who were cheerfully watching the launch before the disaster struck.

As for the shuttle Columbia, which carried seven astronauts on board, it also crashed in a similar accident, but this happened during the shuttle’s return from its mission in 2003, as it crashed while entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and all the crew members died in it.

Journey to Mars

If you are excited about the possibility of exploring Mars. You can learn about NASA’s plans to explore the red planet in deep space, as the wing of this planet sheds light on what is happening now at NASA and the plans, mechanisms and vehicles that are being tested to travel on the surface of this planet, including the Rover Vehicle Navigator or MRVN.

If you want to witness in Umm Al-Ain the launch of a missile from the station, all you have to do is head to the place on the fifth of December, where SpaceX is scheduled to launch a Falcon 9 missile from the launch complex in the center.

Measures to prevent corona

At the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, visitors get a rare opportunity to meet veteran astronauts at NASA. Commanders, pilots and specialists talk to people, and convey their experiences in space to them, during a live presentation and question-and-answer session, enabling attendees to ask any question that comes to their mind.

However, the safety measures related to the COVID-19 epidemic have made the measures taken here more stringent, and have reduced some activities accompanying the visit, including, for example, having dinner with an astronaut or taking pictures with him.

Although temperature checks are mandatory for all employees, workers and guests, and sterilization and disinfection are carried out around the clock, all theaters and pre-shows are open with a very limited capacity to enhance social distancing.

The Kennedy Space Center grounds are a nature reserve

Visiting this place cannot be summarized in words or with one article, as there is a lot to talk about and test, which lengthens the conversation and may need several episodes, there is also the Astronaut Hall of Fame in America, which is a presentation by Boeing in which astronauts and scientists are honored.

There is also a special pavilion that displays the most important organisms that live on the land of the center, that is, on Merritt Island, southeast Florida. Note that the island’s lands are protected lands and hunting or hunting is prohibited in it, according to a set of laws to protect nature launched by NASA on the center’s land, which has an area of ​​more than 144 thousand acres (582.7 km2), which provided a safe environment for a good group of living creatures, specifically crocodiles. Frogs, raccoons, turtles, snakes, pigs, squirrels, etc., in addition to a very diverse group of birds.

Let the memento be meteorite

It is not possible to leave this place without visiting the souvenirs section and keeping even a small souvenir. The souvenir may be a mockup of a spacecraft or a shuttle, or a mug with a graphic of the NASA logo or pictures of astronauts on multiple trips, or you can even buy a meteorite, in various sizes and shapes, and the price of one meteorite ranges between $ 30 and $ 20,000.

Along with the meteor, you will receive a document proving that this solid piece is not an ordinary stone. And if you are obsessed with astronomy, then such a visit may be the most important event in your life, and even if it is not like that, entering this place will not be the same as leaving it, because it may change your view of science, the world and existence. Here you will expand your horizons and be more ready for the future.


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Kicillof refines details for the summer season …

We work so that these are protected vacations, in which those who spend the summer and those who live here are cared for, “said the governor Axel Kicillof after meeting with mayors of municipalities that will receive tourism in the summer. He also went through the progress of works on routes 11 and 56, which will be transformed into highways and also met with workers of the season, such as beach collaborators who will promote the protocols in the season that begins on Tuesday.

“When we approach the establishment of protocols, what we seek is to have the best possible season and assure those who come to rest that they will have a present State,” said the governor at the end of the meeting he held with the mayors of Tordillo, Héctor Olivera, General Lavalle, José Rodríguez Ponte, General Madariaga, Carlos Santoro, and Villa Gesell, Gustavo Barrera.

Previously, from the Partido de la Costa, Kicillof had led the route through the expansion works of routes 11 and 56 that connect different points of the coast. “The reactivation of the works on these two central routes in the province of Buenos Aires will not only bring tranquility to those who spend the summer, it will also enhance the production and work of the Buenos Aires residents who live in the area all year round,” said the governor . “While we were doing the urgent things, such as sustaining the public accounts of the municipalities and distributing respirators and supplies so that no Buenos Aires citizen would be left without the necessary medical attention, we also dedicated ourselves to what was important: to think in the long term and what came after of the pandemic ”. He added that the works were “immersed in a strategic vision within a five year plan that will allow us to improve the quality of life of Buenos Aires citizens ”.

He also recalled that “Here we had come across a history that repeats itself: paralyzed works and pending debts”, alluding to the government of María Eugenia Vidal. Then, at a stop in the town of San Bernardo, he met with a group of workers who will tour the recreational spaces during the summer season, with the aim of promoting care protocols in all destinations on the coast.


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Confirm the Future of Miguel Herrera

It is a reality that the elimination suffered in the quarterfinals was a very hard blow for all the fans of the Eagles of the America. The azulcremas did not show a dignified version against Guadalajara and we were lamentably eliminated from the Liguilla.

Foto: Getty Images

This has caused many Americanists to completely lose their confidence in the project led by Miguel Herrera Y Santiago Banos, as the team disappointed in all aspects. The famous hashtag #Louse It has gone viral on social networks and more and more azulcremas followers are dissatisfied with the current project.

However, the reality is that Herrera remains firm in the America, as there are several situations that make your dismissal completely impossible today. First of all, the Concachampions tournament is coming, so it is not possible for there to be a project change with so little planning time.

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the economic issue, which may be the most important factor that makes Miguel’s departure from America impossible. The team owner Emilio Azcarraga he would have to fork out a significant amount to terminate Herrera’s contract, something he is not willing to do at this time.

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US election 2020: Attorney General contradicts Donald Trump – Roger Stone makes wild allegations

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  • Lukas Rogalla

    Lukas Rogalla


Another two defeats for Donald Trump: The expensive recounting of votes in Wisconsin does not change the result. The Minister of Justice turns against the President.

  • Donald Trump loses at the US election 2020 in Wisconsin, even a recounting of the votes does not change that. Even in Arizona it was Joe Biden declared the winner of the election.
  • Trump and his legal team around Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis now puts your hope in the state Nevada.
  • Trump News: All the news around Donald Trump at a glance.

Update from Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020, 2:52 p.m .: Donald Trump reiterates the claim that he won the US election 2020 “was stolen. The US Department of Justice has so far found no evidence of Trump’s claim. US Attorney General William Barr falls to the incumbent US presidents even in the back.

“To date, we have not seen any fraud to an extent that could have led to a different election result,” said Barr to the Associated Press news agency. Trump’s lawyers pointed Barrs View back. Donald Trumps Top lawyer Rudy Giuliani said there was “no hint” of investigation by the Justice Department. Barr appears to have formed in his view “without any knowledge or investigation of the substantial irregularities and evidence of systematic fraud”.

Roger Stone: Donald Trump’s confidante accuses Attorney General of working for the “Deep State”

Also Donald Trumps close confidante Roger Stone criticizes the Justice Minister, even though Barr wanted to give him a much lighter sentence in February. In a video on the social network “Parler”, Stone is “not surprised” that Barr could not find any evidence of election fraud. “Bill Barr’s job is to pave the way for the Deep State.” By “Deep State,” Stone means a common conspiracy theory that a hidden government operates within the United States.

Defeats in Wisconsin and Arizona: Donald Trump rumbles on and speaks of election fraud

Update from Tuesday, December 1st, 2020, 12.30 p.m .: Donald Trump must have another setback at the US election 2020 accept. The state Arizona has officially confirmed Joe Biden’s election victory. Biden won by around 10,500 votes. Election officer Katie Hobbs certified the result. This is what the “German Press Agency” reports

Donald Trump also loses in Arizona – and attacks governor

Responded to this news Donald Trump with an angry attack on Twitter. He attacked the governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey. “Why is he rushing to get a Democrat into office?” Said Trump on Monday evening (November 30, 2020).

“What’s the matter with Doug Ducey? The Republicans will remember it for a long time, ”the US President continued. Trump also renewed the allegation that there had been election fraud. However, he repeatedly failed to provide evidence. Subsequently spread Trump Tweets from users harshly criticizing Ducey. Among other things, he commented on a message that Ducey had “betrayed” the citizens of Arizona with “True!”.

Donald Trump continues to speak of electoral fraud. (Archive photo)

© Evan Vucci / AP / dpa

Previously had Trump also in Wisconsin lost after spending millions of dollars in the Recount had invested. Joe Biden In the end, got even more votes and won even more clearly in Wisconsin over Trump. You can read more about this in the update from November 30th, 2020. Now the result is still pending in the US state of Nevada. There is the team from Donald Trump before the task of providing evidence of the invalidity of approximately 33,000 votes.

Update from Monday, November 30th, 2020, 10.30 a.m .: The probability that Trump is successful with its attacks on the American electoral system is decreasing. Having two counties in the US state Wisconsin the victory of Joe Biden have confirmed, the team looks around the elected president Donald Trump on Arizona and Nevada.

In Arizona can Donald Trump at least hope for the support of the local Republican chairman, Kelli Ward. She is fighting in court for an examination of the postal votes. A hearing on this should take place today (November 30, 2020). In Phoenix, Arizona Capital, wants the legal team of Donald Trump according to the “Washington Post” also host another press conference. The last one took place in Washington DC on November 19 – and ended in a disaster for Trump’s lawyers. Instead of presenting solid evidence of electoral fraud, Giuliani rumbled against journalists: one of the team’s lawyers, who has meanwhile been dismissed, surprised the public with conspiracy myths about election manipulation with foreign funds.
In Arizona, too, they are unlikely to succeed; time is working against them.

At 11.00 a.m. local time (7.00 p.m. German time), Joe Biden’s victory is to be officially confirmed with a lead of around 10,500 votes. Republicans, including the Arizona governor and attorney general, are defending the outcome US election 2020 Likewise.

Donald Trump: Things are looking bad for him in Arizona and Nevada too

In Nevada stands the team of Donald Trump meanwhile, before the task of presenting evidence of the invalidity of around 33,000 votes. That’s how big the lead is there Bidens. With this they want to get the victory in court either Trump is attributed – or neither of the two candidates.

Even if Trump in Nevada and Arizona should be successful in the end: This would not change anything in the overall results of the 2020 US election. Biden currently comes to 306 voters in Electoral College, minus Arizona and Nevada it would be 289. 270 are needed for a victory. The electoral body is scheduled to meet on December 14th to elect the next president according to the election results in their respective states. By then, the results must have been confirmed in all states. In Florida, California, Texas and New York this confirmation is pending.

Donald Trump pays millions to recount in Wisconsin – Biden wins more votes

Update from Sunday, November 29th, 2020, 6.30 p.m .: Even after the Recount the votes remain in Dane County Joe Biden in the US election in Wisconsin victorious. Hardly anything has changed at the exit. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ended up being withdrawn 91 votes, Donald Trump and Mike Pence 46.

Overall could Joe Biden extend their lead in the state by 87 votes after Milwaukee County announced their final results on Friday. Donald Trump and his campaign team had to apply for one Recount Pay three million dollars.

Donald Trump also loses after recount in Wisconsin

First report from Saturday, November 28, 2020: Madison – In der US election had Joe Biden in Wisconsin with a lead of more than 20,000 votes against Donald Trump enforced. For the US president it was clear: Behind the result lies Election fraud. In two democratic strongholds of the state in the north of the USA in particular, things should not have turned out right, if one Trump May believe.

The supposed cheating has to be uncovered with one Recount the voices should finally be clear. That’s what the TrumpCampaign have to pay for it. The new result is likely to hurt even more than the price.

Donald Trump pays three million dollars in Wisconsin – Joe Biden wins votes

In Milwaukee County, the most populous district of Wisconsin, is the Recount completed by around 460,000 votes. As the electoral authorities announced on Friday (November 27th, 2020) Joe Biden have gained 257 votes, Donald Trump on the other hand 125. That means a net gain of 132 votes for the Democrats.

“The recount demonstrates what we already know,” said George Christenson of Milwaukee County. “Elections in Milwaukee are fair, transparent, accurate and safe.” Also in Dane County (including Madison), where Joe Biden won, the votes are counted again. The final result should be there on Sunday (November 29th, 2020). Cost both recounts together Donald Trump and his team three million dollars.

Donald Trump loses in Wisconsin: lawsuit against result expected

The TrumpCampaign could oppose the outcome of the US election in Wisconsin complain. However, they are running out of time. The state has to officially confirm the result on Tuesday. Speak in Pennsylvania too Donald Trump and its representatives: inside of Election fraud – and pocket one slap after the other. The baseless claims of Donald Trump and his team are dismissed in court. (Lukas Rogalla, Matthis Pechtold)

Rubriklistenbild: © JOE RAEDLE

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Merkel warns that restrictions will continue all winter

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned the citizens of Germany on Saturday that the country faces tough months of fighting the coronavirus and that the restrictions imposed at the beginning of November have no signs of being eased in the coming weeks. “The virus will determine our lives for a long time,” says the head of the German government in her traditional Saturday video message, in which she comments that “the winter ahead will demand a lot from us.” This means that “we cannot meet in a carefree way,” says the chancellor, who comments that, although there are many possibilities to communicate, she recognizes that “none of them can replace personal encounters.”

Merkel will meet this Monday with the prime ministers of the 16 federal states to take stock of the severe restrictions imposed at the beginning of the month and study new measures to stop the strong increase in infections with the Sars-Cov-2 virus that have been registered for several weeks. Steffen Seibert, official spokesman for the German government, stressed already this Friday that a relief from restrictive measures is not to be expected, including the closure of all bars, restaurants and hotels in the country, as well as the closure of all of sports and cultural leisure venues.

With a view to her expected virtual meeting next Thursday with relatives of sick or elderly people who are cared for in their homes or representatives of workers who care for the elderly or chronically ill in residences, nursing homes and sanatoriums, the Federal Chancellor stressed that “we have much to thank the elders and older, also those who care about caring for them. The pandemic makes life more difficult and lonely even in care homes and institutions and complicates the work of the staff who care for people admitted there.

“Necessary protect them from the danger of the virusBut the answer cannot only be their isolation, “said Merkel, who stressed that in many cases and with great efforts, ways have been found so that visits continue to be possible without endangering the health of residents. In that sense, he referred to the rapid antigenic tests that have begun to be applied in these institutions and hospitals to improve the safety of patients, visitors and the personnel who work in them.

He also stressed that these people will be the first to be immunized against the coronavirus. «As soon as we have safe vaccines, those who are responsible for the care of the sick and other people in need of permanent care. The same happens with those who belong to risk groups, also those who need permanent attention “, says Merkel in the message released by the Federal Chancellery through social networks. The federal government expects to start vaccinations early next year after the German laboratory BioNTech and the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that a coronavirus vaccine with greater than 90% efficacy was practically ready for production.


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