WWE Main Event # 444 results from Tampa, Florida on 04/22/2021

WWE Main Event #444 (Tapings: 19. April 2021)
Ort: „WWE ThunderDome“ im Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida, USA
First broadcast: April 22, 2021 on the WWE Network

Commentators Byron Saxton and Kevin Patrick welcome the audience from the new “WWE ThunderDome” at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida to a new edition of “WWE Main Event”.

1. Match
Singles Match
Mansoor won against Akira Tozawa via pin after a slingshot neckbreaker.
– This means that Mansoor has been undefeated since August 23, 2019. It was his 49th victory in a row.

We look back at last week’s “Friday Night Smackdown” edition, in the main event of which Cesaro beat Jey Uso via disqualification after being attacked by Seth Rollins.

We also look back at the current “Monday Night RAW” edition and the handicap match between Drew McIntyre and former Retribution members Mace & T-Bar. The Scot lost via disqualification after the two heels in the corner of the ring had continuously beaten him. This led directly to a tag team match with Braun Strowman at McIntyre’s side. This match was won again by Mace & T-Bar via disqualification after Drew McIntyre kept beating Mace in the corner of the ring.

2. Match
Singles Match
Lince Dorado won against Drew Gulak via pin after a shooting star press.

We see Charlotte Flair’s promo again on the current issue of Monday Night RAW. This led to the main event of the show, which Asuka won via pin after a scooter against Charlotte Flair. After her defeat, Charlotte Flair attacked the referee.

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Top 10 airports: Guangzhou overtook Atlanta in 2020

©AirportStudio/Wikimedia Commons

Airport Guangzhou-Baiyun was first in the world in 2020 in number of passengers welcomed, the preliminary list ofACI placing three airports in the top ten Chinese and seven american. Paris-CDG progresses to fourth place in terms of international passengers.

As suspected since the beginning of the year, the airport ofAtlanta-Hartsfield Jackson lost its first place in the world ranking, overtaken by the base of the airline company China Southern Airlines among others. A result which according to Airports Council International (ACI) World reflects the “dramatic impact” of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world’s busiest airports, and in particular on international routes.

Guangzhou hosted last year 43.767 million passengers (-40.4%), thus ahead of Atlanta with 42.918 million (-61.2%) and Chengdu-Shuangliu with 40.741 million (-27.1%). Next come with less than 40 million customers last year Dallas-Fort Worth (-47,6%), Shenzhen (-28,4%), Beijing (-65.5%), places seven to ten being occupied by Denver (-51,1%), Kunming (-31,4%), Shanghai-Hongqiao (-31.7%) and Xi’an (-34,2%).

Global passenger traffic at the world’s 10 busiest airports has fallen by -45,7% in 2020, underlines ACI. Overall, passenger traffic at airports around the world has declined by -64,6%, “Which shows that the impact of the pandemic and the early stages of the resumption of air transport have not been uniform around the world.”

For the only international traffic, the winner in all categories remains the same: the airport of Dubai, but with only 25.831 million customers against more than 86 million in 2019 (-70,1%). A drop in traffic that can be found roughly at the following nine platforms, all of which recorded less than 20 million international passengers. Amsterdam (-70,9%), London Heathrow (-72.8%) and Paris-CDG (-72.7%) precede in places 5 to 10 Frankfurt (-73,3%), Istanbul (-59,7%), Doha (-67,7%), Seoul-Incheon (-83,1%), Singapore (-82.8%) and Madrid (-75,4%).

In most cases, ACI World sums up, domestic air travel is starting to rebound slightly while international air travel remains depressed due to ongoing travel restrictions. For example, Hongqiao Airport in China fell from 46th position in 2019 to 9th in 2020, “illustrating the uneven nature of the impact and recovery from the pandemic across the world.”

« The Covid-19 pandemic has practically paralyzed aviation in 2020, and we continue to face an existential threat ACI World Director General Luis Felipe de Oliveira said in a statement. The data published in this classification ” reveal the challenge that airports continue to face, and it remains imperative that the industry be supported by direct support and sound policy decisions from governments, to ensure that aviation can last, rebuild connectivity and fuel a global economic recovery ».

The air freight was less affected by COVID 19, with volumes down by just -8,9% to around 109 million metric tonnes in 2020, equivalent to 2016 levels. Air freight volumes at the top 10 airports increased by + 3% in 2020; these airports accounted for around 28% of global volumes last year. The gain “can be attributed to the increase in demand for online consumer goods and pharmaceuticals and personal protective equipment”, according to ACI World which points out that with an increase of + 6.7%, the airport of Memphis has overtaken that of Hong Kong.

ACI World estimates that there have been 58 million aircraft movements in the world in 2020, i.e. a decrease of -43% compared to 2019. The top 10 airports represent 7% of world traffic (4.2 million movements), and have experienced a decrease of -34.3% compared to 2019.

« Despite some positive signs of reprise, especially in countries with high immunization rates, a sustainable global recovery will only be achieved with intensified immunization campaigns, continued development of digital health passes, and coordinated and consistent political support from the community. share of governments », Added the CEO of ACI World.

Top 10 airports: Guangzhou overtook Atlanta in 2020 1 Air Journal


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fully autonomous and ready to inspect

ANYbotics is a Swiss company that for years has explored different solutions to create robots. The last of his proposals is ANYmal D, a robot dog which is directly reminiscent of the popular Boston Dynamics Spot. Like the latter, it is intended for walking through all kinds of places and inspecting environments.

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